Coming To America: The 5 Mornings After Pill? RU-486 Plus 5 Days

June 12, 2010

I guess this would pretty much 86 the whole truce thing, huh? Certainly puts Obama's FDA on the spot. As I recall, this topic was above Obama's pay grade. So, just who would make the decision isn't clear – not that omni-present Obama's prone to making decisions, or anything.

A French drug company is seeking to offer American women something their European counterparts already have: a pill that works long after "the morning after."

The drug, dubbed ella, would be sold as a contraceptive — one that could prevent pregnancy for as many as five days after unprotected sex. But the new drug is a close chemical relative of the abortion pill RU-486, raising the possibility that it could also induce abortion by making the womb inhospitable for an embryo.

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  1. J says:

    Perhaps we should just give women the “unattractive to men” pill and be done with it. And, can women get any stupider?(I know, not a word, but still?)

  2. Lisa Graas says:

    Mind-boggling. When I was married, I had cervical cancer and had to prevent pregnancy for three years. I’m Catholic and used NFP, had an active sex life and never got pregnant during that time. Why? Because I am an intelligent, enlightened human being who understands how the human body works. All of these chemicals women constantly put into their bodies to end destroy life within them is absolutely unnecessary………and barbaric. Not everyone is as enlightened as we Catholic women, though, and they don’t want to be enlightened on this…… so we’ll just continue to see them travel further down the road of barbarism until they’re taking abortifacients at one month, two months and onward. Troglodytes.