Jobless Claims Rise, Unexpectedly

June 17, 2010

Usually you have to work a bit to stretch something like this into a cliche. But given the word unexpectedly is used so often in these stories, perhaps it's time for the experts to review their expectations?

June 17 (Bloomberg) — The number of Americans seeking jobless benefits last week unexpectedly rose to a one-month high, indicating firings are staying elevated even as the U.S. economy grows.

Initial jobless claims increased by 12,000 to 472,000 in the week ended June 12, Labor Department figures showed today in Washington. Economists surveyed by Bloomberg News projected 450,000 claims, according to the median forecast. The number of people receiving unemployment insurance rose, while those getting extended benefits dropped.

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  1. steveegg says:

    If it happens at a minimum every third week, it’s not “unexpected”.

  2. pablo panadero says:

    In another news item, the readership of Bloomberg News unexpectedly declined among Wall Street analysts. Sources say that its longstanding use of the word “unexpectedly” to describe its repeated inability to identify and use credible experts to predict economic condition has rendered them unidentifiable from shrill Democratic partisan sources. Most have replaced reliance on Bloomberg News to instead consult Milton Friedman textbooks on economic theory to better serve their clients with sound advice.

  3. Hangtown Bob says:

    In other news……….
    President Obama UNEXPECTEDLY made another speech.
    President Obama UNEXPECTEDLY created another commission to study the problem.
    President Obama UNEXPECTEDLY created the posiiton of Czar to plan the Gulf recovery efforts.
    President Obama UNEXPECTEDLY blamed President Bush for the latest disaster to hit the Obama administration.

  4. Peg C. says:

    Don’t these clowns ever get tired of being ridiculed and satirized? I guess not.

  5. Ernie G says:

    When they make these announcements, they should use a loud jarring chord. After all, nobody expects the
    Spanish Inquisition.

  6. Just_Asking says:

    “Daddy, did you plug the hole yet?”

  7. jgreene says:

    The word “unexpectedly” should be removed from any news story about the economy. I don’t expect it will be.

  8. Barry Soetoro (D-King Of The World!) says:

    Plug the hole?? What hole?
    OsamaHusseinIslamObama 2012′
    (the terrorist-Uighur-ACORN-media choice)
    -It’s never too early to campaign-

  9. Blacque Jacques Shellacque says:

    Something else the unemployed have to contend with:
    “Out-of-work job applicants told unemployed need not apply”

  10. Constitution First says:

    …Øbama UNEXPECTANTLY bankrupts America…

  11. Hal (GT) says:

    LOL good point.
    What would be unexpected at this point is the government reporting accurate numbers.

  12. Mike Mainello says:

    Everyone missed the best line after “unexpectedly” … “indicating firings are staying elevated even as the U.S. economy grows.” That is the best part, who knew the economy is growing. I was not expecting that line.