Joran van der Sloot: Sociopath

June 3, 2010

There are some inescapable similarities between Stephany Tatiana Flores Ramirez and Natalee Holloway which suggest both would be vulnerable for targeting by a predator. Based upon interviews I did at the time, Natalee was as insecure, as she sometimes was flirtatious – and there was a certain element of substance abuse in her past. I'm not suggesting she had a deep issue with it, only that she was reported to have over-indulged at times, as well as having the ability to seek out the attention, or approval, if you will, from members of the opposite sex.

Sadly, that defines many young women today and in certain circumstances it makes them vulnerable. Please don't equate that with my saying any attack is their fault.

Flores, who was reportedly an out lesbian struggling with her sexuality, was found beaten and stabbed to death in a room at the Miraflores Hotel Tac in Lima booked in van der Sloot's name, police said. The two were seen on surveillance video leaving a casino together. A hotel employee told police that Flores entered the hotel early Sunday morning with van der Sloot.

As for Van der Sloot, if he did this, then it's impossible to include that he's anything but a serious sociopath. During the Holloway investigation, despite any charges of incompetence or corruption, top notch military interrogators were brought in to work on Van der Sloot while he was in custody. As I recall, one concluded there was no there there, as he felt positive he would have broken Van der Sloot given his experience with hard core criminals in the past.

Add to that his post investigation interview with Greta Sustern, a smart woman and an attorney. Even she came away feeling ambiguous about Van der Sloot's guilt based upon that. Point being, if he murdered two young women and is able to portray himself as innocent to professionals only interested in getting to the truth. It suggests a personality type that doesn't internalize guilt. And that, in a sense, is a working definition of a sociopath.

His lifestyle also fits the pattern. And, unfortunately, both Natalee and Stephany profile as potential victims. Given Stephany's lesbianism, it's at least possible she refused him sex, leading to a fatal confrontation in a hotel room.

It's purely speculative, but it is possible that in the end, Natalee's mistake was refusing him sex on a beach one night, leading to her tragic murder.

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  1. mark says:

    “one concluded there was no there there” Huh?

  2. Larksoprano says:

    I agree with Dan (hello by the way–long time) that he is a sociopath and is hard wired to commit these acts. Also, as a scoiopath, he will not commit suicide because he likely believes that if he is caught he will not be convicted and that he is smarter than everyone else. Many sociopaths actually represent themselves at trial. Fortunately, this case is very different than last time (which I followed very closely, mostly on this site, as I was at the bar in Aruba a few nights before the incident). Here, we have more video, witness at the hotel, a body, hopefully fingerprints and DNA evidence, a powerful local family with connections, no daddy to help VDS, etc., etc. As someone else said, I do not feel sorry for VDS (he has always been all about himself), I feel sorry for the victims. The blood of this latest woman is squarely on the hands of the Aruban officials. They will be judged by the ultimate arbiter.

  3. The difference this time? Papa van der Sloot is dead and can’t help his son bail out of this mess.

  4. teddy says:

    Yes, it’s ironic that Joran’s father’s influence kept him out of prison, and now he’s killed the daughter of a very influential man..I am hearing he beat her so severly an eye was missing, and he broke her neck! I wonder if Julia Renfro’s defending Aruba’s boy tonight?

  5. tanya says:

    Sad to say it took long- the hand of justice

  6. JorgXMcKie says:

    One of the sadder parts of ‘modern society’ is that it allows [perhaps even encourages] vulnerable young women to make themselves available to predators. And, like Dan, I’m not casting aspersions on the victims. It’s just that insecure young [i.e. pretty inexperienced in how awful some people can be] are encouraged to act as if they are invulnerable. This makes them prey for the sociopaths that know how to push those buttons.
    I mean, no matter where you are, why in the world should a young female go off alone with a young male she’s just met? It’s because ‘society’ has convinced her that she should ‘trust’ others, and that nothing bad can happen to her, and so on.
    So, we get these two cases. Very, very sad.

  7. just me says:

    This is so very, very sad…another woman linked to JVDS had to die a brutal death? To add insult to injury and just when I thought that those that defended Joran vehemently would have to reconsider their belief in his innocence? Refuse to accept that his father’s position and connections set him free to murder again (allegedly)…I have just read on another blog that THIS MURDER IS TOO MUCH OF A COINCIDENCE (5 YR. ANNIVERSARY OF NATALEE’S MURDER), HE REGISTERED THE ROOM IN HIS OWN NAME…ARE YOU READY FOR THIS???? IT WAS A SET UP??????!!!!!!!!!!!!! WTH???? I HAVE TO GO THROW UP NOW…GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR!

  8. Felix says:

    Believe it or not, Ms. Renfro is “still” defending Joran. She appeared via phone on CNNH on Wed night.

  9. The world is full of scary people. says:

    The real difference here is that in Peru you are guilty until proven innocent (rather than innocent until proven guilty.) This will make it much more difficult for him to get away with it or even live to see a trial. Too bad it took another death for him to be caught.

  10. teddy says:

    well, now there’s a body and a case. Julia Renfro’s either insane or she has a vested interest. I’m thinking Joran flirted with her once and that’s all she needed. What a pig.

  11. Laughing Bovine says:

    I can believe that someone could have set-up dear Joran and staged that murder in his hotel room.They really did a good job making sure that he was seen with the girl at the casino and entering the hotel! Good dye job, orange hair is very inconspicuous in a Latin country!They need to question The Easter Bunny or The March Hare! Maybe, Zany the Nanny has struck again!

  12. Anon says:

    Julia Renfro is indeed a disgusting example of a human being as are the rest of the cadre of Joran sycophants that have been harrassing the Holloway family for the last five years and propagating any number of lies and unsubstantiated rumors. This is what happens when you enable a disturbed person, their behavior continues to escalate, after 5 years of having no consequences and a fan club to boot, no wonder he thought he could get away with murder.
    I always thought van der Sloot raped or tried to rape Holloway and as the story is evolving…this victim now appears to have died from having her head banged on the bed frame…it looks like attempted rape may be the prime motive here.

  13. windy city says:

    Posted by: Anon | Saturday, June 05, 2010 at 10:34 AM
    This is exactly what I thought since day one. Even if Joranstein drugged and raped her, there would have been no reason to dispose of the body if she died. They would have said it was consentual sex and she accidentally od’d. Would have made for a much easier mess to clean up for the officials.
    She was never found because she was brutalized by this freak.
    no body/no case

  14. Anon Y. Mouse says:

    Yes, Renfro is disgusting. And don’t forget – Good Old Dan was either suckered or bought off into believing that Joran had no part in disappearing NH.