Nikki Haley For the Win!

June 22, 2010


"Nikki Haley, center, along with friends and family, reacted as the runoff election was called in her favor in Columbia, S.C., on Tuesday," the NYT captioned this Brett Flashnick/Associated Press photo.

By Sissy Willis of sisu

"Poor Scott Brown. Haley hasn't even won and she's the next great GOP hope," twittered Teresa Kopec about an hour ago in response to Ben Smith's retweet of this bit from
CNN Political Producer Peter Hamby:

Nikki Haley's stage at the SC state museum is right next to the "Confederate relic room." Hard to
avoid history here.

Now early birds like ourselves are twittering the election results from the highest hill:

OH FRABJOUS DAY! RT @allahpundit:
RT @BreakingNews: Nikki Haley wins Republican nomination for governor in South Carolina

The first-generation golden-girl daughter of Indian Sikh immigrants who left their native land to pursue the American Dream, rising political star Nikki Haley has weathered the slings and arrows of outrageous South Carolina political opponents' "raghead" slurs and unsubstantiated accusations of extramarital affairs, capturing the hearts and minds not only of South Carolina conservatives, Sarah Palin, Mitt Romney and the Republican
Governors Association
, but of small-government, free-market tea-party types like ourselves from across the nation. As we blogged a couple of weeks back:

This newly energized conservative army of woman warriors,
their hearts and minds not hobbled by postmodern feminism's identity-politics imperative, is unafraid to boldly go where too few women in this land of the free and home of the brave have gone before.

We haven't felt this good about an election result since our own Mushy Massachusetts Republican Scott Brown won the "People's Seat" long squatted upon by the seemingly immovable late Senator Teddy Kennedy in
last January's special election. Unlike Brown, whose election we fervently promulgated, even as we are not always happy with his RINO-esque votes, Nikki Haley is a true fiscal conservative who gets our Shining-City-Upon-a-Hill juices flowing.

Update: Richard Viguerie FTW:

The Tea Party steamroller is rolling big government Republicans right out of town.

Update II: It's the territorial imperative, stupid:

Females are usually let go, but their babies will be eaten.

Update III: Michell Malkin "Buzzworthy" link!

Crossposted at sisu and Liberty Pundits.

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  1. Lightwave says:

    Not a shocker at all.
    The real story is that this should be a permanent end to all Liberal and Lamestream Media noise about the Tea Party being a racist, sexist, Caucasians-only movement too.
    It’s an AMERICAN REVOLUTION. Emphasis on American. Always has been. Now there’s ironclad proof. The race and gender cards can’t and won’t work anymore.
    The Dems are doomed as a party to irrelevance after just 4 years in power.

  2. Sissy Willis says:

    Lightwave: A revelation! Talk about Morning in America. :D

  3. Carlton West says:

    This is a great victory for Nikki Haley and a historic event in South Carolina; but let’s not forget that Nikki was running 4th in a field of four until Gov. Sarah Palin went to South Carolina, stood at Nikki’s side, and endorsed her candidacy.