In Spanish the cats would say “purr,” but the act is called “el ronroneo”

July 11, 2010


"Oracle Octopus Picks Spain in Final, Receiving Death
," went the headline: "Just as Americans look to the
groundhog for signs of what the future holds
, German soccer fans
have their own animal prophet, Paul the Octopus." Hey, guys, I'm just a cephalopod
out here looking for a good meal. Terrifying how stupefyingly
stupid members of our own species can be when
mortal sins are in play
, but hey. That's the nature of the beast.

By Sissy Willis of sisu

"Pablo el puplo pulpo!" — Paul the Octopus — twittered Cubachi
this afternoon, basking in the afterglow of Spain's World Cup victory.
We have zero interest in soccer — closest we ever came to involvement of
any kind was playing goalie for the high school field hockey team way
back when, which was a real yawner — but thanks to Twitter, Cubachi has
blessed us with a new word that makes us purr:

Cubachi: Since Jake
Tapper's cat is betting on a win by #ESP, I
taught it how to say "meow" in Spanish: "miau
" ;)

We: What's Spanish for purr?

Cubachi: In Spanish the
cats would say "purr" but the
act is called "el ronroneo

true Chelsea is a sanctuary city with a robust Hispanic citizenry, but who knew Tiny spoke Spanish?

to mary in the comments
for correcting our dyslexic misspelling
of the Spanish word for octopus. Should be pulpo.

Crossposted at sisu
and Liberty Pundits.

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  1. mary says:

    The food Pablo (Paul) would be once he is cooked is “pulpo” not “puplo.”
    Octopus, prepared well, is chewy and delicious. In Spain, it is served in Pulpo bars. The Greeks also do a great job cooking octopus.

  2. Sissy Willis says:

    Thanks. mary, for correcting my dyslexic misspelling and for the interesting mini world culinary tour!