Joan Walsh Is A Lying Coward

July 30, 2010

Joan Walsh simply wants to remain in her echo chamber having the discussion she wants to have. She isn't interested in an honest exchange over anything. In defense of Shirley Sherrod, Walsh made a post about Sherrod husband and Walsh hero, Charles Sherrod.

I responded to that post with Walsh's hero's words: "We Must Stop The White Man And His Uncle Toms …" But Walsh can't rationalize her way around them, or debunk the video, so she can only put her fingers in her ears and pretend they are not there. You, Joan Walsh, are a coward and a liar undeserving of being taken seriously, as you are clearly not an honest broker when it comes to anything. You're an embarrassment, not an intellect, at this point.

It's too bad, because I think we could have had a good discussion otherwise (and Matthews and I did better in the second hour of the show.) The experience was a perfect case study of how Breitbart and the right wing noise machine manage to hijack the debate over race and politics in this country, even when they're wrong.

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  1. ketchup says:

    Not an intellect? Are you like “anti-Intellectual” anyway?
    Great grammar, by the way.

  2. Sissy Willis says:

    She lost me when I discovered her confession the other day — published in February of 2000 — that she was a “former self-hating white person.” How good and safe and right the world must have seemed back then. It’s a shame she can’t adapt to changing times. No wonder she’s upset.

  3. King Samir Shabazz (D-black panther!) says:

    Well,, looks like me an dis cracker Joan gots’ us sum’n in common. See, I don’t like not one iota ’bout no cracker, not one,, an old cracker Joan don’t either!! Where 2penny cracker and cracker-dick be’s at today? Dey lettin’ me down up in here. Come on crackers, hep dis Joan what’s-her- cracker-a$$-name out a little!!

  4. Mikey NTH says:

    right wing noise machine = video on a blog
    hijack = point out the massive beam in our eye
    debate = monologue
    wrong = the bastard told the truth

  5. Ragspierre says:

    Walsh is one of Holders pet “cowards”.
    I gawd, what must it be like to be that dishonest…???

  6. syn says:

    Perhaps Joan Walsh is blinded by her ego rejecting her sub-conscience racism.

  7. Casey says:

    Sissy, the truly pathetic part of that is that story about the origins of the Black Irish just aren’t true. The most recent research shows a link to old Iberia, rather than the “Moors.”
    The other pathetic point is that -in Stowe’s original work- Uncle Tom was a virile black man with a devotion to Christianity so deep that he suffered martyrdom rather than hurt or betray his fellow slaves.
    I suppose the morph to the modern definition of “Uncle Tom” derived from the fact that the protagonist followed Jesus’ teachings quite closely, including the rejection of hate for his persecutors.