JournoList And The Vast Left-Right Wing Conspiracies

July 29, 2010

It's worth noting, or reminding folks who know it, about the Washington Independent. Weigel and Ackerman are two of the writers who passed through there and were part of JournoList. Both now write for other venues.

The Washington Independent is just another arm of AI – American Independent – Impact Journalism in the Public Interest. And it's funded by all the usual activist Left individuals and foundations you might expect.

They are creating the next large wave of Left-biased journalists on the ground, in fact, increasing their bet.

Meanwhile, last time I was in DC, Heritage was busy re-fronting the facade of it's already ostentatious digs in which they produce white papers that don't penetrate the media because the reporters skew Left. NRO is usually off tending the family yacht when a Breitbart needs defending, or a Sherrod needs to be attacked.

Marble, mahogany and granite will not defeat boots on the ground. The post-Reagan Beltway conservative infrastructure is as wasteful as it is opulent, occasionally corrupted - and totally out of sync with our times.

This contrast is not positive in terms of the long-range viability for conservatism in America. But I hear they throw great parties fwiw.

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  1. Sithmonkey says:

    NRO is usually off tending the family yacht when a Breitbart needs defending, or a Sherrod needs to be attacked.
    Amen, Brother. Amen.