Obamas: Do As We Say, Not As We Do On Gulf Oil Spill

July 13, 2010

Michelle Obama was in Florida bemoaning the loss of vacation dollars for the region and encouraging people to visit and spend money, as the beaches there are fine. Meanwhile, unlike Bill Clinton, who changed a vacation from Martha's Vineyard to the West for political purposes, the Obamas will be headed to Maine this weekend, then back to the Vineyard for an extended vacation. Local Florida officials are not thrilled. Why is it liberals never seem to actually do what they encourage others to?

Excerpt from first link above.

From the airport the First Lady headed to the Tourist Development Council to speak with local officials and business leaders regarding the toll the BP oil disaster has taken on the local economy. "The ramifications I think will probably come maybe in another year or so, because the people who are not coming on vacation may not come back. And so it's the loss of business and unfortunately that's a way of life for us," said Panama City Beach Mayor Gayle Oberst.

The First Lady arrived at the Boardwalk Beach Resort to a rousing welcome. The 200 invited guests included state and local leaders as well as residents who've lived here their entire lives. "I've got sand in my shoes, well I guess that means I will be back, right?" said Obama.

During her 15 minute speech she praised the beauty of our beaches. "It's welcoming, it's pristine, and everybody should come here!" said Obama. She also reinforced a crucial message. "It's important for the rest of the country to know these places are just as beautiful as they have always been." Obama also shared a possible solution. "Truly, the best thing your fellow Americans can do is come down here and spend some money."

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  1. Lightwave says:

    The larger question is why the Obamas feel they deserve to vacation at all, when there’s multiple crises that Barack Obama continues to leave unsolved.
    Get. To. Work. You don’t get a vacation from being President.
    This President is rapidly becoming the most despised man in America and I predict when he is thrown out of office in 2012 or forced to resign before that, his approval ratings will have dipped below Bush territory into the upper teens.

  2. Many think obama is not correct.Don’t assume that obama is weak. He is quite successful in doing exactly as he plans. He is accomplishing exactly what he intends to do.