Sherrod Hints At Obama Being An Uncle Tom

July 29, 2010

I didn't interject the phrase Uncle Tom into this discussion. Shirley Sherrod's husband and partner of decades, Charles Sherrod did. Now, Sherrod believes Obama needs a history lesson on black America. In many ways, Obama's background is more that of a white liberal, than a black man from the South. I don't think it's a stretch to suggest the Sherrods don't really see Obama as one of them - in essence, more a white man's black man, or Uncle Tom, than anything else.

She also seems to be taking her sweet old time pondering the new job offer from the administration. And while claiming to be suing Breitbart, she now says she's not interested in an apology – not that I believe one would be forthcoming.

If she's not careful, Sherrod is going to soon begin looking like someone enjoying this a little too much, while wanting much, but incapable of being satisfied even if she comes away with anything that might be thought of as reasonable. What, besides her job back, her recent too hasty canonization by the press, and her current media tour is Shirley Sherrod actually entitled to in the end? Some people feel so aggrieved as to never really become contented. I wonder if Shirley Sherrod isn't just such a person.

And, yes, she said meant to suggest that President Obama was in need of a history lesson.

“I need to have him down there so I can take him around and show him some of that history,” she said of President Obama, reiterating her offer to give him a personal tour through Georgia and help explain remarks that were taken out of context by a conservative blogger and that led to her firing.

“He hasn’t apologized and I don’t want it at this point,” she said of Mr. Breitbart, adding that she intended to sue him. “He will definitely hear from me.”

It is unclear who actually uploaded the misleading video to YouTube.

Speaking at the annual convention of the National Association of Black Journalists, Mrs. Sherrod said she has not yet decided whether she will accept the Obama administration’s offer of a new job. She said administration officials continue to call her but that she needs time to mull the media storm she has found herself in.

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  1. memomachine says:

    It seems to me that the Sherrods are those people whom the less you know them, the more you like them. It’s when you become familiar with them that disdain and active dislike sets in.

  2. Mrs. Peperium says:

    Given O’s mongrel remarks on the View today, he successfully made the situation even worse.
    Andrew Breitbart has been incredibly honorable in protecting his source. He hasn’t -despite all of the abuse that has been thrown at him – revealed who it is.
    I’m sure the NAACP would very much like to know who the traitor is in their midst. And stop him. If it is a him. Breitbart always has referred to his source as a “he” but who knows? Having a judge try and twist it out of Breitbart probably seems like the best way.

  3. NAACP (D- Racist!) says:

    Let’s change the topic of this conversation. Say, have you all heard how racist the tea-baggers are?

  4. John says:

    Sherrod’s actions and how she’s going to be treated will basically by the Cindy Sheehan saga on steroids, if she keeps this up. Cindy of course was the hero of the big media and of Democrats when she was attacking George W. Bush and Republicans, but after the Democrats took over control of Congress, didn’t stop the Iraq war funding and Sheehan challeged Nancy Pelosi in the 2008 election, she became a non-person to those same folks who had loved her just a few months earlier.
    Sherrod has the potential to be the media and Democrats’ hero-of-the-moment … if she only sues Breitbart and attacks Fox News. But her obvious anger at the White House and pleasure at leaving Obama twisting in the wind is why you’ve barely seen Shirley over the past five days. If she’s not just going to try and hit up Breitbart but also Barack for reparations, she’s going to pretty much remain a non-person among all but the hard-core left and those whose job in life is to remain perpetually offended over racial slights (seeing Sherrod emerge a short time from now allied with someone like Reverend Al or Jesse — as they use her victimhood and she taps into their media skills — wouldn’t be a major surprise).

  5. Obama ISN’T a black American from the South. In fact, he’s only nominally a Black American. In fact, he’s only nominally black. Face it, he has more in common genetically with those who sold Africans to whitey in the first place than he does with the merchandise…

  6. Jeff S. says:

    Her head is swelling so fast with teh power, she could go supernova at any moment.

  7. Barry Soetoro (D-King Of The World!) says:

    Guess what mcenroe, I’m not even American.
    OsamaHusseinIslamObama 2012′
    (the terrorist-Uighur-ACORN-media choice)
    -It’s never too early to campaign-

  8. Ragspierre says:

    No less than MoDo has suggested that Obama is tooooo WHITE.
    She suggests Sherrod be put in an out-reach position to A-A, just so that nobody misses their grievances.

  9. I’m fine with the Sherrods staying in the national spotlight as long as they can. This is exactly what the WH didn’t want and Americans, friend and foe, are finding out why. They are a toxic embarrassment. The WH can stifle their own bozos themselves.

  10. Bob Montgomery says:

    Does anyone know who will be the featured speaker at the meeting of the National Association of White Journalists? Will Shirley accept an invitation to speak efore the National Association for the Advancement of White People?
    Is there a Congressional Brown Caucus and if so does it get confused with the other CBC and is there any jealousy?

  11. joyMc says:

    Ms Sherrod needs a history lesson of her own as evidenced by her little piece on how slavery was invented. “first there where both white and black indentured servants then slavery was invented to keep the black ones down.” I hate to tell you this Ms Sherrod but slavery has existed since pre history. More than likely it was not even invented by white people.

  12. Aine says:

    Shirley seems to be enjoying this just a little too much for someone who’s been so terribly victimized. I think she’s about to overplay her hand if she keeps going down this path. There’s almost something sadistic about this now, and I suspect her victim in the end will NOT be the unstoppable Andrew Breitbart. Obama has more to lose than either Vilsak or Breitbart.
    Dan, you are all over this story and coming up with some gems! Thanks!

  13. Comanche Voter says:

    I didn’t know that Cindy Sheehan did blackface comedy. But here she is!
    There’s lots of popcorn going to be sold on the back of this little show.

  14. Karma Hoser says:

    Methinks she’s on a crusade to elevate herself in the likes of Al Sharpton and Rev(?) Jesse Jackson.

  15. Jerry says:

    Has anyone recently heard anything from those on the right side of the aisle who, shortly after the story broke, were nominating Shirley for canonization?

  16. Mikey NTH says:

    The administration tried to quiet this by re-hiring Mrs. Sherrod. The racism charge wors real well so long as the charge doesn’t linger for long in one place – else the fear of the charge dissapates and the reality comes to the surface. However, Mrs. Sherrod is not helping the administration – she is actually keeping this story front and center. I think it may come to the point that the only thing left for the administration is to utterly destroy her, taking her off the scene. Unfortunately, I think that would damage future uses of the race card as well.
    what to do, what to do.