TIME magazine ends debate on the war in Afghanistan?

July 29, 2010


Leaving Afghanistan: "Zohal
Sagar lost her father and two brothers in the war. Her mother hopes they can leave Afghanistan and find a new life in Canada," TIME captions this bitterweet image of one of the innocent victims of war. But it gets oh so much worse. Their cover image will haunt you forever unless you're a moral relativist like Editor Peter Stengel, who makes a point of assuring us he isn't taking sides (see below).

By Sissy Willis of sisu

"We do not run this story or show this image either in support of the U.S. war effort or in opposition to it," protests TIME
Managing Editor Peter Stengel, sending the moral relativist's "secret signal"
even as he has decided to go ahead and publish what's got to be the best
argument ever — the image itself — for staying the course in Afghanistan:

Our cover image this week is powerful, shocking and disturbing. It is a
portrait of Aisha, a shy 18-year-old Afghan woman who was sentenced by a
Taliban commander to have her nose and ears cut off for fleeing her
abusive in-laws. Aisha posed for the picture and says she wants the
world to see the effect a Taliban resurgence would have on the women of
Afghanistan, many of whom have flourished in the past few years. Her
picture is accompanied by a powerful story by our own Aryn Baker on how
Afghan women have embraced the freedoms that have come from the defeat
of the Taliban — and how they fear a Taliban revival.

Asked for comment on the plight of women in Afghanistan — presumably
not yet having seen TIME's cover portrait of Aisha — former National
Organization for Women President Ellie Smeal had this to say, according to a Washington Times report:

The future of Afghan women "has just dropped out of all public discourse. What happens with females over and over again is we're forgotten."


Caption from our June 2 post "An increasingly impotent chattering class of credulous Chris Mattewses": "Palin isn't a feminist — not in the slightest," huffs card-carrying postmodern feminist Jessica Valenti of the blog Feministing,
stumbling inadvertently onto the truth that will soon send her and her
sob sisters tumbling into the dustbin of history: "What she calls 'the
emerging conservative feminist identity' isn't a structural analysis of patriarchal norms. It's an empty rallying call to women who are disdainful of or apathetic to women's rights."

Try telling that to Sarah Palin and her Army of Mama Grizzlies, Ms.
Smeal. Woman as victim? That's SO yesterday. "She's playing the "woman
card," notes Tuck. Yet more proof if needed that postmodern feminists are on the wrong side of history.

Our friend Peter Ingemi of Da Tech Guy's Blog has action steps:

That TIME magazine cover … should be put up every time the debate on the war takes place.

Note. Despite its bad press under the recent ramming down the
nation's throat of ObamaCare, the best medicine in the world is still being practiced in the land of the free and the home of the brave, as
TIME Editor Stengel reports, in spite of himself

To learn more about Aisha, and how an NGO is helping her get reconstructive surgery in the United States, go to Women for Afghan Women.

Update: This just in on Twitter as we were about to publish, from twitterfriend Paul Levitt:

A friend spent several months in Afghanistan last year teaching traditional songs to women and kids … Told me of people crying at being able to sing again — the Taliban killed anyone who sang, played music.

It isn't just for the women. It's for our very humanity that we must win the war in Afghanistan.

Crossposted at sisu, Cloven Not Crested and Liberty Pundits.

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  1. Mad Monica says:

    I am so angry right now. I’ve been livid, pissed off and outraged at NOW and all the “feminists” in this country for years now, but this comment: “The future of Afghan women “has just dropped out of all public discourse. What happens with females over and over again is we’re forgotten.” just sent me over the top. What is this “WE” sh!t? Since when have the women of NOW and other feminist orgs and lefty groups in this country had their noses cut off, ears cut off, genitals mutilated or been stoned to death or set on FIRE because they went against the wishes of their families???? Since when have these women been KILLED or seen their daughters KILLED in the name of Islam????
    Who in the HELL does this woman think she is????? While she and her buddies IGNORED the plight of women in Islamic culture, honor killings and the like, REAL women have been SCREAMING for them to actually DO something to help them. You know who is ACTUALLY helping these women?? OUR MILITARY! While NOW and all these idiots sit around whining about the “plight of women,” saying NASTY hateful, spiteful things about Sarah Palin because she dared to keep her Down’s Syndrome baby and be HAPPY she did, REAL women who know how disgusting, despicable and outright EVIL the treatment of MILLIONS Of women is under Islam have been begging them to see just how important it is that the women of Afghanistan and Iraq remain protected and FREE.
    While hundreds of thousands of Nedas died in the streets of Iran over the years and just recently, because they simply asked for free elections, freedom and the right to simply be educated these “feminists” said NOTHING, did NOTHING.
    The plight of these women has “dropped out of all public discourse?” Really? Huh. Your public must be WAYYYYY different from my public, you idiot. Conservative women have been crying out in outrage for the women you claim to care for while liberal women and their lefty pimps have done NOTHING. While women like Pamela Gellar and the people of http://www.leaveislamsafely.com work to help women get away from those who should be caring for them but instead want to KILL them, NOW and the left do NOTHING.
    And in 2011, these same out of touch lefty bleeding hearts plan to force this president to take troops out of Iraq and leave hundreds of thousands of women and little girls to be forced right back into the horrors we liberated them from. And just the other day, another gang of bleeding hearts released documents naming those who have been helping us fight just this sort of thing, ensuring many MORE women and children will be tortured or die at the hands of the Taliban.
    How can these women claim they care about the plight of other women when they do absolutely NOTHING to help them and stand for a president and Congress who have stood aside and allowed hundreds of thousands to be abused and killed? How can they claim to be for the rights of women when they plan to shove millions of women back into danger, abuse and death because they believe the women of Iraq were better off being murdered and abused under Saddam Hussein? I just don’t frigging GET IT.
    I’m sorry for being rude, Mr. Riehl. But I just cannot take the BS any more.

  2. Mad Monica says:

    And I agree. That photo, along with the photos of those jumping from the World Trade Center, the hole in the field in Shanksville and the dead and dying at the Pentagon should be required viewing every damned time one of these anti-war pukes tries to claim we’re harming the people in Iraq and Afghanistan rather than doing good. Oh and lets add pop-up video of the folks getting thrown off the roofs and the rape rooms under Saddam.

  3. MaggieG45 says:

    “It isn’t just for the women. It’s for our very humanity that we must win the war in Afghanistan.”

  4. time to rise up says:

    I look at the photo of Aisha and I think of the Obama advisor who wants to see Islam revitalized in the U.S.


  6. Sissy Willis says:

    Thank you all for your great comments. So good to know one is not alone in this feeling the world is upside down.
    richard mcenroe: I was thinking somewhat along those lines that the editor’s real motivation was a perverted version of SI’s swimsuit issue: Sales, sales, sales!
    — Sissy

  7. Dan Riehl says:

    That was Sissy’s post, Monica. You know I don’t do that gurly stuff!! lol

  8. Sissy Willis says:

    LOL. It takes two.

  9. Rich Fader says:

    Raped and Revenged
    “One used and butchered me: another spied
    “Me broken – for which thing an hundred died.
    “So it was learned among the heathen hosts
    “How much a freeborn woman’s favour costs.”
    –Rudyard Kipling

  10. Mad Monica says:

    Sorry, Dan and Sissy, my temper got the best of me and between seeing red and the overly loud cussin,’ I missed that. 🙂 Perhaps that’s why my six foot two inch tall son came out of his room at a dead run thinkin’ we were either under attack or I’d broken another toe… 🙂

  11. Mad Monica says:

    Sorry, Dan and Sissy, my temper got the best of me and between seeing red and the overly loud cussin,’ I missed that. 🙂 Perhaps that’s why my six foot two inch tall son came out of his room at a dead run thinkin’ we were either under attack or I’d broken another toe… 🙂

  12. Rich Fader says:

    No, I’m trying to figure out how somebody could claim to believe in a compassionate and merciful God, and then do that particularly to one of His most beautiful creatures, without spending the rest of his life cringing, waiting for the thunderbolt.

  13. Xiaoding says:

    Oh, is THIS the reason we are at war? Cause, before, it was the Taliban. But, they are gone now, so is this todays “reason?”
    Hey, send your own kids over there, and pay for it yourselves, you morons.
    AGAIN, what is “victory”?
    Dan, time to man up, yo! You have re-doubled your efforts, while forgetting the aim! WHAT IS VICTORY? Or are you too stupid to get the question?
    The blood of our soldiers is on your moronic hands, you bunch of pukes.

  14. syn says:

    My lowliest of self is my viciously vulgar tongue often expressing a harden heart crafted over decades of liberal theater ‘let it all hang out’ production.
    I admire Sarah Palin for showing me there is a healthier and saner way to being.

  15. Bill Johnson says:

    Xiaoding – does that translate dingbat or worse? If you actually read anything at all, you would find this IS about the Taliban, so your comment does not apply.
    Bye now.

  16. Xiaoding says:

    “this IS about the Taliban,”
    In what context? I don’t remember being asked to support a war for womens rights. I recall something about a couple of buildings, though.
    Please explain why a man should be killed, or lose his face, so that women in a foreign country will be better off. Now, word it as though you were expaining it to your own son, who has just lost his face in combat. Have fun! The colostomy bag is a great source of humor, I might add. Remember, simnce he’s paralyzed, you have a captive audience!
    You righteous pricks… bloodthirsty maniacs, swayed like sheep by the latest buzz. Sons and daughters, killed, scarred for life, because you got a hard on for carnage. The Founding Fathers warned us about you. They used fancy words, like “foreign entaglements”, but they were really saying “bloodthirsty pricks”.

  17. xiaoding, encouraging the slaughter of women around the world since, well, 2000…

  18. Karma Hoser says:

    Well,Xiaodingbat, little troll, I myself am an OEF Vet, and I’ll gladly repack my rucksack and duffel bags and do it again in a heartbeat!! I served over there in ’05-’06, and I saw many successes there that your fellow leftist lackeys in the Mainstream News Media ignore in order to editorialize their coverage and promote their agenda.
    FACT #1: There are many other countries that have their military on the ground with us, I did missions with and alongside British, German, and French troops. There were at least 25 Nations that had military units in country when I was there.
    FACT #2: The Afghan Nationals WANT US THERE!! There is reconstruction going on everywhere in Afghanistan, and Local Nationals outside our perimeter came to us and reported what they saw when the Taliban tried to set up for an attack. This was done at severe risk, because the Talibaners would murder them and their families as an example if they found out who “blew the whistle”!!
    FACT #3:Under the variety of Sha’ria, or Islamic law inflicted by the Taliban during their rule, women were considered a man’s property to do with as he pleased, women were strictly forbidden from leaving their homes without a male blood relative escorting them, i.e. husband, son, father, etc. If she was a widow, oh well, that was the law. If a woman let the breeze blow and even show an ankle, she was subject to a beating from a Taliban enforcer, her speaking in public would result in the same!!
    I also lost a few buddies over there, Xiaotroll, and I’ve experienced war firsthand, so save your troll droppings for the DU, little fool! Does your mommy know you’re posting things like that on her computer? Maybe it’s time to move out of your mommy’s basement and get a life!!

  19. Sissy Willis says:

    Mad Monica: No need to apologize. Your passion in the good fight is much appreciated here.
    richard mcenroe and Karma Hoser: Thank you for battling the clueless wonder! It’s only human to see what you want to see, and in his case, to not see what you don’t want to see, blinded as he is by what I take to be an incurable case of Bush Derangement Syndrome.
    And thank you from my heart, Karma Hoser, for your service to our country.

  20. Dobb C. Freds says:

    Winston Churchill on Islam:
    ‘The fact that in Mohammedan law every woman must belong to some man as his absolute property, either as a child, a wife, or a concubine, must delay the final extinction of slavery until the faith of Islam has ceased to be a great power among men.’
    Back when the Brits had spines…

  21. MGCC says:

    I wonder if Time magazine is moving rightward now that Newsweek has flamed out after a leftward move? This cover story at the very least provides a strong argument for the US’ continued involvement in Afghanistan, and the other day Time ran a short piece on how the environmental impact of the Deep Water Horizon spill might be, what’s the phrase?, quite modest.

  22. Sissy Willis says:

    MGCC: I was thinking along similar lines. The bottom line may make honest men of them after all.

  23. Xiaoding says:

    Karma HOser: thank you for elucidating our new foreign policy. Great reason for nations to go to war, ’cause you and your buddies don’t like them!
    None of the things you said matter. It’s like the man with a broken leg, claiming to be an expert on broken legs. He’s not! The doctor is! The man with the broken leg, is an expert, on what it’s like, for him to have a broken leg.
    I hear no words for the guys who have to go over there, who do not want to. They deserve better reasons than what you gave. Way better. So do their families.
    Their blood is to be spilled for things that matter, not for a “make the world safe for democrocy” idiot’s reasons.
    I still hear no statement of what “victory” is. This group does not need one, because there is no reason for “forever”. At least the Nazi’s were honest, about wanting constant war.

  24. Kathleen says:

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