Elites Versus The Ruling Class

August 15, 2010

An interesting observation via Ace on what defines someone as elite.

And note this is quite necessary: The "elite" are not made up of the rich. Sure, there are many rich in the elite, but that's not what makes them elite. There are many poor "elite" who claim to be elite not due to their salary or position but due to thinking what the other elites think only.

I agree, except perhaps to the extent at least some education must be involved. But Ace is probably just emphasizing the point. There are high school kids who fancy themselves a part of the cultural elite. But I would probably differentiate between that so called elite and the ruling class.

In that case, a member of the ruling class might even be considered somewhat Center Right; however, money, education and position matter a great deal. And that presents a real challenge for both conservatives and libertarians. Having such individuals in the ruling class, like Bush and others, compassionate conservatives in that instance, makes it extremely difficult for an honest small government mindset to prevail. Read the whole thing.

Similarly with education — yes, the elite contains many educated people (many overeducated people, who proclaim things so stupid only an intellectual could believe them) but, again, this "elite" is not just comprised of those who hold post-graduate degrees. Or college degrees. Or high school degrees. Or even GEDs, for that matter. No, once again, "elitehood" is conferred not by any extrinsic indicator like level of education but by proud proclamation of agreement with others presumed to be in the "elite" class.

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  1. Steve C. says:

    As Americans we’re kind of new at this game. We should adopt the coinage of our Anglo Saxon cousins. Ruling Class is more precise and has the added benefit of being repugnant to small r republican American sensibilities.

  2. MDr says:

    Our Hollywood “betters” are a perfect example of where education (intelligence for that matter) means not a whit, for inclusion in the club. Most in Hollywood don’t even possess a high school diploma.

  3. Dave C says:

    “There are many poor “elite” who claim to be elite not due to their salary or position but due to thinking what the other elites think only.”
    *Coff* Conor with one ‘C’ *coff*