Mark Levin’s Rousing Call To Arms For The Tea Party Movement

August 30, 2010

Damn. Mark Levin was on fire tonight, while I was preoccupied with events in Alaska. But it's the same fight. It's one America began over two-hundred years ago and, as Mark points out, will never truly end.

Government is necessary. But just as people must be governed, so must government be governed. A government not governed, or held accountable, by the people, ceases to be an advantage to its people, becoming, instead, a tyranny, however soft, that rules their lives.

From the time of our founding, the lives of Americans were not intended to be ruled by government, but facilitated because of America's inherent investment in individual liberty and freedom. If there is to be a re-birth of sorts, surely it's the principles of personal liberty and freedom that must be at its core.

That's what, as Mark addresses, the original Tea Party was meant to convey to an unbridled state. And also, as pointed out, it's once again time to convey a message that, now, can only be delivered via the ballot box in the fall. But to do it, we must keep fighting. And we can not abandon the political battlefield at such a crucial time in American history.

Inspiring stuff.

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  1. And the latest: Barack Obama and the Obama administration “invited” the people who depend on their goodwill for jobs to attend Al Sharpton’s rally.
    And make no mistake. This was an Obama Party rally, specifically for the Obama Party, held by and organized by Barack Obama’s chief flunky, Al Sharpton, who ranted about how the Obama Party is “coming out to fight”.

  2. David R. Graham says:

    John McCain gave us Sarah Palin. That was a great service he did for our nation. He deserves our thanks for that. He was right, she has what it takes to be a national leader. Even though he graduated near the bottom of his Class at USNA, his military training kicked in in re Sarah: he saw a leader and moved on what he saw, to emplace it.

  3. DarthKeller says:

    “That to protect these freedoms, government is instituted among men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed” – Declaration of Independence
    Madison, Jefferson, Hamilton – All have quotes that say the same thing: Power comes from the people and goes to the government. In the last 100 years (and it has been ramped up after Reagan) government has been TAKING power from the people.
    It’s time we remind those in “power” – We have the power, not you.

  4. MikeC says:

    Churchill would have been proud – “Never give in; never, never, never, never!”

  5. Ragspierre says:

    “Power comes from the people and goes to the government.”
    LEGITIMATE power comes from the people. Meaning, we delegate to government the rights we hold, but not unconditionally, and not completely.
    Power can come from other places…not legitimate at all.

  6. The Monster says:

    He covered up the slap at Beck much better than he usually does.

  7. Rev Dr E Buzz says:

    What a weird government we have running things…such racists.

  8. rockmom says:

    It’s really simple. Leftists who want to live in a nanny-state social democracy should move. There are many models of government and social order in the world today, and more freedom of movement than ever. I wish leftists would just get the hell out of here and stop trying to “fundamentally transform” the United States of America. It ain’t broke. It don’t need fixing. It just needs a people who are independent, free-thinking, hard-working, industrious, and moral.

  9. willis says:

    Interestingly, the need for the governed to retrieve their purloined powers from the government was recognized by Madison and provided for when drafting our constitution. The provision permitting the amendment of the constitution by a convention of the states is hardly know by the public and the government hopes it stays that way. With the liberals re-writing our textbooks on history and dominating our schools there is an excellent chance the country will remain uninformed about how easily they can regain their country from the statists, and how quickly. For more on this issue, visit

  10. Ragspierre says:

    I hear France, Spain, Greece, etc. are lovely. Never visited. Would not live there on a bet, but that’s true of Kuhlifornia, too…!!!

  11. RiverRat says:

    New Bumper Sticker:
    Govern the Government!
    Vote Tea Partyer in 2010!

  12. If this doesn’t get you going, you need an EKG, stat…
    call it The Great One vs The Anointed One
    Linked at Reaganite Republican…

  13. salvage says:

    It’s so weird how you Teabaggers were very quiet during the 8 years of the Bush administration’s expansion of the US government.
    Why is that you’re only upset about it now?

  14. Andrew says:

    Salvage, were your parents in the Klan? You use the T-word in exactly the same way those you learned your ethical standards from use the N-word. A term of pure bigoted hate.
    But hate and lies is all you sneering liberal elitists have to offer America, isn’t it?
    Those of us who remember the Porkbusters movement by Republicans and conservatives and libertarians AGAINST Bush’s signing Democrat spending bills recognize real quick that your claim about being “very quiet” is just another liberal Big Lie.

  15. Hankmeister says:

    I guess the Teabagees just crawled from under their rocks.
    Conservatives weren’t quiet, it was you leftards screaming and yelling your hate for Bush that it drowned out our call for concern over Bush’s expansion of the government. I wrote letters to the editor taking Bush to task for his Prescription Drug reform, the Educational Reform Initiative he handed over to that idiot Ted Kennedy and any number of other issues that grew government. Your screams of hate and the demonization of President Bush got all the press, you sucked the air right out the public arena for nearly eight years. Look in a mirror sometimes, salvage. BTW, the one thing Bush got right was taking the battle to Muslim fanatics and Arab despots and you guys vented your bile and venom non-stop for six years by calling him a liar for doing that! BTW, for Bush to have “lied” about the pre-Iraq war intelligence he would have had to first known beyond the shadow of doubt there weren’t any WMD, there were still 1000 chemical weapons that were indeed found in various states of operational status but you guys whined it was all – another liberal lie – stuff left over from the Iran-Iraq War. Virtually all the legitimate pre-war intelligent had Saddam pegged for hiding WMDs including other foreign intelligence services like the Syrians, Israelis, the Brits, and even UNSCOM. There was absolutely no certainty that UNSCOM had uncovered and destroyed all Iraqi WMD before they left/got kick out of Iraq in 1998. So if anyone “lied” it was the intelligence services because any rational person in Bush’s position could have only come to the same conclusion, Saddam had ‘em. And the crap that the Bush Administration “cherrypicked” the intelligence and thus deceived the U.S. Congress and the Democrats into going to war is yet another liberal lie perpetuated by the national socialist media because Congress and the Senate Intelligence Committee had the same access to classified intelligence BUT THE FREAKIN’ DEMOCRATS IN MOST CASES REFUSE TO LOOK AT IT BECAUSE THEY WERE CONVINCED SINCE THE CLINTON ADMINISTRATION, AND MADE STATEMENTS TO THIS EFFECT, THAT SADDAM HAD ‘EM AND WAS A THREAT. BTW, neither Bush or Cheney ever said Iraq was an imminent threat. That was Democrat Jay Rockefeller who popularized that refrain.
    Also, I can’t think of a worse racism than the pandering, patronizing racism that liberals engage in on a daily basis. The Democratic Party was the party of slavery before and during the War Between the States (“Civil War” to you tyros) and the Democratic Party is still the party of slavery, this time it’s a government slavery that maintains a significant portion of the Democrat’s minority voting bloc on a entitlement/welfare plantation. Nice trick.
    You have to be impressed with how liberal socialists and “progressive” seculars invariably define their alleged compassion for their fellow man by how much they can empower government to pick taxpayers’ pockets in order to fund the Democrats’ emerging velvet gulag. We’re funding our own destruction as a free People! And another thing I despise about these self-righteous liberal liars, they thump their chest about their undying love for humanity but appear to reserve the right to hate on anyone who doesn’t worship at their shrine of liberalism. Freakin’ hypocrite hatemongers!

  16. Parad E. Makewater says:

    “It’s so weird how you Teabaggers were very quiet during the 8 years of the Bush administration’s expansion of the US government.”
    Salvage, it’s so weird how you Salad Tossers were so noisy about everything Bush did, yet when Teh Won goes far above and beyond anything Bush could even dream of all we hear from y’all is silence.
    Funny that