Obama: Keep Your Health Care Coverage, You 3 Million Seniors – Nevermind!

August 25, 2010

Someone call Jim Geraghty, he'll want to note the expiration date on this one.

WASHINGTON – A plan by Medicare to try to make it simpler for consumers to pick drug coverage could force 3 million seniors to switch plans next year whether they like it or not, says an independent analysis.

That risks undercutting President Barack Obama's promise that people can keep their health plans if they like them.

And it could be an unwelcome surprise for many seniors who hadn't intended to make a change during Medicare's open enrollment season this fall.

The analysis by Avalere Health, a leading private research firm, estimated that more than 3 million beneficiaries will see their prescription plan eliminated as part of a new effort by Medicare to winnow down duplicative coverage and offer consumers more meaningful choices.

Seniors would not lose coverage, but they could see changes in their premiums and copayments.

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  1. alanstorm says:

    Too bad no one could have foreseen this…well, I mean, except for those of us without our heads up our butts and thus able to see clearly.

  2. Ragspierre says:

    “Words…just words…!”
    Liar. Just a liar.
    Joined by a Greek chorus of liars.
    All tyrants.

  3. Lightwave says:

    You will see people in the streets soon.
    Either they will be protesting…or homeless.
    We’d like to thank Barack Obama,
    For really showing us the way
    We’d like to thank Barack Obama,
    You made us what we are today
    Prosperity was ’round the corner
    The cozy cottage built for two
    In this blue heaven
    That you
    Gave us
    Yes! We’re turning blue!
    They offered us McCain and Barry,
    We paid attention and we chose
    Not only did we pay attention
    We paid through the nose.
    In ev’ry pot he said ‘a chicken’
    Barack Obama he forgot
    Not only don’t we have the chicken
    We ain’t got the pot!