Updated: Screencap: NEA Doctored Controversial PDF File

August 13, 2010


Updated below.

The screencap at right is from page three of this NEA pdf file that apparently featured their newest caucus: the Drag Queen Caucus. That text box is actually part of the pdf. It looks as though someone went in and deleted the text when it drew attention from various websites.

See here and here, for example. Those items reference page three, which corresponds to my screencap. Hey, they left the bourbon caucus. Heh!

That's an empty block on page 3 of the pdf in image and there is no Drag Queen caucus listed as of now.

When this was brought to my attention (look on the third page) all I could think is “You have got to be kidding…”

Update: Yes, apparently it was reported. h/t Sissy Willis on Twitter. So, why bother with cleaning up the pdf? Is the NEA Draq Queen-ophobic? :o

It shouldn't be a surprise, then, that the NEA has recognized a drag queen caucus at their recent national convention. Headed by Peter J. Konrath (whose picture on Facebook is included here), the group doesn't appear to be advocating for specific drag queen teacher causes, like naming elementary schools for Kathy Griffin, but seems more interested in raising money for scholarships. It is unclear how many caucus members are actually teachers.

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