Wow! I Didn’t Know Don Surber Was A Liar

August 23, 2010

What the eff is he talking about?

Readers can decide. Don’t know what he means about comments. Don’t care. All I know is if I took money from the RNC, I’d be fired. I guess this means Dan Riehl will stop asking me for links.

Don, that's pathetic even for someone like you. Please document when and where I have been asking you for links? If I hadn't seen your post, I'd have forgotten you existed. Man, that's pretty pathetic, dude. If you were mashed up in some broadly CC'd email I responded to who knows when, I never saw your name. And I know I don't approach you for links. So I guess your paper is cool with having poseurs and bald-faced liars on its paid staff? Shame on you, man. Produce the emails you are apparently referring to. Or, consider yourself called out as a pathetic liar.

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  1. salvage says:

    Oh man I hope this turns into a “thing”!

  2. sookie says:

    Geez… you’re cranky today :)

  3. time to rise up says:

    Ooooooh, baby! I like ur style!

  4. Huey says:

    Love his defense: “The fact is he blew up at me in an email last November and then had the gall to send me some stuff to link.”