Allen West on Ron Klein: “He’s terrified”

September 29, 2010

- Jennifer of Cubachi

One of the conservatives I am most excited about following news and listening to speeches is Allen West. A man's man who is unafraid to take on liberals and those whose objective is to take America down a path unseen before in its history.

What is refreshing about this new crop of conservatives entering politics is their choice of not filtering out words to comply with the precepts of the media and the beltway. This is the type of authenticity that is sorely lacking in today's politics. There is a reason why politicians like Sarah Palin, Governor Chris Christie, Marco Rubio, Jim DeMint, and Allen West are so popular. We see in these politicians a bit of ourselves and an assertive attitude about fixing up Washington.

Allen West is not one to let up nor shut up.

The St. Petersburg Times wrote a profile on West that was somewhat fair, and educates the public a bit about West's bio. West does not relent when it comes to defining his liberal opponent Ron Klein as "terrified" and the destructive nature of the democrat's radical agenda.

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  1. mark l. says:

    he’s in one of my two favorite races to watch…
    pa-12 being the other. (murtha seat, special election dem victory etc..)
    the thing about west is that he won’t be lost in the shuffle of 50+ new gop house members. this guy has leadership written all over him, with an outside shot at the nelson seat in 2012.
    bona fortuna.

  2. Ken says:

    My only regret about the coming demise of Alan Grayson is that I won’t be able to see that wannabe piss himself when he comes face with Alan West, thus reminding his fans that their tough guy hero is as cowardly as they are.

  3. mark l. says:

    4 million in fundraising?
    apparently, there are a lot of people following this race.

  4. mark l. says:

    looked at the two polls from anzalone liszt and harucht…
    both dem polling firms, and when they only release bullet points, as opposed to internals, they are in trouble.
    the few unique things that struck me was the ‘reported’ klein lead 20 and 14 leads among independents, as well as the inference that they aren’t screening for likely voters.
    *gallup has been posting a national average of independents favoring the gop by at least 10 pts, so the 20 and 14 pt lead among independents for a liberla dem is ridiculously out of whack.
    *gallup also has congressional approval at 18%, their lowest recorded value and 5 pts below the 94 approval %.
    both firms appear to have gone off the 40% gop, 38% dem weighting, which also suggests that neither poll screens for likely voters.
    once again, gallup has the voter enthusiasm at 48 to 28 for the gop, which suggests equivalent weighting is not a very precise gauge.
    gop/conservative enthusiasm, dem’s lack of enthusiasm which the independents seem to share, and an encumbent with a voting record that is defined by defunding medicare in a retiree district?
    west wins big. i’m actually more curious to see if he can crack 6 million in fundraising.

  5. Dennis says:

    It is hard for me to believe that the ST. Pete Times wrote a fair editorial. Given their well to the Left staff this may indicate even they see the handwriting on the wall. You see that Left trend in the fact that every Democrat candidate uses it as a source for its propaganda.

  6. Jeffersonian says:

    I’ve donated to one campaign this season, and that campaign was Allen West’s. He’s the real deal.

  7. Tulsa Jack says:

    A U.S. Army lieutenant colonel and combat veteran is one tough hombre, a man who knows something about reality. We need all of them we can get. Can’t wait for D-rats to accuse this genuine hero of racism. Go West, America!