Delaware GOP Establishment Takes On The Tea Party

September 3, 2010

Yep, quite obvious all the knives are coming out.

Now the Delaware Republican Party is taking heed – and taking on – the Tea Party-backed candidate in the state's Republican Senate primary, sparking a war of words between the state's establishment GOP and the Tea Party movement.

"Out-of-state interest groups have threatened to spend half a million dollars to fund the disgusting tactics being used by the O'Donnell campaign to make accusations," said Castle campaign manager Mike Quaranta.

Meanwhile, the Castle campaign has launched, a site devoted to aggregating negative news about O'Donnell.

Tom Ross, state committee chairman of the Delaware Republican Party, defended the negative nature of the site. "The stories might not be flattering, but they are factual. …Sometimes it is necessary to make sure that the facts get out there," Ross said.

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  1. newrouter says:

    homocon is happening nttiawwt

  2. The good news is Lib Dems are already road kill. RINOs in panic ahead of schedule.
    “Because the Only Good Progressive is a Failed Progressive”

  3. vic says:

    How pathetic of castle and the delaware gop,

  4. montee says:

    Well at least I hope both sides save some of this energy for their real opponents in November.

  5. Brooklyn says:

    Hey wonderful, it is more populist ‘establishment’ rhetoric and further divisive sentiment, going to weaken the offering to stop the Democratic Partisan disaster.
    Let’s see the reality here, I get tons of Tea Party Express emails, (having no real idea who put me on their email mailing list), all with very typical IDENTITY games calling someone a Liberal RINO.
    Great, that is how we are going to win elections?
    Right now, after viewing a few of these emails, I am think the obsession is seeing Liberal RINOS in everyone and everything.
    But the funny aspect, is the outrage of the supposed “bringing out the knives”. It reminds one of the hypocrisy of those who freaked out, reading Mr. Halperin’s baseless interviews regards some imagined Romney associates. Guess what? All of the loudest voices, screaming outrage, are those who have for sometime, been vilifying Romney in the most ugly manner. All in the name of the fashionable. As if their nasty, negative, hostile, distorted offering is acceptable, but when Republicans do it? That is beyond repair.
    Except of course with this fashionable concept, they seem to forget Mrs. Palin is a Republican, who embraced the Maverick GOP’s disastrous platform – she was the number 2 on the “establishment” Ticket. She even endorsed the Maverick over the more conservative offering in Arizona.
    Yep, we have seen this before. And the objectivity is missing. So now we are going to trash all in Delaware?
    Miller is just another example, of someone who made overt, absurd, charges of conspiracies and divisive rhetoric for the Party he was running to represent. It did damage his offering, and makes all look bad. His poll numbers are really poor, in a race in which he should be dominating. But the fashion encouraging an unrealistic bias against a ‘cabal’ envisioned under every table, produced a paranoid, insecure offering – which doesn’t translate well, outside of a smaller Base.
    So let’s see if the same voices, are eagerly going to over shoot once again. The old ‘cry wolf’ game will grow tiresome. Especially if a few of these “dream” candidates get in, and they become the “ESTABLISHMENT”. Funny how one can lay the groundwork of their own predictable embarrassment later.
    Instead, we could have a constructive offering, encouraging sound policies, and sound candidates, without burning everything down. What a shock, something reasoned, without reactionary hyperbole and tiresome stereotypical identity exploitation.
    Wiser heads prevailed in NJ, with all getting together after a fairly constructive Primary, to remove the disastrous Democratic Party’s offering.

  6. JadedByPolitics says:

    The Committee Chairman? might I say ladies and gents that this is why you get your butts INTO the Party and WIPE OUT these egregious POS’s. It literally takes 2-3 hours of your time a month. The candidates come to YOU to get your blessing a Committeeman/woman…..if the GOP is the be WRENCHED to the RIGHT then WE MUST get inside….and yes I am :)

  7. M. Ward says:

    WHEN are these PARTY MACHINES (on BOTH SIDES) going to get it? The PRIMARIES are (should be) for WE, THE PEOPLE to select who WE WANT to represent US. AFTER we have selected OUR candidate of choice, THEN (and ONLY THEN) should “the party” get involved to SUPPORT whomever WE, THE PEOPLE have selected.
    Frankly, it’s NONE OF THEIR DAMN BUSINESS who WE, THE PEOPLE select. It’s NOT ABOUT “the party” – It’s about US! WE are “the party”. THEY exist (or at least SHOULD exist) to advance OUR wants and desires – NOT the other way around.
    In case the GOP has forgotten – it was the Liberal-Lite attitude of the Congress that got their A$$es thrown OUT of power a few years back; and that is why *I* REFUSED to vote for Juan McCain (KNOWING full well, that it would result in the election of Barack Obama to the office of President). There was NO WAY I was going to allow Juan McCain (a man who says ANYTHING and takes ANY position he believes will get him re-elected) to become President (and take the victory as a MANDATE for HIS mushy “moderate”, “go along with the other side”, “gang of 14″, “comprehensive immigration reform [aka Amnesty, Hey McCain, YOU can call it a banana if YOU want to]” style of “leadership”).
    WE, THE PEOPLE are speaking out, and WE will decide WHO represents US.