Fox Should Suspend Rove And Investigate, Cornyn Must Resign

September 14, 2010

Michelle Malkin has a very solid reaction to Karl Rove's disgraceful behavior on Fox News tonight. That is not why Fox should suspend him and investigate. According to this report, Rove was working behind the scenes on  behalf of the Castle campaign to negotiate a deal that would have led to some Delaware Tea Party groups not supporting Christine O'Donnell, while giving Mike Castle a pass.

Especially given his comments on Fox News tonight, until this is resolved, it seems impossible to trust Rove as an objective analyst. In terms of the conservative movement, we should not simply ignore him, but proactively work to undermine Rove in whatever ways we can, given his obvious willingness to undermine us.

Additionally, via Michelle, before Christine O'Donnell could even make an acceptance speech, the NRSC rushed out to say they will not support her. Video here via The Right Scoop. One source I spoke with claims that RNC Michael Steele is purportedly going to go to Delaware to support Christine O'Donnell. As I said earlier on Twitter, the NRSC is dead on the web as far as I am concerned.

@NRSC Cornyn is one of the most incompetent NRSC heads ever. Now you won't support us? You are DEAD on the web ….

I would encourage all grassroots and conservative activists and bloggers to, not just ignore them, but proactively work to run-down whatever web based initiatives they choose to employ until this matter is resolved. John Cornyn should be held accountable and removed from his NRSC position.

He has demonstrated his incompetence several times over and now this. It is time for John Cornyn to go. If the NRSC had decided to not fund O'Donnell that is one thing. But to leak word of it tonight as they did, on the very night of her compelling victory over their preferred candidate, is way over the top. Cornyn needs to resign in disgrace, or be replaced if the GOP establishment wants any cooperation from online bloggers and activists going forward.

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  1. Darth Malice says:

    Fire him.

  2. captain joe says:

    He’s prolly just trying to get some work on the other side of the aisle, like Dick Morris did.

  3. barfo says:

    Let the healing begin!

  4. John S says:

    I’m no fan of Cornyn, but non-support of O’Donnell is hardly the reason to call for his removal.
    They weren’t planning on having to spend in Delaware had Castle won, because Castle would have cruised. Now we can think of Delaware as a resource drain.

  5. Errol phillips says:

    Hey … nobody like to look like a jerk … Rove has disqualified himself much like Gingrich in supporting the Scazz in NY 23

  6. muah says:

    “…Rove as an objective analyst…”
    Laugh line of the night.

  7. chas says:

    overall cornyn has been a good senator for Texas. but now he’s showing signs of potomac fever, time for us to bring him home, kay bailey along w/ him. no worries, plenty of good conservatives down here in Texas to take his place.

  8. Todd says:

    Your the fool if you ever thought Rove was ever ‘an objective analyst’ LOL

  9. Moobs says:

    is rove now the magnificent bastard for the left?
    and btw will the castleistas support her or will they just be sour grapes?

  10. Johnny USA says:


  11. Aaron says:

    Cornyn and NRSC has not supported one conservative. We expect/deserve better leadership from a conservative state like Texas. Cornyn needs to go! Can’t wait to vote against him when he is up for election next time.

  12. Dave in dallas says:

    “No Republican Senatorial Class”

  13. Ragspierre says:

    Cornyn will hear from me on this (he’s one of my senators), and the RNC will hear…again…that I will not send them a penny.
    Messaging, people…messaging…!!!! IF the party will not support O’Donnell, the people WILL!

  14. Kyle says:

    The good thing is that Delaware is geographically small, so how hard is it to get your message out? How much money from the NRSC would O’Donnell really need. The Rove story from Freedomist may never get legs. You could tell in his interview with Hannity, that he really wanted 51 Senate seats, but with Castle, that’s not a really strong 51 seats. Besides, I’m looking for the Obama agenda to be halted, and not replaced with big govt. Republican solutions.

  15. You don’t think that Rove was the man pushing Cornyn to do this? Rove is by far the GOP’s biggest fund raiser. Money talks and the Hulk is angry. No one says “no” to the Hulk when he’s angry.

  16. unseen says:

    lloks like someone hacked chrisitne’s donat epage also. got a middle finger on the page and a -660% donate figure. Was down for about 10-15minutes and when it came back online the middle finger was there.
    Dirty tricks galore form the sore loser RINOs they act just like liberals

  17. tommy mc donnell says:

    rove is always on fox telling us how much more obama is spending than bush did. well just because obama is worse that doesn’t make you good.

  18. John Burke says:

    Dan now reveals his authoritarian streak: if Rove (or anyone else) won’t to our line, we must crush him, demand Fox throw him off the air, hurl invective like “asshole” at him. Everyone must follow the Party Line or be dealth with severely.
    This is what insistence on ideological purity in politics ALWAYS leads to. It’s a road traveled frequently since the French Revolution but American politics has generally avoided it. Americans are too deeply committed to principles of individual liberty, self reliance and personal responsibility — the principles Dan and his gang purport to represent and uphold. The thing is, though, they toss the principles aside whenever it suits them. Dan and company are waging populist revolutionary politics, the antithesis of conservatism. For the moment, their politics has a “right” coloration. But ultimately, “left” and “right” mean little at all to authoritarians — which may be exactly why Dan and his crowd really don’t care if they help elect more left-wing Democrats.

  19. Moobs says:

    rove is phony cant understand why the left despised him when he was on their side

  20. Dave Lister says:

    lol keep eating your own folks
    I mean seriously, you are just catching on that Karl Rove isn’t ‘objective’? Wow, by 2020 you might even start to wonder if Fox News really IS ‘Fair & Balanced’…

  21. John Burke says:

    As for Cornyn and the RSCC money, Dan, no Republican who is not crazy will spend a nickel in Delaware now. There are far too many competitive races where Republicans are battling it out with left-wing Democrats. So you’d better get the gang here — all these guys with no names but lots of epithets to hurl at the “Ruling Class” — to get out their check books for Christine.

  22. unseen says:

    Dave Lister,
    fox is more fair and balanced than any other cable news. however if people don’t know they are owned by the saudis 20% and have a compelling reason to support the GOp establishment then they have not been paying attention. Just like GOP establishmen tis better than the maxist it doesn’t mean we have to settle for the status quo. We will bring the party back to Reagan and when that goal is accomplished liberalism will be in the wilderness again for another 30 years. Just like after Carter.

  23. Kyle says:

    Yep, we will have to get our check books out. $20 per tea party supporter might go a long way, not that all tea partiers are willing to give a dime to O’Donnell. I wasn’t planning on giving that extra $20 I had to Mark Kirk here in Illinois, anyway.

  24. longrunningfool says:

    John Burke,
    I’ve already sent a donation to O’Donnell. I also sent one to the NRSC with this message:
    “For the record, your behavoir regarding O’Donnell in Delaware is shameful. I donated to cost you money. The processing cost will exceed my “donation.”
    Expecting help from the base? Don’t count on it when you act against its interests and treat the people that put you in office with contempt.
    I donated what I could to George Bush repeatedly. I contributed to Dino Rossi. I contributed to Brown in Mass.
    And I’m going to contribute to the REPUBLICAN nominee in Delaware.
    Which is more than the NRSC can say.”
    I may “donate” again tomorrow to the NRSC.

  25. 4rc says:

    this is not the only mistake cornyn made. HE needs to go

  26. ` says:

    >>>>I’m no fan of Cornyn, but non-support of O’Donnell is hardly the reason to call for his removal. <<<< It's not just O'Donnell, if it was, I could live with that. The NRSC has made a lot of bad calls this cycle.

  27. Jay says:

    John Burke…spot on with the comment about the current authoritarian streak amongst this cohort…insistence on ideological purity always leads to tyranny…As I have lived abroad for most of my adult life, I have seen it first hand…and i for one cannot vote to empower a movement engaging in this…so my absentee ballot has gone in the trash…its just one vote i realize but its my statement


    I don’t know what the hell happened to Rove tonight but he as well as the NRSC are going to take a beating come daybreak. You shoudl look at the tweets sent out to the NRSC on Twitter. Bet there site went down on the web and the phones will ring off the wall tomorrow. Rove will regret what he said. He will also take a hard hit. Must be something going on in the backroom we all don’t know about. HMMMMMMMN ?
    I know we have crooks on both sides,they all need to be exposed. Bring on the bug spray and get them out in the open and out behind the walls of corruption in Politics. I am have had about all I can take of the lies,corruption,theif,in our country at all levels.
    WE NEED TO EXPOSE ALL WE CAN ANYTIME WE FIND OUT ANYTHING ABOUT ANYONE. They all need to be hauled off to jail from the top on down.

  29. Indi says:

    You know what happened to Rove and the NRSC tonight? They, just like the Democrats, are terrified of losing their power they feel they are ENTITLED to. They see their power being diminished because the voters will not support their cronies that are more democrat than Republican. it’s the same fear Democrats have had for months. They want to maintain their power by any means neccessary. Rove, NRSC and especially Castle took it up the butt big time from the voters. This is your warning, YOU change from corrupt RINO’s or lose your power.Don’t change and go down in flames with your entrenched cronies

  30. Texas must be so proud they elected a backshooter.

  31. mark l. says:

    sorry you feel that way, jay.
    if what you read on the internet, or in this case-a specific site, is sufficent to make you reject politics in general…(you finish the sentence).
    you aren’t alone.
    burke sees ‘ideological purity’ running rampant. I would imagine cornyn’s rxn is more consistent with a belief in ‘party purity’ litmus test. Voters have the right to pick or choose, but their representatives expressing their own beliefs, without considering the views of those they represent is a good thing?
    it’s one thing to reject o’donnell. it is something completely different to reject those who voted for her.
    I don’t know if I have ever actually seen ideological consistency in any form, let alone purity.
    I, personally, appreciate the fanaticism. We have been exponentially exploding our debt, to a point where complete economic collapse is imminent…10-15 years at best. If you are going to take and make a stand for what you believe, and hope everyone else shares a similar view, this is the time.

  32. mark l. says:

    “no Republican who is not crazy will spend a nickel in Delaware now…”
    any republican who has made a political donation in the past 10 years AND believes they got their money’s worth is “crazy”.

  33. mark l. says:

    worth noting that o’donnell drew 135k votes in 2008.
    the same number biden drew in 2002.
    while it isn’t fair to draw a straight up comparison between an off-year election and a presidential year, there does, in fact, reside enough voters in delaware to elect her, who have also previously voted for her.

  34. Walter in Texas says:

    In 2008, when Texas sent Cornyn to the Senate, the only opposition in the GOP primary came from an unknown, Larry Kilgore, who believes that Biblical law should be the basis of all law and that Texas should secede (seeing how well that worked out the last time). If you folks think Cornyn is bad…
    We hope that in 2014, when Texas is permitted to repent of sending a dwarf pissant like Cornyn to the Senate, either the Tea Party will put up a good alternative in the primary or the sodding GOP will have gone the way of the Whigs. Either way is fine by this conservative. Cornyn’s epic fail extends far further than his fumbling ineptitude on the NRSC.

  35. Mark G. says:

    White elitists like Rove and Cornyn would look good with rope neckties.

  36. SM says:

    “They weren’t planning on having to spend in Delaware had Castle won, because Castle would have cruised.”
    The stupid is strong in this one.

  37. SM says:

    Not content with making the GOP the minority party, Rove now bends over backwards to keep it that way.
    Are we quite sure the man is not a liberal plant?

  38. SM says:

    >”Dan now reveals his authoritarian streak: if Rove (or anyone else) won’t to our line, we must crush him, demand Fox throw him off the air, hurl invective like “asshole” at him. Everyone must follow the Party Line or be dealth with severely.”
    Yeah, that’s so outrageous, isn’t it?
    I mean, everyone knows that the people who get to set the party line are supposed to be Karl Rove and John Burke!
    Really, dude, your pretense of being anything other than a flaming liberal is lying in tatters.

  39. Ragspierre says:

    Modulation, people. John Cornyn is not a “white elitist” who needs to be lynched.
    Sometimes, its hard to tell the difference between people here and Kossacks, but for the politics.
    Time to close ranks around the good people the elections thus far have given us, send a good strong (not stark-raving mad) message to people like Cornyn, and work hard at doing all we an do to save our nation.

  40. SM says:

    “Castle primary voters supports Coons over O’Donnell 44-28 in the general election.”
    Sure looks like those who claimed that the Castle supporters are outright liberals knew what they were talking about.

  41. Ragspierre says:

    According to The Hill, Castle will not endorse O’Donnell. He won’t run as a third-party candidate either…today…
    As little as Delaware politics matter to me, Castle is high on my spit-list of moral cowards.

  42. X11B1P says:

    is the NRSC scrubbing their twitter feeds? I could not find Dan’s tweet on their site, or any other negative comments. i see a lot of tweets in support of rubio (i thought they backed crist before he pulled an arlen?)

  43. Mike says:

    Leadership calculations come in different flavors. Sometimes a leader must go against the will of his followers to do what must be done though the heavens may fall.
    But sometimes, a leader must go against his own inclinations and undertake a task seemingly doomed to failure because his followers demand it – it is the price of the position he sought.
    Castle losing makes a republican victory in Delaware unlikely – the decision not to fund O’Donnell makes it a virtual certainty.
    To those who say the decision is a pragmatic one, I answer, “That is not leadership, that is accounting.”
    Accountants do not win great victories;
    they end up killing the spirit of their allies and dooming themselves to defeat.

  44. Ragspierre says:

    “Accountants do not win great victories;
    they end up killing the spirit of their allies and dooming themselves to defeat.”
    I can’t fault the NRSC for making a calculated choice not to support O’Donnell according to their lights. They use a set of criteria I don’t. If I send them money, it is theirs to spend as they deem wise.
    Which is why I don’t send them money. This is how markets work.

  45. Mmonides says:

    Congratulations Conservatives! It only took you a decade to figure out Karl Rove is a lying, backstabbing shitdemon! Very astute. Very timely.

  46. LOL, RepubliKKKan cannibalism.

  47. MKS says:

    Here the unifying direction for campaign contributions and voting for the foreseeable future: ANYONE EXCEPT A DEMOCRAT – whatever it takes to remove Democrats from office.

  48. itsMike2Cents says:

    I can’t say it isn’t a little fun watching the conservative movement’s self-implosion, but mostly it’s fascinating.
    Stuff like Dan’s ‘Fox Should Suspend Rove…Cornyn Must Resign’ and some nobody’s hope for ‘rope neckties’…wow.
    Also, it’ll be interesting to see if O’Connell or Paladino gets the Sharon Angle makeover.
    But you guys won’t let that happen…right?

  49. mark l. says:

    “I can’t say it isn’t a little fun watching the conservative movement’s self-implosion”
    against the backdrop of the dems’ apocalypse?
    if there was a politcal er ward, at worst the gop will need tx for a stubbed toe.
    the dems are in need of a complete organ transplant.
    in comparing the scale of ‘devastation’ to BOTH parties, I find the dems in INFINITELY worse shape.

  50. Mike says:

    I know it is probably a wasted effort, but I would like to address the gloating from our progressive friends.
    You may in fact, be seeing republican cannibalism; the much hoped for collapse of the republican party may be approaching. Your leftist utopia may be imminent.
    But here are a couple of things to consider:
    First, the house of representatives is probably going to flip this year, so your Jerusalem will have to wait until at least 2012.
    Second, the economy may not be anywhere near a recovery. I know you guys consider it free market craziness, but entertain for just a moment, the possibility the steps taken by the democrats thus far, coupled with the coming expiration of the tax cuts and the big health care hit, actually extend and deepen the recession instead of helping – do you think that may cause some purple states to tend red and some blue states to tend purple?
    Two years of economic pain is a traumatic experience, and at the end, consider the calculations the political parties will be making in 2012 – I mean really, if a Mike Castle type can’t win in left leaning Connecticut in 2010, do you think moderate republicans will even try in far more conservative Ohio or Indiana in 2012?
    And on the democratic side, what will they do – run on their record? Pray for sustained double digit economic growth in that case, because the country doesn’t seem to like anything else you’ve done. Blame Bush? That’s not working now. Jedi mind tricks may be your best bet.
    Help me out here – what will they have to offer?
    So yes, this may be the beginning of the long awaited conservative crack up. Or, you may be seeing the first signs of a real conservative movement (as opposed to the imaginary one residing inside your skulls) elbowing its way in and grabbing a seat at the table.
    You’re hoping for the former, and I’m hoping for the latter.
    We live in interesting times.

  51. itsMike2Cents says:

    Well, all eyes on the center ring attraction right now,
    which is Repubs sending in the clowns,
    Dems will bring on the dancing horses…
    It’s a show for sure.

  52. Arthur Arkwright says:

    Karl Rove is undoubtedly a closet masturbator who doesn’t like Christine because of her views on masturbation. You know where he can go.

  53. IronyAbounds says:

    Maybe Rove’s comments have something to do with the fact that O’Donnell is, in fact, a whack job. Take a close look at some of the loons the Tea Party is propping up and perhaps that is the problem.

  54. Robert Fredson says:

    I think we all need to be very clear that this kind of behavior from Rove and Cornyn is beyond unacceptable. We know what liberals do, who they are, where they are, and we are working toward handling the threat that they pose to this great nation. I believe that in my lifetime I will live to see a day when we get rid of liberals from our land–I am sort of optimistic on this point.
    But it won’t happen with this kind of betrayal from Rove, et al; where we see so-called conservatives sell out the movement for ill-found gains… well, this is beyond a threat. When you sell out the movement, you truly endager the future that true Americans are praying for every day.
    Rove in particular should pay with at least his job and possibly more. What is the correct punishment for traitors, again?

  55. Dennis Prawl says:

    The GOP, RNC and RNCC, JUST DON’T GET IT!!!!!!!!!!!
    Now, Rove is the magnificent bastard for the left! Put a cork in it Karl & let O’Donnell bring it on home! END!

  56. itsMike2Cents says:

    ‘I believe that in my lifetime I will live to see a day when we get rid of liberals from our land–I am sort of optimistic on this point.’
    ‘Rove in particular should pay with at least his job and possibly more. What is the correct punishment for traitors, again?’
    Nothing like a nice dose of yahoo anti-Americanism to put it all in perspective.
    ‘Our land’…good gawd.
    I understand that very few people actually think like Robert Fresdon – but if this is O’Connell’s base….
    I’m just sayin’.

  57. Sirkowski says:

    Does that mean that Dan Riehl and Michelle Malkin never rub one out?

  58. Dan Fitzgerald says:

    I stopped donating to the NRSC back when they hosted a fundraiser for Rand Paul’s opponent at their palace in DC. Why on earth would I donate to the opposition? The NRSC is my enemy.

  59. RealAmericans says:

    “You are dead on the web”
    Is this a serious blog or is this a 13 year old girl’s musings on facebook?

  60. Stephen says:

    I don’t think “objective” means what you think it means … Here’s a hint: it DOESN’T mean “agrees with me.”

  61. Lea says:

    I always thought that the right wing and so called conservative movement, starting with that dim-witted puppet prince alzheimer-ridden Ronald Reagan (disgrace of America) would eat each other if the pressure was significant enough. They will eat their own children in an emergency. Funny to watch…99.9% are a hugh disgrace to mankind. Period.

  62. Rod Kennedy says:

    Ojectivity exists independent of the individual. The point is that you can’t be an objective analyst An individual puts his or her spin on the facts which is a subjective thinking. Liberal and conservative pundits are reacting to facts through opinions and personal biases. These comments are spins, nothing else. In most cases, objective reality is ignored but one can not treat spins as having anything to do with external reality; it reflects the pundits party ideology and invested interest. So, walk carefully when you believe you spin as anything to do with external reality.

  63. JOHN HOLLAND says: