GA Dem Roy Barnes Embroiled In Another Fund Raising Controversy

September 22, 2010

Democrat nominee for the Georgia Governorship, Roy Barnes, has a rather troubling past involving multiple ethics violations when it comes to campaign fund raising.

It appears, when it comes to campaign fundraising, Georgia Gubernatorial candidate Roy Barnes, has more than a few blemishes.  In both races, before and after he became Governor, multiple complaints were filed with Georgia’s State Ethics Commission for accepting over-the-limit campaign donations from his cronies.

Twelve violations were uncovered by political sources who studied Barnes’ disclosure reports.  The Associated Press released this information in a 2002 article, shortly before the November election.  Barnes campaign quickly announced that Barnes “returned $40,000 in campaign contributions”.

And, now, he's facing yet another controversy. To paraphrase the Godfather, leave the boys, take the money? Hell of a set of ethics ya got there, Roy. You seem willing to take money from anyone. Yeech!

Campaign officials for Democratic gubernatorial candidate Roy Barnes say they have canceled a fundraiser that was to be hosted by a pastor at the center of a sexual coercion lawsuit.

Barnes spokesman Emil Runge says the event was canceled Tuesday, when the lawsuit involving two young men was first reported. The campaign would not say Wednesday if the event was scrapped before learning of the allegations against Bishop Eddie Long.

Long also donated $5,000 to Barnes’ bid. Runge called the allegations “troubling” but said the campaign wouldn’t comment further until more was known. The Republican Governors Association is already asking whether Barnes intends to return Long’s campaign donation.

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