How O’Donnell Pulled It Off … Note: Without Karl Rove

September 14, 2010

I'll turn it over to Fred Bauer for the analysis. He's good.

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  1. Dave in dallas says:

    check Malkin’s site. Rove was working for the repub party, trying to get the tea party on board with Castle back in December. His trashing of O’Donnell might be a part of his bias in this, personal bias, an operative perhaps.. DEFINITELY not just analysis. Rove is hip deep in this, on the losing side, and is now suspect like the rest of “our” pundits. b@$terds.

  2. Darth Malice says:

    Karl….you are sleaze….you almost got GW beat in 04…….you are a lefty….go away.

  3. captain joe says:

    Send the RINO back to Austin.

  4. badger says:

    Think Rush will be inviting ol’ Karl to guest-host his show again? There are some *serious* splits taking place in the GOP. NRSC just announced they will not back O’Donnell. Cornyn just got himself a serious challenger in 2014…..

  5. Mrs. Peperium says:

    Conventional wisdom put out by the GOP/NR/WS etc… was for us to not get too cocky about Obama’s and Congressional approval numbers as well as the fact the major elections since 2008 went Republican – especially for conservative Republicans.
    After the last 48 hours it’s fairly clear who the cocky ones were/are –the GOP/NR/WS etc…
    Had O’Donnell lost they would be expecting all of us to fall in line and support Castle asap. Not them though – they don’t have to support O’Donnell. If they aren’t out of touch, then they are doing a damn fine job of appearing to be out of touch.

  6. SM says:

    Remember Randy Graf.

  7. I would add another consideration to Fred Bauer’s analysis, more an expansion of one of his points. It’s those Tea Party money bombs, key endorsements and frenzied campaigning in the last 2-3 weeks.
    For weeks, the establishment sees the opponent’s lack of money and weak polling data and settles into a smug complacency. Then suddenly caught by surprise, they are wrong-footed. And just as they are getting going, here comes the money, key endorsements and the frenzy. Fast and furious beats slow and complacent.

  8. mark l. says:

    “just when I thought I was out they pull me back in…”
    I have been following politics on the periphery, after the long, slow, and painful realization that even if the dems blew it, the gop that would replace them would blow it as well. I’d hear the same ‘smaller govt’ argument that was peddled(but never realized) under newt and voted for the lesser of two evils, but the spending of 02-06, in retrospect(bush/delay/lott) was a betrayal that left me feeling like I would never believe in the party again. Much like a plane-crash survivor in the andes, I had become a cannibal, rejecting core beliefs in the hopes of survival…voting gop.
    A week ago, O’Donnell surfaces on my radar. I remember her cute bubbly days, where she was a favorite of the lib networks, largely because she was such a flake that she made christian conservatives look like starry-eyed morons. This was the ultimate punching bag. I repeat, this was the ultimate punching bag.
    When I heard she was running, and caught the ‘special report’ panel discussing her, I couldn’t stop laughing. When I heard that demint and palin endorsed her, I thought they were completely blowing their credibility and out of their minds. When I saw the ppp poll, I was shocked. They have been rather good in polling, and it looked exactly like the coakley/brown shift.
    Tonite, I get it. I understand. This is what the plane crash survivors in the andes must have felt like, when they realized they wouldn’t have to eat frozen human carcasses anymore.
    I read the above link, explaining her victory. The occam’s razor is that she won because she wasn’t mike castle.
    *she wasn’t establishment.
    *she didn’t vote for cap and trade.
    *she made the clever point of saying that she believed in “smaller govt”.
    *she didn’t have the STINK of broken promises and lifelong hisotry of selling out towards moderation.
    any woman who has the guts or naivete to go national tv and tells guys(and probably girl) to stop beating off, probably has the guts to tell ANYTHING like it is…
    At the risk of using a very dirty word, I was inclined to suggest a temporary move to “moderation” in judging the nrsc and rove, as they should be provided a window for a similar conversion, but impatience of the anti-gop conservatives is the primary fuel of this movement. stopping to take prisoners and rehabilitating them is not what this sudden and explosive army was meant for…take as much ground as possible and sort the rest out later.
    karl’s a smart guy. his rolodex is shrinking by the day, and if he is bitter, he really needs to understand how badly he abused the tenets and followers of reagan. If he understood how badly he helped destroy the gop in their chance of achieving something eternal, he’d jump off the capitol building. I’m grateful to him for saving me from gore and kerry, but in the process he gave the gop the equivalent of a terminal STD.
    along the lines of being grateful:
    a hearty thanks to palin. she is one of the few people who can move mountains, outside of office. also a thanks to demint, for sharing the vision, or at least weilding the politcal smarts to see which way the winds of this long political war are blowing.
    a big thanks to dan riehl. I questioned your wisdom in the matter, privately, when I caught the link off of instapundit, where the first drops of political blood on the water caught my eye.
    I realize now, that the two walls of our political system are crumbling and one day we will be free. Do I think we are saved as a country? not even close.
    do I think we have a sliver of a chance? yes.

  9. Looks like we might come out of this kinda controlling the RNC. Steele is reportedly on his way to endorse O’Donnell in person. Our candidates don’t necessarily have to take any money from the RNC but it puts them in charge of he relationship. If the RNC knuckles in to the reality that the RINOs are not really in charge anymore, that would greatly undermine Rove and others whose money sources might narrow down to the usual suspects of globalist money. You could almost say that the Tea Party has achieved critical mass today. We’ve reached the tipping point. The only thing left to see is just how desperate the GOP establishment to hold on to power and whether they will insist on taking the GOP down with them.
    Either way is good with me. Whether we create a new GOP or create a new party, we come out with a new party and in charge. It’s going to get ugly though. We are fighting the entrenched corrupt establishment, not so much Dems and Reps. This is to a large extent a class war.

  10. Ad rem says:

    mark l…..nicely said…you need your own blog.