Maybe AZ Gov Jan Brewer Has A Point About Libya

September 1, 2010

Arizona Governor Jan Brewer was recently outraged over a Clinton State Department decision.

Gov. Brewer Outraged over Clinton's UN Report, Will Libya and Cuba Get to Decide if AZ 1070 is Right or Wrong?

As I said to someone via Twitter the other day, if nothing else, it will allow Libya to weigh in on American domestic law. Perhaps they will feel we're treating illegals too harshly. I suppose we could simply send them home, making them promise to not do it, again. In fact, even if deported, I don't believe we even do that.

An organization run by one of Libyan leader Moammar Gadhafi's sons says authorities have released from prison 37 Islamic militants, including a former inmate of the U.S.-run Guantanamo Bay prison, Cuba. The Gadhafi International Charity and Development Foundation says the militants had agreed to give up their extremist ideology and violence before they were released. (AP)

But did they cross their hearts and hope to die? Could be, could be.

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  1. joyMc says:

    What’s an Islamic extremist gonna say?

  2. FeFe says:

    In the speech Gaddafi, 67, told his audience in Rome: ‘Italy needs to convince her European allies to accept this Libyan proposal – five billion euro to Libya to stop illegal immigration.
    ‘Europe runs the risk of turning black from illegal immigration, it could turn into Africa.
    ‘We need support from the European Union to stop this army trying to get across from Libya, which is their entry point.
    ‘At the moment there is a dangerous level of immigration from Africa into Europe and we don’t know what will happen.
    ‘What will be the reaction of the white Christian Europeans to this mass of hungry, uneducated Africans?
    ‘We don’t know if Europe will remain an advanced and cohesive continent or if it will be destroyed by this barbarian invasion. We have to imagine that this could happen but before it does we need to work together.’
    Read more:
    –How many billions does the US give to Mexico for nothing?

  3. Gigabyte says:

    Oh come on, those billions we give to Mexico aren’t for nothing…it allows them to put out television advertising to convince us to go visit their country, spend more money there, and be touristas!
    That, and buy them helicopters and other equipment so they can enforce immigration law on THEIR southern border!
    Happy now?

  4. Neo says:

    But if the Arizona law is modeled after the federal law, doesn’t this mean that Barack et al are calling themselves “human rights violators” ? … or does it simply mean that they have contempt for Congress, who wrote the law ?

  5. Al Gore (D-Crazed Sex Poodle!) says:

    oh, oooh, oooooh, yes that’s it, that’s the spot right there, don’t stop, don’t stop, yes-yessss-yeeeeesssssssssssss……..(whew) Wait, what were you guys commenting about????

  6. Benito says:

    In the last four months Jan Brewer has been caught lying, three times and counting.
    The comments made on June 16, 2010, and June 27, 2010, clearly indicates that the Brewer says that immigrants are beheading people in the United States desert. She first ran away from the question and the press when confronted with the question. She finally when to FOX/ FAKE News to recant her lie.
    When Brewer was confronted with the fact the two of her top Advisors (Paul Senseman, Chuck Coughlin) are lobbyist for “Private Prisons” giant CCA she first ran away from the question and the press.
    In an attempt to gain sympathy, she first said her father had died in Germany fighting the Nazi in World War II (which ended 1945) but of course we find out the truth that her father was never in Germany and died in California in 1955. Do you see a trend here?
    Brewer signed into law SB 1070 Bill (Did she even read it?), lied about the crime rates in AZ (even Janet Napolitano knows that all crimes rates went down), and now we find out that she is in the pockets of PRIVATE PRISONS who stand to benefit with the increase Federal jailing, and thus they will pay her back, I wonder if it has to do anything about the fact that her son was transferred to a brand new prison, he was convicted for rape and sexual assault, I guess the fruit does not fall far the tree.
    “Private Prisons Lie”
    “AZ Crime Rates”
    “Father Lie”

  7. Moobs says:

    benito so is vincente fox a bigot too?
    btw krauthammer is a self-serving tool who makes sense when he wants to