Sarah Palin to Karl Rove: “Buck up”

September 15, 2010

- Jennifer of Cubachi

Sarah Palin was on Fox News this morning, PalinTV has the video, and had one message to Karl Rove, "buck up." 

"Well, bless his heart. We love our friends, they're in the machine, the expert politicos. But my message to those who say that the GOP nominee is not electable, or that they're not even going to try, well I say, buck up!"

Palin is known to pick winners and she has missed at times, but she looks forward because she knows the conservative cause is vitally important in putting a halt to Obama's radical agenda.

However, Rove's arrogance overrides that kind of common sense. All he cares about is his buddy Mike Castle and his own power. He took to Fox News this morning, and again continues to bash Christine O'Donnell and conservatives for electing her.

Talk about arrogance. This is the man that brought down the republican party for 10 years and he has the audacity to "educate" us about what he deems to be electable? As far as I can tell, the only nuts are the liberals in control in Washington, DC. Rove's continued bashing of O'Donnell has given ammunition to the left. Take a clue Rove, your days as an admired analyst are over. The tea party sees you for what you truly are. 

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  1. gary gulrud says:

    I’d say the old ‘mo’ favors Palin. The Dark Lord is committing unforced errors and own goals. That’s no way to run an Empire.

  2. Moobs says:

    Palin kicked ass

  3. SM says:

    Check out the recent comments fro DMint.
    I asked Senator DeMint if he’ll have any regrets if come November 3rd he realizes Republicans blew their chance at winning a majority because some of the candidates he supported lost.
    “No. I’ve been in the majority with Republicans who didn’t have principles and we embarrassed ourselves and lost credibility in front of the country. Frankly, I’m at a point where I’d rather lose fighting for the right cause then win fighting for the wrong cause,” he told me.
    “I’ve said I’d rather have 40 Marco Rubios than 60 Arlen Specters and the reason for that is if you want 60 Republicans, you’ve got to have at least 40 to start with who stand on principle. And if we can show America this election the clear contrast between the Pelosi-Reid-Obama agenda and more of a constitutionally limited government, if our candidates have that clear contrast, I think they’re going to win in every state.
    “We’re going to have an earthquake election if we put the right candidates and I think that’s what we saw in Delaware last night. Christine O’Donnell has been maligned by everyone from the right to the left but people in Delaware love our country and they don’t want it to go bankrupt. They’re going see this contrast because now republicans are offering a contrast with the democrats who are going to continue this radical agenda with the President. I think the people in Delaware are smart and you’re going to see Christine O’Donnell win that election.”
    DeMint in 2012.

  4. Moobs says:

    SM FTW[for the win]
    Demint 2012 is one thing i agree with

  5. syn says:

    Rove let the anti-war, anti-capitalism, anti-American TV-Bloghead-Hollywood mad-hatters bludgeon President Bush to death with Iraq War-No Blood for Oil; he compromised our National Security.
    I don’t trust Rove with my life, so his advice means nothing.

  6. Moobs says:

    Demosthenes9-Palin your oh so mean like apologize to rove

  7. Ad rem says:

    James Warren DeMint…..mmmm…..mmmm…..mmmmm!

  8. thirteen28 says:

    Buck up = You’re a pussy, Rove.

  9. Moobs says:

    demint endorsed o’donnell
    more like james warren pundit

  10. captain joe says:

    Rove is an adviser to American Crossroads, a competing funding organization to the Republican National Committee headed by Steele. American Crossroads is a Daddy Bushie legacy organization designed to take over the influence buying game and take it away from the Washington outfits. I’ll bet you $5 that American Crossroads was funding Castle to the hilt and making deals to buy his future votes. Gotta think Rove was greasing the skids to buy a US Senator for several K Street clients. That’s why Rove was so bitter that O’Donnell screwed his set-up deal.

  11. RefudiateObama2012 says:

    Captain Joe, Rove is not an advisor to AC. He’s one of the founders. He, Ed Gillespie, and Mike Duncan stated the PAC for the sole purpose to undercut the NRC. It’s ironic that these three guys are the very guys who drove the RNC into the ditch to begin with.

  12. RefudiateObama2012 says:


  13. bobby b says:

    I’ve been reading and watching since last night, thinking mostly that Riehl had better get a grip and stop taunting and insulting other Republicans before he costs us the whole enchilada.
    But now I’ve watched three of Rove’s performances, and the guy has completely lost it, and so now I guess I have a better understanding of Riehl’s anger.
    Rove couldn’t be a more effective spokesman for the Dems if they were paying him. Twice now, he’s gone through a long list of these weird complaints he has with O’Donnell and about how no one is going to vote for someone who has such baggage – he just keeps on trying to build up this “she’s an unsavory liar who won’t answer our questions about her past” schtick.
    And now I just want to throttle the guy – a guy for whom I had a lot of respect before today – and stick his body in the cellar until November 10th or so.

  14. alanstorm says:

    When I lived in Nashville, the natives told my that “Bless his heart” was a polite way of saying “What an idiot!”.

    Apart from the graphical nonsense… Rove blew a lot of what little credibility he had remaining. “Character problems.” “Rectitude of character.” The sorry ass has NEVER gone after a Democrat in such a manner. NEVER.
    Rove is so oveR

  16. rae4palin says:

    Today on FoxNews, Rove repeats & expands his personal attack on O’Donnell:

  17. Totally Domestic says:


  18. You know that William F. Buckley rule so many RINOs keep citing? You know, the one that goes “You have to vote for the most conservative ELECTABLE Republican available”? Buckley broke his own rule in 1988 when he endorsed Democrat Joe Lieberman over infuriatingly liberal Republican Lowell Weicker in Connecticut. Leiberman won by a mere 1% which means that Buckley probably made the difference.

  19. Moobs says:

    oh you meant that as a compliment ad rem

  20. SM says:

    “You know that William F. Buckley rule so many RINOs keep citing? You know, the one that goes “You have to vote for the most conservative ELECTABLE Republican available”? Buckley broke his own rule in 1988 when he endorsed Democrat Joe Lieberman over infuriatingly liberal Republican Lowell Weicker in Connecticut.”
    Actually, he broke that rule with some regularity. He backed Goldwater in 1964, for instance, and refused to endorse Nixon in 1972.

  21. Sandy says:

    And the ever dependable Obama loving, Bill Freakin’ O’Reilly just said on his show that he agrees with Rove, O’Donnell can’t win in the General. I don’t watch the idiot, ever, but I was doing something else when he came on. I couldn’t switch to Food channel fast enough.

  22. Ad rem says:

    Way compliment Moobs….;-)

  23. Sandy says:

    It’s not enough that Rove took a beating last night for his bashing of O’Donnell, he does it again this morning. Now O’Reilly is agreeing that Rove was right. He said that she can’t win in the General. Of course we know that O’Reilly only has the hots for Obama. If O’Reilly ever had the O on his show, which he has been begging for, he wouldn’t only have tingles up his leg, he would probably have a seizure or a heart attack.

  24. 4rc says:

    o’donnel new message: I’m the only candidate in the race that karl rove hates

  25. 4rc says:

    With most democrats, who don’t pay day to day attention to politics. They hear buzz word, karl rove = evil = in that case o’donnnel can’t be that bad = vote for her

  26. Mrs. Peperium says:

    Don’t you just love Palin said, “bless his heart”?
    I do.
    She’s a grand old party.

  27. Sandy says:

    Karl Rove has a new mission. Defeat O’Donnell whatever it takes. I suspect that this will be his, and some other idiots message until November. The architect is building his campaign against her.

  28. Ad rem says:

    O’Reilly’s show is becomming more and more like his old show “Inside Edition” every day.

  29. memomachine says:

    This election cycle is increasingly turning into a spoof of an election cycle.

  30. “I’ve been reading and watching since last night, thinking mostly that Riehl had better get a grip and stop taunting and insulting other Republicans before he costs us the whole enchilada.”
    Damn, Dan. Who knew you had that kind of clout? Dunno why Stacy’s wasting his time…

  31. John Burfke says:

    Dan is losing his mind. In what way did Karl Rove bring down the Republican Party for 10 years? This is just mindless horseshit, and Rove it 100% right to challenge the sheer craziness of this whole campaign to elevate a kook like O’Donnell.
    While Dan is here revving up everyone to stage a revolution against..whatever…Karl Rove has been out raising money and channeling it to help the campaigns of viable conservative Republican candidates for the Senate and the House. Rove’s independent group is the biggest player in Nevada now, working hard to defeat Harry Reid — while Dan and company bang out nasty and ridiculous things to say about Rove.
    You guys have gone off the deep end. Next thing you’ll be joining “truther” groups and calling Bush 43 a secret communist.

  32. Moobs says:

    yeah and next thing john burke will be wearing sarah palin is a cunt t-shirt and btw rove never defended bush from his buddies smear campaign so there

  33. Jim Ryan says:

    Um, Moobs, John’s doing parody. See how he brings it just a little bit across the line where he’s saying things it isn’t possible for a reasonable person to say. He stays there for a while and finally he lays down the more exaggerated stuff in the last sentence just to give you the wink. You didn’t pick up on it, which is no big whoop because like all the best parody, John’s is subtle.

  34. Nishner says:

    Sarah The Quitter telling others to “buck up” — that’s hilarious. Had she “bucked up” she’d be doing the job told Alaskans she wanted. Course were she still guv, she wouldn’t be America’s Richest Quitter. And TeaTard darling.
    You know how to tell a sucker? They’re wearing a Palin For President tshirt.

  35. John Burke says:

    Ok, you guys got Karl Rove on the run now. He’s really fricking terrified about what Dan Riehl and his menacing band of dittos with names like Moobs, memomachine, SM and Pasadenaphil are gonna do to him. They’re gonna cancel their subscriptions to the Wall Street Journal, if they had any. They’re gonna march up to Roger Ailes office — no, Rupert Murdoch’s — and demand that Fox News sweep the infamous Rove off the air — and crush him. They’re gonna get all the Tea Party candidates — yeah, that’s it — get them all to repudiate Rove and tell him to piss off and go help Bush 41 revive the Trilateral Commission. “Who will we get?” Moobs asks. “Why Sharron Angle, Rubio, Toomey, all those guys are with the Tea Party. They’ll back us,” says SM. “Right,” they all say in unison and march off to send angry letters IN ALL CAPS to the Tea Party favorites.
    Gee, will that really work when it’s Karl Rove who is raising millions of dollars to send into Nevada, Pennsylvania, Florida and all the other states with competitive Senate and House races — likely $2 million or more to back up Sharron Angle alone.
    Oh, of course,it’ll work. Those candidates aren’t Ruling Class types. They’re principled, like us. They’ll spit on Rove and his dirty, corrupt Bush-era money raised from smug plutocrats and Beltway power brokers….won’t they????

  36. John.Frank says:

    First, Mr. Riehl was interviewed by Tammy Bruce yesterday morning. Take the time to listen:
    Michelle Malkin is now reporting that:
    Hmmm: What did Mike Castle talk about with Obama and Biden last night?
    Easy, what will you (Obama / Biden) do for me (Castle) if I endorse Coons and campaign with him against O’Donnell?
    And what should be the response from conservatives when Castle does endorse, after Rove has trashed O’Donnell repeatedly on FOX News?
    Label both Castle and Rove as traitors to the conservative cause and the Republican Party.

  37. SDN says:

    Tell you what, Nishner, why don’t you put up your real name and address so we can harass you out of your job by making false accusations.

  38. Moobs says:

    of course if you did that SDN a his lawyer would sue you to the poorhouse and win but don’t let facts get in the way of hs ramblings

  39. salvage says:

    >This is the man that brought down the republican party for 10 years?
    Um… what? Didn’t he help the GOP win the White House two terms in a row? That’s bringing down?
    And backing a woman who once said “The Ryan White Care Act provides money for community-based counseling centers. While that may sound noble and compassionate, we know from experience that “AIDS education” becomes a platform for the homosexual community to recruit adolescents and lure teens into a self-destructive sexual lifestyle.” is going to help?
    You truly are a deeply stupid man.

  40. Huey says:

    Rove is a Republican who believes that party comes first. He got Bush elected (against two statues — and just barely) but, his handling of Bush’s response to attacks against Bush (i.e., “nothing”) caused Republicans to lose the House and Senate. (And, not just “lose” but lose in such a degree as to set up the current situation — the potential to be a “regional” party only for the foreseeable future – which would have occurred absent the overreaching of the Democrats.)
    This was political mis-calculation by Rove. Happens. It’s hard to be right all the time when it comes to predicting what people will do, especially when those people are widely separated in not only geography, but in every other possible fashion.
    Burke: Rove isn’t raising money to give to “conservatives.” He’s raising it to give to “Republicans” who can win. If they’re “conservative” then that’s really not part of the calculation (except as to the calculation “can they win.”)
    He is freaking because he believes that the tea party, in its drive for (what he believes to be) “purity” they have harpooned the possibility for winning the Senate. He might be right. Castle was as close as one can be to a “shoo-in” this close to election day. O’Donnell is as close as one can be to a “longshot” this close to election day.
    And, when I say “freaking,” what I mean is “giving his honest opinion about the chances of O’Donnell to win.” I’m fairly certain that he believes that O’Donnell will lose and lose badly (and lose for the reasons he gave over the past couple of days, i.e., O’Donnell’s various issues which HE didn’t raise to begin with but will SURELY be raised by the opposition — loudly and repeatedly.)
    But, I agree with Dan’s other post concerning Rove’s conflict of interest. EITHER he’s an advocate (whether for “conservatives” or for “Republicans” or just for his own group…dunno, don’t care) OR he’s an objective commentator. He needs to be one or the other, or, at the very least, his dual role must be revealed each and every time he gives his “opinion.”

  41. gary gulrud says:

    “in its drive for (what he believes to be) “purity” they have harpooned the possibility for winning the Senate. He might be right.”
    BeffinS. The Fat Man has been downsized and crapped his bed.
    As Melissa pointed out a few posts ago, the diff between 48 or 51 seats means squat in the Senate, except to the turncoats in either faction.
    Anything significant passes filibuster or gets tabled.

  42. shoemaker says:

    Complete tone deaf to vox populi, oblivious still to not-so-quiet-now American Awakening III, marks the jump-the-shark moment for the turncoat RINO establishment (the use of the term is an insult to the endangered species).
    Thousand-feet Tsunami wave impending doom, roaches and rodens alike have astute political sense and survival instinct smart heading for higher ground than the mammoth so-called architect, conservative mastodon thinktank FCUK Forum and legends of obsolete garbage-bin-chucked politico pundits.
    Twice(once-too-many near the point-of-no-return)on national network, parading before the world, the so-called heavyweight Fox contributing political analyst(an affront to the crafty savvy of the Fox) sinked to National Enquirer paparazzi-standard commentary; swept into oblivion of political history. A sad, sad footnote commentary indeed for a men I once held high esteemed. My sincere hope that he is not beyond redeemption, but instead, eat the crow (pass me the salt please) choose to see the light, be on the right side of the nation’s history (a patriot not a pinhead) and contribute to the noble grasspoot common sense revolution.

  43. WhiskeyJim says:

    The comments on this post are more interesting than the post.
    Rove and Bush ‘brought down the Republicans for 10 years’ because they are big government RHINOS. There really is no disputing that. Their aid and cover for a Republican RHINO spending spree in Congress resulted in the largest Democrat majority in decades.
    It is impossible to blame Republican failures in the 21st century on the war alone, or the bumbling PR from the White House for 8 years. Voters were disgusted with spending, and thought they found a hopey changey alternative in Obama and a new Congress and Senate.
    In fact, it can quite effectively be argued that voters have increasingly been looking for candidates to shrink government since Jimmy Carter, and have never really found one.
    I have always wondered why Rove is on Fox so much. As a confirmed and committed RHINO, he is hypocritical to be bashing Obama for expanding government. Certainly there are other, better spokespersons for the Republican right.
    I’m not particularly trying to bash Rove. I’m just saying that his track record forms part of the negative image that Republicans need to recover from. The Left laughs at Rove when he is on Fox bashing Democrats. They are correct to do so. He’s a hypocrite, and it is actually sincerity on these issues that voters most value.
    Just sayin.’

  44. DEO says:

    Wow, this is exciting. I mean Rove is a prick…but it’s Rove. I never thought it would happen! Ya’ll turned on Rove…FINALLY. As much as I can’t stand stand $arah, I like Rove even less.
    For 10 years he was a Neo-Con God, but no more, it’s over, $arah has taken him down.
    10 years from now, when $arah doesn’t have her looks anymore, you’ll take HER out and shoot her…I get it.
    SRSLY, this is great.

  45. Sandy says:

    This article from American Thinker pins down Rove to a T, IMO-
    He diluted what conservatism is to the point that many saw no difference in the parties, and, booted the Republicans for it.
    “He is a political operative with little or no evidence of a philosophical soul.”
    “He could just as easily work for the Democrats, just by changing a few words.”
    “As the architect- the only thing he built was Obama, Pelosi and Reid.”
    Compassionate Conservative, should be included in the dictionary of profanity.

  46. Rookie says:

    Bring a knife to a gun fight. Looking out Burfke window<<<—nuclear tomahawk at your drive way.

  47. memomachine says:

    1. John Burke subtle? *laugh*
    2. Karl Rove has been irrelevant for years. The reason why he is freaking out is because the Tea Parties don’t have any use for him. People may listen to what he has to say but that doesn’t mean it drives their opinions or what they do. For someone who doesn’t have any position of authority other than what is accorded by the public this is terrifying.
    3. Frankly Karl Rove wasn’t a genius or a great political operator. This is showing now because he is acting in such a hissy fit that he is destroying whatever brand he has with the conservative public. Frankly the whole of Rove’s “genius” were Democrats deliberately impaling themselves on idiotic ideas.

  48. “Wow, this is exciting.”
    Ever notice how the morons start out all their bleatings with “Wow”?
    “SRSLY, this is great.”
    SRSLY, ur a psy.

  49. Moobs says:

    and salvage backing an idiot[Obama] who complains about homophobia but insists the ground zero mosque be built even if the imam came out and spewed homophobic rantings is downright scary but then again you have no problem looking the otherway whenever your hero mahmoud ahmadinejad slaughters homosexuals