“The Big Lie that is the commentariat’s narrative of the Obama presidency,” revisited

September 16, 2010

Caption from our May 16, 2009 post "The Big Lie that is the commentariat's narrative of the Obama presidency": "Let everyone reject the destructive power of hatred and prejudice, which kills men's souls before it kills their bodies!" Pope Benedict told "tens of thousands of adoring followers in Jesus' childhood hometown" of Nazareth "with a message of reconciliation" Thursday …

By Sissy Willis of sisu

Stumbling into live coverage of Pope Benedict  XVI's visit to the UK (Thank God!) early morning — He's at this very moment riding the Popemobile in the St. Ninian's Day Parade in Edinburgh — with the bright shining light of EWTV's Raymond Arroyo's commentary, we googled a couple of our dozens of "Pope blogging" posts and found this one (excerpted below) from May of 2009 that resonates:

May 16, 2009.We cannot do whatever we please with the world,” Pope Benedict XVI told religious leaders of Galilee the other day (full remarks here) during the final leg of his pilgrimage to the Holy Land …

By moulding the hearts of the young, we mould the future of humanity itself.

And there's the rub, the tragic vs the utopian view of human nature that we're forever flogging here . Generations of young hearts have been stunted through the soul-deadening p.c. propaganda of the decades-long Gramscian march through the institutions

It’s a tragedy that President Obama’s lockstep legions haven't a clue about Papa Ratzi's "subtle yet nonetheless perceptible laws” of the universe. Rodney King's fatuous "Can't we all just get along?" comes to mind, as does Santayana's prescient "Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it." As military historian-cum-family-farmer Victor Davis Hanson — one who "remembers the past" better than almost anyone — wrote the other day:

The cracks … in Obama’s Pentelic statuary … will widen, because in about six areas he has taken on human nature itself, age-old logic and common-sense opponents that even a Harvard Law degree and Chicago organizing are no match for …

And a few final words from Benedetto himself in his South Lawn speech at the White House last year:

In reflecting on the spiritual victory of freedom over totalitarianism in his native Poland and in eastern Europe, [John Paul II] reminded us that history shows, time and again, that "in a world without truth, freedom loses its foundation," and a democracy without values can lose its very soul …

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  1. gary gulrud says:

    “We cannot do whatever we please with the world”. The Pope as AntiNietzsche.
    No wonder the world hates him, so long as Christ-“My kingdom is not of this world”-is held up to her view.

  2. Moobs says:

    no doubt salvae has his talking points down pat

  3. Average Democrat Male says:

    Oh boogers, I broke another nail 🙁

  4. Moobs says:

    Oh boogers,I broke another nail
    Don’t worry i’am sure bawney fwank will comfort ya average democrap male ;]