Exclusive: Exposing The Real Joe Miller

October 27, 2010

While Democrat Scott McAdams and Joe Miller attempt to remain focused on issues that should matter to Alaskans, a power hungry Lisa Murkowski has spent hundreds of thousands of dollars for investigators, desperate to dig up any dirt they can on Miller. I hope to write more on that. I've seen it. It's irrelevant nonsense based upon a part-time job Miller performed successfully for 7 years.

There is no future for Alaska in the filthy politics of Lisa Murkowski. She'd be happy to forever keep Alaska dependent on Washington and any largess she might be able to drag back to the state only to keep herself at the top of the heap. It's a misguided strategy, especially for a state as rich in resources as Alaska.

Tomorrow I hope to write a more detailed post on the irrelevant garbage Murkowski's investigators are trying to push. If you want to know Joe Miller, read the pdf file below, written by his superiors in the military.

Those are people with no political agenda who knew the real Joe Miller when it mattered most. Read the full file here: Download Officer Evaluation Report (21 Jun 91), or click to expand this image for one portion of it, if you don't have Adobe pdf capability. And there's more below that.


Now read this, where it talks about Joe Miller's suitability for advancement "now," as well as his "unlimited potential" for great responsibility and authority.

And read this one, too – in which Joe Miller is deemed an outstanding leader. It also speaks to his meticulousness, coolness under fire, as well as his competence and demonstrated excellence. Then remember, this is the real Joe Miller without Murkowski's pathetic political garbage. This is the Joe Miller awarded a Bronze Star in combat, a man Lisa Murkowski, who was anointed by her Daddy, had the audacity to proclaim not fit to lead. I don't even want to begin to think of what a genuinely despicable creature she must be to try and get away with that crap, only to hold onto something she didn't earn in the first place.

Forget leadership, Lisa Murkowski wasn't even fit to sit at the same table as Scott McAdams and Joe Miller in their recent debate. Support Joe Miller and send Lisa Murkowski back to whatever rock her ugly write-in campaign crawled out from under.


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  1. Arlen Williams says:

    Good truth telling.

  2. WBestPresidentEver says:

    If that evil women wins this elections Alaska is screwed and so are WE THE PEOPLE !

  3. Joe says:

    Murkamonkey is a dirty little halibut.
    Remember, she has to win on write ins.

  4. Steel Turman says:

    They are going to steal this election and they will do it in broad daylight.
    The only question that remains is – what will America do about it?

  5. Sissy Willis says:

    This is totally awesome. How to get it “out there” so Alaskan voters will “get it” in time?

  6. Moobs says:

    but he has tis to vil militas!!Eleventy!!

  7. Moobs says:

    my spelling sucks

  8. Sandy says:

    I saw the portion of the debate where the Princess asks Joe Miller what his fellow West Pointers think of him. If I were Miller I would have asked her what she thought the voters in Alaska thought of her when she said she would support whoever won the primary, and then backed out of that promise. I would have asked her where she thought the Federal Government was going to get the money for her excessive earmarks, when the Fed. Gov. is running a huge deficit. I would have pointed out that it is all the taxpayers, in all 50 states that provide the money for her pet projects. Of course, Joe Miller has too much class for that kind of exchange.

  9. King Samir Shabazz (D-black panther!) says:

    Oh no you di-ent,, Where my cracker slaves nishnerd/blowfo an, dat 2penny be? You crackers ain’t gonna’ let dis gits by are you? Crackers please.

  10. King Samir Shabazz (D-black panther!) says:

    Salbage? Where you be gurl? Git yo cracker azz up in here and da dat thang dat you do!

  11. Nosmo King says:

    Joe Miller didn’t ‘win’ the Bronze Star, he was ‘awarded’ the Bronze Star.

  12. Dan Riehl says:

    Corrected NK, you’re right. My bad.

  13. labwrs says:

    Great post Dan! I am really hoping the good people of AK wake up and send little lisa back home to daddy

  14. jimr3 says:

    Sarah Palin Twitter:
    “Who is the real Joe Miller? RT @DanRiehl The Real Joe Miller http://bit.ly/amRsYY
    8 minutes ago via web
    Oh, and great post Dan!

  15. section9 says:

    Dude. Teh Sarah retweeted you.
    Guess teh C4Peeps will now have to link back to you again. Sucks for my guys to have to admit that they were wrong to delink you over the fight they had with you about CPAC.
    When Palin, flippin’ PALIN cites your essay in Twitter, it’s time for the C4P people to raise the white flag.

  16. Josh says:

    These evaluations are from 20 years ago. Don’t you think Miller’s much more recent lies and covering up are relevant?
    (see http://www.thenewstribune.com/2010/10/26/1397467/miller-admits-to-lies-about-his.html)
    I’ve got no love for Murkowski, but shouldn’t this kind of blind ambition and lack of integrity give Alaskans pause before voting for Miller?

  17. JR says:

    Blind ambition is when the voters speak and instead of being graceful and walking away from the race and coming back another day, you stand there and demand to keep the seat that you literally lost.
    But then again, that’s just me.

  18. TBogg says:

    Any information in there on why he left his military commitment early and the extent of his psychological problems that caused him to be referred to psychologists for help?
    That would be interesting reading too.

  19. zaugg says:

    TBogg- you still beating your wife?

  20. Teresa in Fort Worth, TX says:

    I guess Ms. Manchiewicz has her trolls working full-time, huh? You’ve had at least 2 of them visit so far to muddy the waters. Keep up the good work, Dan – you know you’re doing something right when the trolls come out in force…..

  21. KB says:

    Trolls?!? I object to that characterization of me. I prefer “dedicated campaign staffer” if you don’t mind.

  22. Gary says:

    Great find Dan!

  23. daddy says:

    Please do not forget to include the following when talking about Lisa:
    She is:
    -Against the Arizona Immigration Law
    -Against building a Border Fence
    -Against reforming the “Earmark” policy
    -Co-Sponsored a Cap and Trade Bill
    -Says she is Pro National Health Care as long as it is run well and works
    -Says Americans don’t care how much Congress spends as long as it is spent wisely
    -Voted for Eric Holder
    -Joined Voinovich in not supporting John Bolton’s Nomination
    -Voted for a State Income Tax when in the Alaska Legislature (luckily defeated) yet runs ads saying if you vote for MIller he will stop incoming Pork and we’ll have to institute a State Income Tax (somehow now she thinks thats a bad thing)
    -Says she wants the Lower 48 to cut out Pork to fix the deficit problem but not Alaska because you guys down there have had 150 years worth of Infrastructure whereas we have only had 50 years, so keep that Pork coming baby
    -Says if re-elected she will no longer have to feel pressure to vote with the Republicans and that she will be free to vote her conscience
    -Is Pro Abortion and tried to fight the Bill forbidding Federal Funds going to foreign countries to support abortions
    -Is running ads touting as the reason to re-elect her that she crossed the Aisle and voted with the Democrats 300 times
    -Apologized 2 days back for having sent out 25,000 mailers saying the Alaskan Democratic candidate for Governor (Ethan Berkowitz) is voting for her. Berkowitz called that “a blatant lie” and said he was voting for the Democrat.
    -Listed multiple State politicians on her campaign website saying they supported her, even though many of those politicians have publicly stated they do not support her and have demanded she remove their names from her endorsement list
    -Was illegally listed on a multimillion dollar Native Political Fund just days ago, yet maintains that was simply a paperwork error, could’a happened to anybody except of course Joe Miller
    -Had to revise her Financial disclosure forms to include $60,000 not previously listed, yet criticizes Joe Miller for not filling out his Financial Disclosure forms on time, when in fact the first time candidate did not even receive the package to fill out as the Elections Committee admitted
    -Bought the Kenai River Property in a sweetheart deal with a Lobbyist for between $100,000 to $150,000 below actual value and says she knew nothing about the real value, yet her husband is on record on radio interviews around that time yucking it up saying that Lisa said this is probably going to cause eyebrows to raise and difficult questions to be asked but that they would worry about that later if the matter came up. When it was caught and brought up (because she neglected to include the price of the asset on her mandatory Election Financial Disclosure Form something she continually criticizes Miller for) she was forced by public pressure to resell the property. And just to further mention her corruption, the loan she got for that came from a bank she was a Board Member of and was a sweetheart deal like no other citizen had ever received.
    -Said prior to her Primary loss to Miller that she would respect the will of the Electorate regarding that Primary Election, then promptly did an about face and said screw the primary voters
    -And now says Bronze Star winning Combat Veteran Joe MIller is not fit to serve
    Had enough, or are you thirsty for more? Plenty of links are available for all that stuff if required.

  24. Earl says:

    Can’t wait till Miller brings his “East German” policing methods to America.

  25. Arctos says:

    West Point cadet honor code: “A cadet will not lie, cheat, steal, or tolerate those who do.”
    Joe Miller to his boss, March 17, 2008: “I lied about accessing all of the computers. I then admitted about accessing the computers, but lied about what I was doing. Finally, I admitted what I did.”

  26. gary gulrud says:

    Arctos won’t even admit to its identity. Cretin.

  27. King Samir Shabazz (D-black panther!) says:

    dang it.. I can’t even git my cracker slaves nishner an, an, 2penn, an salbage an, an, blowfo ta’ hep me out here. Dem crackers must be busy playin’ dress up an sh*t. All i wants ta know iz, when are dees cracker ho’s gonna’ git up in here an hep a panther out?

  28. zaugg says:

    Arctos- the key word in that quote is “cadet”. Joe Miller was NOT a cadet when his indiscretion of voting in an online poll occurred. You always so dense or is this just a bad day for you?

  29. Arkady says:

    He is on RightCondition’s top three most important races of 2010.

  30. Pissed Repub says:

    Joe Miller has fessed-up that he is a liar… he now says that he is flawed like the rest of us… but he admitted lying only after he got caught. Until then he was just another Tea Party member being victimized by the liberal media.
    New name for the Tea Party: “The Admittedly Flawed Party”.
    Personally, I’d prefer a senator that’s at least smart enough to not get caught lying and being flawed.

  31. Sparky Satori says:

    When a liar admits that he lied, even about his own lying, how can anyone know the truth? This man is unfit for higher office and if you’d prefer somebody else, it’s too late. You made your bed; now lie in it.

  32. Maria says:

    Love it! Thanks Dan!

  33. Steve J. says:

    “I lied about accessing all of the computers. I then admitted about accessing the computers, but lied about what I was doing. Finally, I admitted what I did,” Miller wrote in a March 17, 2008, e-mail to Fairbanks North Star Borough Attorney Rene Broker.

  34. cheechako says:

    Did Lisa lie about a deal invovling hundreds of millions of dollars ie S 851 for a single corporation. that’s corruption.
    Joe got docked three days pay for this incident so how serious is it to spend an hour voting in a poll you yourself set up from your fellow worker’s computers.
    I’d prefer Joe’s superior officers to the political hacks attacking Joe now including some hired hands.

  35. Georg Felis says:

    So Joe is unfit for office because he voted 4 times in an online poll, and Lisa is a perfect fit for office because she has shown how effectivly she can use the office to enrich herself and her family.
    I suppose in a Democrat kind of way that makes sense….

  36. priscilla schell says:

    One of the Alaskans looking for dirt about Joue is Brand McGee, an atty.who recently wrote in the paper:
    “Miller’s medal not for valor
    An Alaska voter can’t hear about Joe Miller without hearing about his Bronze Star, which the great majority of citizens believe was awarded for battlefield valor. Time magazine, for example, wrote that Miller received his medal for “bravery.” But Miller’s medal was one of 27,000 passed out not for valor, but for “meritorious service” after Gulf I. As in Vietnam, such service medals were automatically awarded on the basis of rank and certainly not for individual acts.
    Miller never claims that his Bronze Star is for valor but is pleased to have the public believe that his was received for his courage in combat. That is fraud.”
    McGee has consulted with an on line legal group

  37. Moobs says:

    exactly the trolls who complain about joe millers lies consider obamas lies as gospel

  38. Moobs says:

    just waiting fo earl and his cronies to bring their peronista spcialist mehods to america

  39. Moobs says:


  40. StandsWithAGist says:

    I appreciate Miller’s service to this country during wartime. His evaluation speaks to his intelligence, capability, and potential.
    But why is a man’s character and behavior 20 years ago somehow more relevant to judging his appropriateness for political office than his dishonest actions – in public service – 2 years ago?
    He eventually took responsibility, although after first lying and trying to shift the blame, and was appropriately disciplined, so that is a mark in his favor. However, I don’t like that now he tried to pass off the incident as “petty” and sought to cover it up; it isn’t irrelevant.
    By the way, it’s bad form to use a co-worker’s computer without their permission, especially if you then cause – even unintentionally – their passwords and settings to be erased. Although it’s not their personal property, to me that shows a total lack of respect for colleagues, simply for personal gain (boosting a political poll on his own website).

  41. gary gulrudo says:

    Not exactly rocket science, but if we exclude all who lie about inconsequential matters we exclude all:
    Fishermen, hunters from Illinois, teen-aged males, women over the age of thirty, tax-paying citizens(as opposed to those merely filing returns and receiving a kickback), guys with comb-overs, yada, yada.
    Dims on suicide watch can be excessively histrionic and lame.

  42. Sunny Israelson says:

    I too thank Joe Miller for his excellent service to his country and for receiving the bronze star. If he had maintained that high level of integrity during the primary campaign I might have voted for him. But he lied. So I voted for Lisa, a person I have known for over 20 years and is not the person being painted by the tea party. She is compassionate, moderate yes, thoughtful, intelligent, and highly respected in Alaska. She lost the primary because people thought she would win so many (only 20 % of registered voters voted) did not vote. We asked her to be a write-in candidate and great personal and financial sacrifice on her part. She could have stayed out of it to Alaska’s detriment. If she is an anathema, why is she being supported by many Republicans? Not to mention many independents and non-partisans. Because, despite your rhetoric, Alaskans trust her and they don’t trust Miller.
    If we did, we would elect him – so only time will tell.