Lisa Murkowski Represents The Ugliest Of Politics, Alaskans Should Reject It

October 25, 2010

A short snippet from a longer post by former Alaska Governor, Sarah Palin. Lisa Murkowski has shown us the ugliest face of American politics from the time she broke her vow to voters and reneged on her pledge to honor Alaska's primary results. From the beginning of her misguided, desperate quest to hold on to power, as if it is her birthright, Lisa Murkowski has resorted to lies, smears and intimidation tactics, while throwing in with special interests best described as the enemies of liberty and the little people, as opposed to their representative.

Last night in debate, as if this woman hadn't already sunk low enough, she effortlessly slipped down into the muck and mire of politics even further. Lisa Murkowski embarrassed herself. And she looks no better than an embarrassment to all of the people of Alaska at this point.

If Alaskans opt to send the power-starved, duplicitous and now despicable Lisa Murkowski back to the Senate where her Father first sent her, Murkowski's embarrassment would represent an embrassment for all of Alaska to bear for the next six years. That would be a tragedy for such a wonderful and beautiful state. This race is no longer simply about electing Joe Miller to the Senate, it should now be about defeating Lisa Murkowski and preventing her victory at all costs. It would be a victory she clearly lacks the dignity, class and poise to claim, let alone deserve.

There is no point in asking Lisa Murkowski if she has no shame. Her answer was on full display last night for all to see. Clearly Lisa Murkowski is incapable of feeling such a thing, otherwise she would have dropped out immediately after the debate, as disgusted with herself as most now are with her.

But perhaps the most shocking part of all in this debate was when the incumbent Senator used Joe Miller’s distinguished military service as a means to attack him. Joe Miller graduated from West Point, fought in Desert Storm, and was awarded the Bronze Star for his service to our country. I find it astonishing that a sitting U.S. Senator from Alaska would challenge the honor of a decorated combat veteran. Is it any wonder the audience later booed her when she again challenged Joe Miller’s honor? Please watch the video of this exchange here.

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  1. Yet the senate gop wants her back…

  2. barfo says:

    Why would any Alaskan take political advice from someone who quit as their governor?
    Does Palin’s approval in Alaska reach double digits these days?

  3. newrouter says:

    kinda of fun to watch a crist like flameout

  4. Sharon says:

    Hey barfo, you forgot she’s stupid, bans books, and said she can see Russia from her house.
    I don’t think Murkowski has a chance, but there is a lot of money being thrown around up here and lots of special interests, mainly the unions and the natives, that desperately need Lisa’s pork. I hope she keeps her game on the current level it is. No one will ever sway the groups that NEED her, but her antics might sway someone who believes Alaska needs her tenure to influence the senate more than we need someone who will truly help Alaska to help the nation.

  5. John Kerry says:

    I agree completely. Trashing decorated vets is despicable!!

  6. Moobs says:

    youalso forgot to accuse her of committng 9/11 alongside linda mcmahon barftard

  7. Moobs says:

    you also*
    also michael benoit chris benoit’s father is calling on voters to reject linda mcmahon since she killed his son as an act revenge…………..ok you canadian jackass go back to canada

  8. Earl says:

    Trashing decorated vets is despicable unless it’s John Kerry.

  9. m says:

    Lisa Murkowski is desperate to win this election next Tuesday night. .

  10. unseen says:

    Trashing decorated vets is despicable unless it’s John Kerry.
    Posted by: Earl
    check your facts. Kerry trashed his service in the 70’s (he even threw away his medals)for politcal gain then when he decided his service would give more politcal gain if it was “good service” he tried to take back his trashing. The GOP simply held him to his past statments

  11. barfo says:

    Good for Lisa! I hate vets anyway. One threatened my life just because I was trying to chat up his five-year-old son for a little action.

  12. X11B1P says:

    “One threatened my life just because I was trying to chat up his five-year-old son for a little action.”
    Even joking about chatting up someone’s five-year-old son for some action if standing in my arm’s reach would result in you picking up front teeth, if not more. Why even make such a comment? Are you a pedo? Dan, certain things cross the line, like joking about pedophilia. No – its not okay, its sick. If this is what you are allowing to be said here, I wish you the best of luck, but I can’t visit this site anymore.

  13. King Samir Shabazz (D-black panther!) says:

    Dat juss be one mo thang dat ole’ cracker blowfo an duh black panthers hab in common, besides b’in democrats and racist.

  14. Robin says:

    I can tell you this Alaskan rejects LM big time…. and I’ve told all friends and family about her RINO voting records etc.
    Go Joe

  15. Robin says:

    by the way Barfo….she saved the Alaskan coffers from being robbed by the dems with nothing better to do than try
    to take down our Governor

  16. Moobs says:

    i hate vets
    that is because your a pro-musli peronista barftard

  17. Moobs says:


  18. bill says:

    Talking about Lisa Murkowski being “the ugliest face in American politics” definitely has more than one meaning.
    She looks like the spawn of Marty Feldman and the Geiko lizard. Holy bulging eyeballs ,Batman. Sarah Palin can see Russia from her back porch. Murkowski can see all seven continents and the Van Allen asteroid belt without turning her head.

  19. bill says:

    Just watched the video of the debate. That’s one mean, spiteful, angry crazy whacked out biach! Give it a rest Marie Antoinette, the days of nepotism and entitlement are over.