Murkowski Camp: No Comment On Senator’s Alleged History Of Cocaine Abuse

October 13, 2010

Senator Lisa Murkowski has now twice been confronted with allegations that she routinely abused cocaine, sometimes in a somewhat public manner, and has opted to not deny those allegations on both occasions. 

Frankly, even if true, I don't know that even the alleged significant past cocaine use would be a disqualifier. She could do blow with Barry in the WH these days. My curiosity had more to do with her seeming sense of entitlement and a notion that the rules, and perhaps even the laws, aren't a big concern for Lisa Murkowski, where she herself is concerned.  

It was back during the primary that I first heard reports that Alaska's independent candidate for Senate, Lisa Murkowski, may have routinely ignored the state's drug laws by regularly abusing cocaine. Given a lack of solid sources and Lisa Murkowski's loss to Joe Miller, I moved on, though some reports suggested the abuse may have been habitual, even while her influential politician father, Frank Murkowski, positioned himself as something of a hardliner on drug enforcement.

When she went back on her word to Alaska's voters by refusing to accept the primary results, as she had pledged to do at a Kenai forum, concerns about her character caused me to revisit what I had then viewed as little more than rumors. While several sources refused to go on record, even as regards the allegations, I continued to network and only recently found one who would do that, as well as claim a direct exchange over them with Lisa Murkoski herself, one in which she did not deny the allegations.

Satisfied that those and other concerns were worth airing, I opted to contact the Murkowski campaign itself. I can assure you, as I did them, I don't take putting the words Senator and cocaine in the same headline lightly. After a brief call with her campaign manager, I sent them the questions below in writing, as requested. Given a lack of response, I then texted and emailed her campaign manager, telling him I would treat the lack of response as a no comment.

1) Has Senator Murkowski ever used cocaine recreationally prior to her holding elective office at the state, or federal level? Has she ever shared same in the past, without cost, with friends and or associates, including at a then downtown Anchorage restaurant owned by her husband?

2) It's also been alleged that this was something of an open secret within a relatively small circle of friends and associates in Alaska. If true, is that a correct characterization?
3)Has the Senator ever been confronted with said allegations? If so, how did she respond?
4) Has her husband, Verne Martell, ever been involved with a police matter in California? Did Lisa's father Frank ever use his influence to minimize said matter, if not in essence, make it go away? Has she ever been approached by CA or AK media in this regard?
5) Finally, as it will likely be briefly re-visited in a pending item, the Senator recently spoke well of PMBR, see link below, despite its having been hit with an 11.9 million dollar judgment for copyright violation. Would the campaign care to comment as to how her experience with PMBR relates to the copyright issue? Any comment as to any concerns that the acknowledged assistance from PMBR could be construed as her having gained insight to copyrighted questions for which (bar exam) testing candidates should not have had access?

After weeks of networking through contacts in Alaska, I ultimately reached attorney Richard (Rick) J. Helms who was keenly aware of similar allegations, evidently as a result of his having challenged Lisa Murkowski in her first bid for office back in 1998. “I received many calls back then alleging that Ms. Murkowski used cocaine in substantial amounts for a prolonged period of time" said Helms. While Helms ran against Murkowski as a Republican in 1998, he's currently registered non-partisan.

Said Helms, “I told some of the callers that if the information, well if the information if it was true it was clearly a felony crime, and they could contact the police or the District Attorney, or if they wanted even Crime Stoppers where they could remain anonymous. The answer was almost always the same which was “they won’t do anything because she’s Lisa Murkowski, or she is Frank’s daughter.”"

Helms claims to have brought the allegations directly to the attention of Murkowski back then in a private conversation at the television studios of KAKM television, where they were appearing together at a candidate forum called "Running."

Murkowski did not deny the allegations, though Helms did then tell her he did not plan to inject them into their campaign – and he didn't. Days after, Murkowski is said to have followed up with a note. "She sent me a handwritten note a couple of days later with some comments about the party, issues and mentioned that she would hold me to my word regarding me not mentioning the cocaine during our campaign.”

It's believed that some of the sources for the allegations may have been law enforcement officials disgruntled that, as Alaska has a history of battling drug abuse issues, the daughter of an elected official would brazenly skirt the law by indulging in cocaine, including somewhat openly at a downtown Anchorage restaurant then owned by her husband, Verne Martell.

The similarities of the allegations, Murkowski's refusal to deny them, both then and now, along with her obvious concern over them given her note to Helms, as well as off the record reports via other sources, have convinced me that the allegations are serious enough to be aired. One would think that someone with Murkowski's political ambition would have denied them straight up the first time she heard them, were there nothing there, perhaps even forcefully.

Her campaign also could have simply denied them to me either by phone, or email. Why didn't they? Were they afraid to say anything before finding out just exactly what is, or isn't known, for now?

As regards the issue involving her husband and a possible legal problem in California, as I told her campaign manager, I know very little of that. When we first spoke, Helms informed me that he was contacted by the Alaska Daily News at some point after the election and was left with the impression that they and another McClatchy newspaper based in California were investigating such a story, one for which he claims to have no additional knowledge.

I also asked her campaign about PMBR and its known problems, as I couldn't believe this item when it appeared in the news from Alaska just days ago. Are there even any journalists in Alaska?

Murkowski told the Anchorage Daily News last week that she didn't pass the Alaska bar exam until her fifth try. The multiple choice portion of the test gave Murkowski particular trouble until she took a preparatory course in Oregon offered by PMBR, Murkowski said. She was so impressed by the course that she went on to be the company's representative in Alaska for several years after that, according to the Daily News.

Murkowski may have been impressed enough with PMBR to work for and brag about it but the National Association of Bar Examiners certainly wasn't. As I reported on August 30th during the primary, they sued and won an 11.9 million dollar settlement against them for stealing copyrighted questions to the bar exam … in Alaska, of all places. Unlike many states, I believe Alaska allowed for limited access to writing materials. The state presented a unique opportunity for the firm to gain access to questions used nationally.

And that's the firm Murkoski went to after failing the exam four times. Doesn't that at lest raise some question as to what steps Murkowski may have undertaken to pass an exam she was unable to pass on her own? Did she fail it, or was she gathering questions for her current, or future employer each time through? Not every client of PMBR would know what they were eventually found to be doing. But Murkowski would have been in a unique position to know given her home state and subsequent relationship with them.

Whatever the case, as with the cocaine allegations, Murkowski's campaign refused to comment on it when asked.

The events giving rise to this lawsuit began with the February 2003 administration of the Alaska Bar exam, which was taken by Defendant Robert Feinberg, the PMBR creator and CEO, and 3 Dorothy Benson, another PMBR employee. After time was called, Feinberg attempted to leave the examination room with handwritten notes and Benson was found to have similar notes on her desk. Although Alaska is one of the few jurisdictions that allows note taking during the MBE, removal of those notes from the exam site is forbidden. After disclosure of the Alaska incident, Plaintiff obtained PMBR materials and found, so it alleges, many questions similar to those used on the MBE.

And that brings us back to what I candidly consider the character flaw of Lisa Murkowski's that led me to take a deeper look in he first place. She stood in front of voters at a forum in Kenai and told them point blank she would abide by the outcome of the primary. But she didn't do that.

As was widely reported, immediately after losing, she approached the Libertarian Party more than once in a seemingly desperate effort to get back on the ballot no matter what kind of deal she had to make.

And now, there she stands, Union and Leftist candidate Lisa Murkowski, loudly proclaiming to be all about what the people want – after the people in her own party rejected her. Now, she's in a desperate bid to hold on to a postion of power she didn't initially earn – her father appointed her, which caused a furor in Alaska at the time ( see dubious land deal she and her husband were caught in at that link, as well.) Should we be surprised?

In point of fact, if her write-in bid assures any outcome, it's that a majority of Alaska's voters may not come together around any one individual to represent them in Washington. Frankly, I don't believe Lisa Murkowski gives a damn about the people, or what they might want.

So, what to make of Lisa Murkowski, given her and her campaign's inability, or lack of desire, to speak to these issues when asked? Does she look like a proud public servant born to serve? Or the child of a powerful man filled with such an undeserved sense of entitlement, she would flout her state's drug laws by snorting coke in some downtown bar, while aspiring to a position where she gets to pass them, once she managed to pass the bar exam and daddy had the nerve to appoint her, of course?

Alaska's voters will have to decide that one for themselves. But given a lack of response to the valid questions for which I received no response, I'm left to draw my own conclusions. Based on what I've seen and heard, both on and off the record, Lisa Murkowski represents the absolute worst of American politics.

Hopefully enough Alaskans exercise sound judgment and reject the little girl Senator that daddy made, just as her own political party did. Taking it all in, frankly, I'm not convinced she's capable of accomplishing much of anything on her own. So, who knows, perhaps Miller will end up winning, after all.

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  1. Meadow says:

    Looks like this post needs to go viral, especially in Alaska!

  2. Barry Soetoro (D-King Of The World!) says:

    Did somebody mention cocaine?!?!?!?
    OsamaHusseinIslamObama 2012′
    (the terrorist-Uighur-ACORN-media choice)
    -It’s never too early to campaign-

  3. PA says:

    Every coke head I’ve ever known was unreliable.

  4. hrh says:

    I emailed your story to the News Director, City News Director, and State Political writer at the ADN. Please, no one hold your breath … But they’ve been informed …

  5. Moobs says:

    i heard she actually sniffed someones farts to get high

  6. John.Frank says:

    The link to Mr. Riehl’s blog post needs to be mailed to every news outlet in Alaska and to the major news outlets in the lower 48. Also, alert Drudge.

  7. Princess says:

    I am going to post this on
    Murkowski has been given a free pass for far to long in Alaska. The liberal media here chosen one candidate to focus dig up dirt on to an absolutely appalling degree!
    Check out the web site. There’s are many more skeletons in Murkowski’s closet!

  8. Carpenter says:

    Is Murkowski bad? Probably. But here is a the problem.
    The ‘so-called Republican’ nominee Joe Miller is a LIBERTARIAN. Joe Miller even said, “will not answer any more questions about his personal background for the rest of the campaign”. No questions?
    Just search Google for Joe+Miller+libertarian
    or search for “Joe+Miller+is+a+libertarian” (including the quotes marks)“Joe+Miller+is+a+libertarian”
    and you will see what I mean
    – – – Article – – –
    Alaska Senate
    Miller, Murkowski in statistical tie
    By SHIRA TOEPLITZ | 10/13/10 6:22 AM
    Sen. Lisa Murkowski and Republican nominee Joe Miller are in a dead heat, according to the latest poll out of the Alaska Senate race. Miller still leads the field with 35 percent of the vote, but Murkowski received 33 percent for her write-in bid — just inside the poll’s 2.4-point margin of error. Democrat Scott McAdams received 26 percent of the vote, among 1,678 likely voters, according to the Public Policy Polling survey released Tuesday.
    Read more »
    – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – end article
    And now we have the difficult choice of supporting some who is knee deep into Pagan Libertarianism (no questions Joe) and someone who possibly could be saved from her supossed drug abuse (Lisa) or the Democrat who gleefully supports the murder of over 60 million babies.
    Since I see no Christian on the Alaska ballot, nor do I see any credible proof that Joe ‘no questions’ Miller or that Lisa ‘snorting’ Murkowski are Christians (and the Democrat is a Democrat) I would be forced to sit this one out.
    2 Corinthians 6:14 Do not be yoked together with unbelievers.

  9. Jim Ryan says:

    Do not be yoked together with unbelievers.
    You are an unbeliever, Carpenter. You love Jesus about as much as my left nut.

  10. Moobs says:

    well said carpentard is an atheist maoist democrap

  11. Jim Ryan's left nut says:

    But, carpenter does love me, or so she said…….

  12. Carpenter says:

    The social policies of the Libertarian Party platform are as follows.
    Non governmental intervention in ABORTION
    Non governmental intervention in HOMOSEXUAL RELATIONSHIPS
    Non governmental intervention in PROSTITUTION
    Non governmental intervention in PORNOGRAPHY
    Non governmental intervention in NARCOTICS
    Now if those are Christian Values then the tree in my backyard is a Christian Tree and the tires on my trucks are Christian Tires because anything can be a “christian” if Libertarianism is christian

  13. Jim Ryan says:

    Okay, libertarians are in favor of all manner of sin, got it. Let me guess, you subscribe to “Christian” email lists which inform you about libertarianism? You seem to understand it about as well as you understand Jesus.
    Sure, there are libertarians who celebrate sin. There are mathematicians who celebrate sin, too. There are pro-choice Christians and pro-life libertarians. There are libertarians who kick their kids out of the house for using drugs. Etc. You’re clueless and you embarrass yourself. People see you act the buffoon and say, If that’s Christianity, then I want nothing to do with it.

  14. Moobs says:

    he doesn’t want anything to do with christianity because he likes to suck mao’s undead dick

  15. Carpenter says:

    Jim Ryan wrote:
    “Okay, libertarians are in favor of all manner of sin, got it. Let me guess, you subscribe to “Christian” email lists which inform you about libertarianism? ”
    NO Jim.
    I don’t need to subscribe to anything to know what Libertarians stand for.
    And I have watched Libertarians since the 1980’s. I know what they are.
    Ok now I will admit that the Libertarian Tent is a big tent
    full of all types of people but when they (as a group) advocate
    all the same things that the Liberals do socially like Homos, and
    Drugs, and Abortion, and PAGAN RELIGIONS! That is the final straw.
    I can ignore the liberetarian Legalize Pot thing. I can look past the whole libertarian “freedom-porno-prostitution thing” because there are not libertarians in my neighborhood selling drugs and pushing porno. Out of sight out of mind as they say. I will close my eye to that.
    But when it comes to MURDERING BABIES and worshipping FALSE GODS I have to draw the line. I mean if ya don’t go to hell for murdering babies what do ya go to hell for? And when it comes to actually being a Pagan….
    Are you sure you want to do this Jim Ryan? Eternity is a long time Jim

  16. Sharron J Misner says:

    Thank you Dan for posting this article about that dispicable unprincipaled Rino in Alaska “It’s my seat” Murkowski. But Joe needs money to counter all the liberal media against him. Princess Moocowski has hired over 20 professional bloggers to trash Joe on all the Alaskan blogs. The Republicans have not helped him with money like that do the rest of them. Even Christine ODonnell has raked in millions to help her and she in not even close to being as elibible a candidate as Joe is. I’m from Missouri and can’t vote for him or walk the streets up there but I have helped with as much money as my limited budget can afford. I’m retired and on social security. Someone needs to have a money bomb for him and get the news out to the major news outlets on Fox to help him. It’s the only way we can defeat this worthless, unprincipaled diva.

  17. Largebill says:

    You said “Sure, there are libertarians who celebrate sin. There are mathematicians who celebrate sin, too. There are pro-choice Christians and pro-life libertarians. There are libertarians who kick their kids out of the house for using drugs.”
    I understand the point you were trying to make, but actually have to disagree with your claim that there are pro-choice Christians. There may be people who are pro-choice who claim to be Christians, but the are NO Christians who actually think it is okay to kill little kids for being inconvenient.

  18. m says:

    It look like Murkowski has more campaign money than Miller. It look that Murkowski will have more votes than Miller. I read from the Alaska news that Miller has a negative campaign and he has been spending more time with the liberal news media network. Miller said he was behind with his credit card payment and tax property bills. What is wrong with this guy? He shouldn’t be run for the US Senate.

  19. Toni says:

    Great job Dan. If this was a story about the ‘insurgent’ Joe Miller being an alleged coke addict the media would be flooding the news wave with this story. But no, it’s a RINO so they don’t want to expose anything. Pathetic isn’t that the GOP leadership has allowed this liar to keep her current committee and power seat and obvious they don’t support Joe Miller. Unfortunately one of the worst in this power triangle is my own Senator, Lamar Alexander.

  20. David R. Graham says:

    Superb work, Dan, as usual. Thanks. Tangentially but really on point: the “blow” in the WH.
    I am getting the feeling the WH occupiers and their minions are into laziness, theft and parties and really nothing else substantial.
    I had expected strong measures by this time to suppress criticism. The election commissioners and ballot counters are still in their pockets, of course. So maybe they are counting on those along with lies from the rostrum, amplified by legacy media, to get them through. I don’t know at this point.
    I was sure it would be all over by now, nothing in question, complete fascist/communist completion. But now I’m not sure.
    Yes, they have all the power levers they need in place, but they’re not using them, at least not that I can see I would use them were I them with their hatred or scorn of this nation’s people, ideals and life.
    Though you do not elaborate on it, I suspect the “blow” factor, which accounts for or shields the laziness and theft factors, is as central to what is happening as you imply both for Murky and far more widely, the ruling class, in this expose of Murky. Murky is so for blowing drugs. But so is the entire “ruling class,” starting with the bankers, the seniors and future lions of whom almost uniformly come from Dartmouth.
    The ruling families are blowing dope, partying down and stealing the nation’s wealth in daylight with the entire world watching. If they are criticizing the WH occupiers, it must be for, in their eyes, insufficient assiduity in steering the entire wealth of the country into their personal pockets. That selfish short-sighted-ness has to be driven by drugs. Nothing else could produce that effect on so vast the scale as it is operating.

  21. Dan Fredrickson says:

    HAHAH you guys are idiots. This sounds like a desperate attempt by the miller campaign. Anonymous sources never pan out. Quit trying to make a good woman look bad.

  22. rickl says:

    David R. Graham: Well said.
    We know that the Mexican government, police, and military are heavily infiltrated and corrupted by the drug cartels. How much influence do they have with America’s governments, at all levels? Might that account in part for the lack of interest in enforcing the border and immigration laws?

  23. SillaBob says:
    Do as she says, not as she does?

  24. Max says:

    Thank you for trying to keep Joe Miller’s fight for the Alaskan senate seat in the news. I’ve been following the race since the primary vote; and, I can honestly say I have never seen anything like the liberal media in Alaska. They are scum. I’d be willing to bet they have NEVER run one positive article on Miller; and he is in the news nearly EVERY DAY.
    Mark Levin called Miller the most qualified senate candidate in the country. We can’t let those unethical hacks re-elect the RINO Murkowski. We need men like Miller in Congress.
    Thank you and keep up the good work

  25. Lisa Graas says:

    It’s certainly a bad idea to elect anyone who has a big problem in the morality department.

  26. Sharron J Misner says:

    Thank you Dan for all you are doing to expose this Liar Moocowski. She is the most evil woman I have ever seen. She is doing everything she can to destroy a good man. By the way I saw you on Hannity and you were great. Sometimes Hannith does not let his guest talk enough. Hope to see you again. Also Greta Van Sustern on Fox is using her gretawire to Trash Joe Bad. She is that hit piece on him in Alaska and after her viewers and bloggers went after her for that she closed the comments section on Joe. Go after her Dan. The woman is nothing but a liberal hack

  27. KAFIR says:

    I forwarded this to the Mat-Su Frontiersman…here is their reply:
    Can you suggest public records or human sources who have direct knowledge of this allegation?
    I need someway to confirm the story. Anyone can make allegations. But without some some of proof, I can’t write a story about it.
    Can you answer her questions? If she will run with the story.

  28. andycanuck says:

    Lisa’s an Alaskan snow blower?

  29. ffxiv gil says:

    Thank you for all you are doing to expose this fraud Moocowski Dan. She is the most evil woman I have ever seen. She is doing all she can destroy a good man. By the way, I see Hannity you, you are great. Sometimes Hannith not enough to talk to his guests. Hope to see you again. Besides Fox, Greta Van Sustern in the trash with her gretawire Joe bad. She was his hit film in Alaska and her audience and blog post, she went, she closed the comments section of Joe. After that, she went to Dan. This woman is just an open hacker.