RNC Backs Renee Ellmers Recount Effort With $10K – Where Is The NRCC?

November 4, 2010

Renee Ellmers rightfully slammed the NRCC for lack of support today – via Politico. I've just gotten word from the RNC, they are supporting her recount effort with $10,000. How many balls does the NRCC have to drop before we realize they aren't bad jugglers, they're a bunch of clowns! They didn't spend a dime to get her elected, blowing it on losing causes in NC. Maybe she didn't hire the right consultants? Filed under Corrupt Bastards Club.

North Carolina Republican congressional candidate Renee Ellmers might well be headed to Washington — but she’s slamming the National Republican Congressional Committee regardless.

In a 471-word statement posted on her campaign website Thursday afternoon, Ellmers, who leads Democratic Rep. Bobby Etheridge by 1,600 votes in their still-undecided 2nd District race, takes aim at the NRCC for allegedly refusing to help pay for attorneys in her potential recount battle against Etheridge.

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  1. A Stephens says:

    She didn’t, and won’t, kiss anybody’s ring.
    Incompetent, arrogant, buffoons. They’d better understand, we’re paying attention, and the roaches that didn’t get the bright lights shined on them this time certainly will in 012. More so, in the Senate.
    You go Girl!

  2. unseen says:

    there should be no recount in this election. ethridge lost by more than 1%. Which in Nc means no recount. Late in the night/early morning they found 453 ballots from one area. All 100% of those votes went for Ethridge. He carried the area with a 59-41 margin yet all 453 ballots 100% were for Ethridge 9which is impossible). this made the race closer than 1% which entitled Ethridge to get a recount. the damage is that 453 ballots. they should not be included, an investigation should be done where those votes came from and injunction should be order to halt all counting until those ballots are “found” where they came from. ethridge should not have a recount. The race was won by ellmers. The dems are doing an AL franken and like that race the GOP is clueless.

  3. Maybe Jim DeMint will get enough new senators to form that Senate Tea Party Caucus after all. How many does he need? DeMint, Paul, Rubio, maybe Ellmers, maybe Miller. That’s four or five, a good start IMHO. The Senate is useless now anyway with the Gangs of McCain being expanded by at least one (Fiorina). They could do some very constructive grandstanding between now and 2012 when we expect to clean out the Senate.

  4. A Stephens says:

    Ellmers is going to be in the House. I probably caused the confusion with my comment above. My point was that while the NRCC is clueless here, Cornyn and his cronies were flat out corrupt in their poorly disguised efforts at undermining the will of the people in so many Senate races.

  5. neomom says:

    unseen – We have a Dem Sec State (who just lost her Senate bid), a Dem Gov, a Dem AG, and a Dem BoE in NC…. You really think they will investigate those 453 miraculous ballots?
    Doubt it.
    Renee Ellmers was able to win because she flew under the radar of the DCCC. The other NC candidates had the gates of lying, smearing, holy hell rained down upon them. And one lost in large part because the local R “establishment” was making calls on behalf of the Dem because he was a little too Tea Party for their liking, they didn’t want to lose their cocktail party invites.
    But send her some cash. She’ll need it to fight this one.
    Phil – Ellmers is running for Congress, not Senate.

  6. Oops. It could still be at least four which is still a good caucus if they make themselves loud and continue to be at the cutting edge of what America is demanding. Heck, Rubio and DeMint make a heckuva causcus by themselves.

  7. unseen says:

    yeah but we now have a GOP state house with the power to investigate. And if you think they will not use this to demand voter reform and redistricting you are mistaken. the rules chaged in NC on tues when the GOP took the house and senate for the first time since the civil war.
    If Marshall, the gov and the Ag wish to be investigated for the next two years for helping Ethridge win more power too them. then maybe we can have a lcean sweep in 2012.
    either way bob’s district as well as Miller’s and price will be redrawn since NC is gaining votes in the EC.
    the liberal lala lands they are used to will be combined into one and the three of them can fight it out who gets Chapell hill

  8. m says:

    She did won other night. I don’t understand why Mr. Etheridge wanted a recount. Mr. Etheridge lost. It is time for him to retire and go home. I agree with Renee about how the NRCC mistreated her. All these RINO’s like Eric Cantor, John Boehner, Mitch McConnell, John McCain, Lindsey Graham, Karl Rove, and others doesn’t care about these Tea Party and Republican conservatives. They are hurting us. That the one reason I didn’t go out to vote Tuesday because of the Republican Party and their leadership in Washington.
    I am so glad that my home state of North Carolina that the Republican won the both House and Senate in the General Assembly other night. The Democratic Party in NC are so corrupt.
    Here is a interest article about the NC election other night. Title: “North Carolina: The strangest beast in all of politics” at Washington Examiner.

  9. Who R U says:

    unseen is correct!
    even if Etheridge steals this election, redistricting will balance the scales in 2012. The Dems enacted law previously that prohibits the Governor from vetoing redistricting. Its is completely in the hands of a now R controlled House and Senate. Their only obstacle in redistricting it to not run afoul of legal precedent as it relates to minority majority districts, and recent appellate court rulings will assist them (Rs)in this endeavor. Any Dem that made it through this wave will most likely face brand new constituents in 2012 (at the Federal and State level), and have to compete in districts that are balanced or tilting R – A FIRST. North Carolina demonstrated something on Tuesday night – a complete repudiation of Dem leadership at the State level, except for Etheridge, no MOCs were flipped, however, it created a pucker factor 10 for many Dem MOCs because after the 94 wave these types of competitive races were not supposed to happen given how the districts were re-drawn in 2000 by Dems. Etheridge might steal this seat, if he does so in 2012 he will have to defend it in a new district that is balanced or tilts R – so one could say he will have a shelf life of 2 years (and something tells me people won’t be as willing to believe that the BOE found another 400 ballots all marked for him – again).

  10. Bloggy Bayou says:

    Americans: It’s “Time to Give Your Republican Congressman HELL” Day

  11. section9 says:

    Peggy Noonan is on another bender again about Palin.
    Sheesh, I’d link, but I don’t want to get everyone mad. It’s just the same old same old, only worse.

  12. chas says:

    after scozzafozza(sp?) they prolly dont have any money to help. good call there petey boy!

  13. Kathy from Kansas says:

    Are you kidding me? You didn’t vote? SHAME ON YOU–you are part of the problem!!!!

  14. KingShamus says:

    RS McCain is right.
    Pete Sessions is a dweeb.

  15. Xiaoding says:

    M: thanks for staying home. Please stay there, forever, you scumbag.

  16. m is hereby declared a peon. His opinions are no longer of consequence since he, she or it will just take what we give them.

  17. Sandy says:

    I called the NRCC earlier this afternoon and asked what they planned on doing to help Ellmers. The young lady said that they were giving the max allowed for recounts, $5,000., and they were sending staff and attorneys to help with the recount. Etheridge, the dirtbag should not be able to steal this election.
    Also, pertaining to recounts, Princess Lisa has brought in the big guns to help in her write in campaign effort. Atty. Ben Ginsberg, who was instrumental in the 2000 Republican Fla. recount debacle, and, current council to the RNC, NRSC and NRCC has gone to AK to help the princess with her death grip on her entitled seat.
    Please don’t donate to these organizations. Donate directly to the candidates of your choice. Or, donate to DeMint’s conservative PAC.

  18. joyMc says:

    One thing that can be said about the way the old dragon Republicans treat TEA party candidates and winners is that it is reasonably certain that the Democrats would treat them worse; but that they would at least expect that bad treatment. The old dragon contingent needs to come to the party. 2012 is coming soon. I know so many people (myself included) who have just stopped giving to the Republican Party all together. Now if someone likes a candidate, even one in another state, they send money directly to the candidate. That trend is only going to grow. The old dragons need to get with it. Score is being kept.