Gloves Come Off In Race For RNC Chair

December 31, 2010

This just out via Politico, which has published a letter from Chris Healy to the RNC membership. It's a scathing indictment of Reince "I'm shovel ready, but not ready for prime-time" Priebus. I see Redstate is on it, already. On Monday, I'll be adding some details to Reince's issues over at Big Government. Have a Happy New Year!

It looks to be going out with a bang for Reince Prebius (Via Instapundit from yesterday), who, as Dana Loesch might say, must be feeling a bit butt hurt by now! And I suspect the RNC race fun is just beginning.

In a long missive endorsing Gentry Collins, Connecticut RNC chairman Chris Healy, who flirted with the RNC race himself, accuses Reince Priebus of being Steele's "wingman" for much of the last two years:

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  1. Dave in Alaska says:

    ..On my point about Ann Wagner on the other thread…this from Redstate..these are her supporters in the RNC, notice the name Randy Ruedrich…this is Lisa Murkowski’s b*tchboy from Alaska, if he is backing anyone you can bet she is a freaking RINO…and I do not care how much money she raised for the RNC if they support the centrist candidates they did in the last election….
    “ANN WAGNER (10)
    Lance Beshore, Missouri national committeeman
    David Cole, Missouri Party chair
    Bettye Fine Collins, Alabama national committeewoman
    Chris Devaney, Tennessee Party chair
    Ann Dickinson, Missouri national committeewoman
    Donna Lou Gosney, West Virginia national committeewoman
    Peggy Lambert, Tennessee national committeewoman
    Jim Reed, West Virginia national committeeman
    Randy Ruedrich, Alaska Party chair
    John Ryder, Tennessee national committeeman

  2. Great post as always. Thank for creating time to write…Will continue to follow you