Note To Joe Scarborough

December 30, 2010

Joe Scarborough has an interview coming out in Parade. Here he answers a question on a potential return to politics.

Might that ticket be you and New York mayor Mike Bloomberg, as the rumors say?

If someone could figure out which one of us has the capacity to be vice president, I’d like that person to explain it. I’ve been around Mayor Bloomberg, and people who’ve been around me would laugh at the notion that either of us [could settle for being second-in-command].

Dude, you're currently third banana behind frickin' Keith Olbermann and Rachel Maddow. I'm thinking VP may be just a bit above your pay grade, no matter who tops some hypothetical ticket.

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  1. Ragspierre says:

    As I note here…
    Bloomberg cannot be a viable POTUS candidate. People will not vote for an authoritarian hobbit.
    Scarborough is a LOOSER. Too.
    Delusions of grandeur abound…

  2. Drago says:

    Go ahead Joe!
    Jump on in!!
    The more the merrier!

  3. Dave in Alaska says:

    Bloomberg and Scarborough……..egads…what are they going to run on…that they have bigger egos than BO…that they both make more stupid statements than Biden….
    ..the Dims will push them to run(appeal to their egos) to try to steal a small percentage of votes to allow them to dictate who will be the next Repub presidential candidate….

  4. Lightwave says:

    I thought Ed “I know nohzink” Schultz was third fiddle. Or is that Lawrence “90% of America is asleep already” O’Donnell?
    Scarborough is the token “conservative” the way Alan Colmes was the token “liberal”.

  5. Badger says:

    This was a joke people. I think Joe Scarborough knows he’s not the sharpest knife in a drawer full of Bloomberg spoons and this remark whether intentional or not pretty much sums his smarts up, no? I’m sure he’s figured out that should a ticket of Scarborough/Bloomberg or Bloomberg/Scarborough get traction Burt and Ernie will make history as write in candidates beating both.

  6. Richie says:

    He could be the guy the GOP needs to take Palin down.

  7. justoneman says:

    “Morning Shmoe” He could be the guy the dumbocraps need to get Barry reelected.

  8. Rich Fader says:

    Umm…wrong mayor. Entirely separately from whether Joe would be right under any circumstances.

  9. Susie Q says:

    Go ahead, Joe. Run for the House or the Senate. Hell, jump on in the run for president.
    One question. Exactly how did the woman die in your office, and why?

  10. Where did all of these Gore Vidal clones come from? Is being a bitter ego-maniac now a requirement for running for public office?

  11. Roux says:


  12. Mitch says:

    Ooo, that’s going to leave a mark!

  13. barfo says:

    I believe Joe Scarborough’s pay grade is over $4 million a year.

  14. Jay Tea says:

    On the other hand, with Joe Biden, the standard has been set pretty flippin’ low…

  15. JustOneMan says:

    The medical examiner who was eventually fired ruled her death was due to natural causes…
    “The autopsy report revealed that Lori had suffered two skull fractures and an additional wound. A 71/4-inch crack all but spanned the top of her head, from right temple to left.”
    Say what???

  16. Steph says:

    Posted by: JustOneMan
    Yeah, that sounds like natural causes to me. How could it not be?

  17. cas says:

    Joe Scarborough WAS my congressman (Florida’s 1st Congressional District) and I know he was re-elected at least three times…but I never did figure out WHY he retired from Congress (Hey, I was in the military, and overseas at the time)

  18. Steph says:

    Posted by: cas
    Supposedly to spend more time with his 2 young sons. He had joint custody, and one had diabetes & other ‘challenges’. Don’t know what they were.
    The woman who was found dead in his office happened right after he announced his resignation, iirc. A lot of questions regarding that. Wierd is the best way it can be described.
    He’s a skeevy a$$.

  19. scr_north says:

    The moment that young woman was found dead in his district office Scarborough was finished in politics. He didn’t have the cover that Ted Kennedy had and the moment he makes a serious effort some of the MSM and most of the conservative blogs (and a number of the left blogs) will start asking questions again. He’s toast and any musing he does about re-entering politics is just him trying to get higher ratings (I wonder if his contract is coming up for renewal?).