Obama, Socialist Creep?

December 31, 2010

Oh, wait – that's "the transatlantic creep of socialism." For a minute there, I thought she was talking about Barry, creep of socialism! Nevermind!

The next RNC chairwoman? Amb. Ann Wagner wary of transatlantic creep of socialism — and Michael Steele

When Ann Wagner, the former United States ambassador to Luxembourg, returned from abroad in 2009, she felt that she has not entirely left Europe behind.

“I felt, after I left, that perhaps socialism had begun to follow me across the pond,” she told The Daily Caller in a phone interview.

In an attempt to help end what she views as the government’s overreach during President Barack Obama’s tenure, Wagner is running for chair of the Republican National Committee.

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  1. Ragspierre says:

    Not to split hairs, but Obama is more a Fascist creep…in terms of his economics.
    That is more dangerous, BTW.
    On her larger point, spot on.

  2. gary gulrud says:

    Being a life-long Indie, never giving a nickel to the majors, I’ve no vote, but Wagner would get a hearing from me.
    Priebus or Cino? After the whole-hog sabotage of 2010, the RNC could do much worse than retain Steele in TEA eyes.

  3. Dave in Alaska says:

    “Ann Wagner, the former United States ambassador to Luxembourg”
    A country of 491,775 (2010 est.)people in central Europe with an army that has a current strength of approximately 450 professional soldiers – about 340 enlisted recruits and 100 civilians….
    ..talk about a getting a posh appointment…it appears she was able to live the high life at the taxpayers expense, so is this a position that readies her for being the head of the RNC…or does it show her ties to the GOB of the GOP in Washington…
    ..a statement like this is more to try to pull some Tea Party folks to her side…

  4. Ragspierre says:

    Dave, you need to look into little, tiny European nations a bit closer. Sometimes they have a lot to teach even us.
    Why, for instance, does the little nation of Lichtenstein with essentially NO natural resources have such a high standard of living?
    Here’s some good reasons…

  5. Dave in Alaska says:

    Ragspierre…I did my research on this country, and they employ 86 percent of the country in “Service” businesses to surrounding countries, they also are losing any manufacturing base…
    “economy > Overview
    This stable, high-income economy – benefiting from its proximity to France, Belgium, and Germany – features solid growth, low inflation, and low unemployment. The industrial sector, initially dominated by steel, has become increasingly diversified to include chemicals, rubber, and other products. Growth in the financial sector, which now accounts for about 28% of GDP, has more than compensated for the decline in steel. Most banks are foreign owned and have extensive foreign dealings. Agriculture is based on small family-owned farms. The economy depends on foreign and cross-border workers for about 60% of its labor force. Although Luxembourg, like all EU members, suffered from the global economic slump in the early part of this decade, the country continues to enjoy an extraordinarily high standard of living – GDP per capita ranks second in the world, after Qatar. After two years of strong economic growth in 2006-07, turmoil in the world financial markets will slow Luxembourg’s economy in 2008, but growth will remain above the European average.”
    ..not my point though, the Ambassador’s appointment to this country historically been a “reward” appointment…
    ..she was the GW Bush campaign director of Missouri….being in the GOB club has it’s perks…

  6. Dan Riehl says:

    You don’t seem to be very well informed, Dave. It’s an assignment usually given for fund raising prowess, which is precisely what the RNC needs. Don’t hate the playa, hate the game.

  7. Ragspierre says:

    Dave, no question of your research.
    I was using your post as a spring-board for the story on Lichtenstein.
    Only that…

  8. Steph says:

    Considering the others that are running, it could be worse. Hell, Priebus (sp?) looks like a dem/preogressive plant & Cino isn’t any better. We could do a heck of a lot worse that Wagner, but at this point, I would rather Steele stay. Better the devil you know…

  9. Dave in Alaska says:

    Dan…..you made my point more clear in your post(“an assignment usually given for fund raising prowess”) and stand by my assessment that it is a “reward assignment” whether or not it is for ass kissing or money raising, what I should have said was that in her Bio they make a point of her helping to elect Reps and Senators in Missouri and bring them to a majority in that state, as well as raise a ton of money for the Missouri Repubs and GW Bush as well…did not mean to omit such pertinent info..
    ..the point is..she is an GOB of the GOP…and after the performance of the GOP in the “lameduck” session of Congress..we should all be looking for someone who is not blowing smoke up our backsides…
    …this is not a slight on GW…just pointing out some factors that have us conservatives concerned…
    ..we know a whole lot about the RNC and the NRSC and how they treat Tea Party people in Alaska..look at how they got behind Joe Miller…with a knife!!