Stop The Steele Deal Reince

January 3, 2011

Erick might want to add to his concerns about Reince Priebus.

Michael Steele may, or may not get to hold the gavel at the 2012 convention, something he very much wants to do. The problem with any Priebus/Steele deal involves Belinda Cook, Florida and additionally, actions she took and is said to have profited from while working from his offices. For instance, who booked his speaking engagements around his book tour and was there a booking fee charged for making those arrangements? Good question, one of many that need to be asked.

The fact is, as General Counsel with a reputation for talking behind members backs, even right after glad-handing them to enlist their support for Steele during his travails, Priebus' fingerprints are all over Steele's deals. Any Steele Priebus deal positioned around an advanced ballot to put Priebus over the top just might include sweeping all that under the rug, and even allowing it to continue. Priebus can't expose it without taking himself down. Those are just some of the reasons why neither Steele nor Priebus should be elected RNC chair in January.

Advisers to Republican National Chairman Michael Steele hatched a plan to give him a prominent position at the party's 2012 presidential nominating convention if he decided to step aside as head of the Republican National Committee, according to a party official.

The official's story, which could not be independently confirmed, involved Steele's chief of staff, Michael Leavitt, and longtime consultant, Blaise Hazelwood. Concerned that Steele could not be assured of a winning another two-year term when the RNC meets in January, the duo came up with a fallback plan.

They would support Wisconsin Republican chairman Reince Priebus, a Steele loyalist, for the top party post if Steele chose not to run again. In exchange, Priebus would agree to make Steele chairman of the convention.

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