Trump slams Obama for state dinner to China: “You don’t give dinners to our enemy.”

January 20, 2011

- Jennifer of Cubachi

I have to say, I am impressed with the tough stance Donald Trump has against China and the slobbering Obama and his administration gave to China's dictator Hu Jintao.

He slammed Obama for figuratively and literally bowing to China, our enemy, while our country is suffering economically.

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  1. salvage says:

    Do you know how much stuff you own is made in China?
    Have you the slightest idea how much you owe your privileged lifestyle to China’s dismal human rights and labor record?
    Oh and once again, I don’t remember the outrage when Bush really stood up to them Commies with his “letter of the two sorries” when China grabbed some US hardware and air force personnel after knocking the plane out of the sky.
    Could you non-wingnuts (Barfo etc.) imagine the outrage from the wingnuts if that happened today? These freaks lose it when Obama gives them a plate of food!

  2. barfo says:

    After Sarah Palin, is there a bigger clown in America than Donald Trump?
    Quite a ticket they would make.
    Or a couple…

  3. salvage says:

    Don’t give them any ideas. Imagine if they had a baby!
    That would be single stupidest, ugliest child in the history of America, with the worst hair ever, and knowing Palin’s track record with such things, it would probably be retarded too.
    Although, you know who else would make barfo? Me and you. I want you. Bad.

  4. Trump is expressing what most US corporations not named General Electric and Goldman Sachs are saying: the Chinese are crooks. Microsoft CEO Steve Ballnmer complained yesterday and today that his company only gets paid for 10% of Microsoft products sold in China. The Chinese are building auto plants cloning GM cars right next to the GM plants. That GE joint venture deal yesterday gave the Chinese 51% control over the deal AND THE TECHNOLOGY. The Chinese are trying to negotiate a deal to build the new Boeing 787 with their cheap labor but insisting on being given the technology. They promise that the technology, which is very useful for fighter planes, will not be used for military purposes and they will guarantee that promise by construction “Chinese walls” between the two segments.
    Google abandoned China over government hacking into their computers and other reasons. In fact, China is the world capital for computer hacking into corporate and government computers. It was also reported on CNBC this morning that failure to honor intellectual property (outright theft) accounts for 31% of China’s growth. Apple has 14,000 employees in China but only what, 2000?, in America. And the Chinese are going after them for being a gross polluter and for abysmal working conditions. It goes on and on and on. Yesterday, Hu kept hammering away on the point that America has to share their technology (translated: no intellectual property rights and no contract law protection).
    So folks, at what price those cheap IPads? Sure, they are cheap for now but most of the world can’t afford them at this price. Yet we are taking the path that leads to economies full of people who cannot affort IPads. Why does that make sense? It doesn’t. And right now, Donald Trump is the only one daring to say so. On this topic, he sounds every bit as solid as does Governor Christy on balancing budgets and most other subjects.
    If Trump does run, the GOP better hope he runs as a Republican because if he fails to win the Democratic nomination, he WILL run independent ala Ross Perot. The difference this time is, in contrast to Perot who panicked when the polls showed him leading, Trump wants to win. He could be the independent who either wins or comes in second to out the GOP out of business. He’s a game changer in any case.

  5. mark l. says:

    if the deficit is irrelevant…
    one still needs a ‘bank’ to loan the defict, or we just start printing money like crazy. To a liberal, china is ‘saving’ our economy.
    if the deficit matters, then china is a ‘bookie’ or a ‘pusher’. we only need them so long as we plan on a perpetual deficit. To more than few conservatives, china is merely taking advantage of our own weakness.
    trumps position is 100% opportunism, to play upon ignorant populists-probably a majority of the country.

  6. susan says:

    No doubt Trump has the money though he won’t survive the media onslaught; one doesn’t reach the top of NYC’s pile of crap without having swam in the sewer of corruption.
    We’re talking NYC, someone will stab Trump in the back especially someone from Goldman Sachs and GE.
    Then again, if Trump does survive his own friends stabbing him in then next presidential race will be between the NYC Wallstreet mobsters and the Chicago mobsters; we’ll get to see who is down dirtiest of all.
    Add NJ Fat Man and the race can be Soprano-ized.

  7. Susan, one thing he can’t be criticized for that his opponents can: he isn’t nor ever has been an elected crook. You are making the same mistake about “electability” that Republicans always make. If someone is on the ballot, he can win.

  8. mark l. says:

    “You don’t give dinners to our enemy.”
    technically, enemies don’t pay for their own dinner. If I were expecting repayment of my loans, I’d almost be nervous to see how much the debtor was blowing on ‘bling’, wondering why he doesn’t get a job that will pay for his growing obligations.

  9. BTW, Larry Kudlow has done a complete 180 on the subject of “free trade” with China. He has suddenly developed an appreciation for “fair trade” and discovered that tariffs and duties are good tools for leveling the playing field. Yes, there are consequences to invoking tariffs and duties just as their are consequences to allowing our society to be destroyed without losing a war. We arrived at this point by always refusing to accept short-term pain and now face big pain whatever we choose to do. I support running the gauntlet of pain that results in problems being solved and where we exit at the other end in a free and thriving country. I have no plans to learn Chinese and how to kneel and beg.

  10. Lala says:

    I am so delighted to have done my part toward lifting the poor Chinese out of the misery of working in the rice paddies and into the safe, secure life on the assembly line.
    It’s strange to me that Americans miss those assembly lines that they hated so much when they toiled away on them. I remember them being called mindless, dead-end, robotic jobs.
    Their children were told they were too good for that kind of work. College! they said, go to College. (Now we have the credentialed, not educated, per Reynolds)

  11. It took the Chinese to finally teach Team Obama that a visiting dignitary should be feted with OUR finest dishes. How stupid to serve Mexican food to the Mexican delegation, or Indian food to the India delegation! It’s a display of low-born stupidity and insecurity to feel one has to prove one’s international creds by treating your guests as though they either, a)need to see that we are worldly-wise about their cuisine, or, b) think them incapable of enjoying our own.
    At least Hu had the stones to suggest an American menu and save Obama’s protocol chief the excruciating embarrassment of being a rube.

  12. Drago says:

    barfo: “After Sarah Palin, is there a bigger clown in America than Donald Trump?”
    Didn’t you just tell us that Herman Cain was the biggest clown in America?
    And didn’t you just tell us that Michelle Bachman was the biggest clown in America?
    You simply don’t know what to say, do you?!!
    You simply don’t have anything else!!! LOL!!

  13. Lala says:

    Can someone execute a raid on another conservative blog and import their trolls? Ours are pretty boring. Do they get paid?
    The old disappeared trolls were at least amusing sometimes. The statistician was off his/her rocker but managed to come up with some pretty unique arguments. Then there was the Chinese goods importer/golf player from Indiana who only wanted single payer health care and would write pages and pages of same old, same old. His problem though was that he got crazier by the minute. And good old Bob from Stamford, probably still living in his basement apartment.

  14. joyMc says:

    I do always love it when my hard earned tax dollars go to entertain and feed Communist dictators. But then during this administration there have been several questionable item where a good bit of money was spent. Our POTUS never went to church since his inaguration because he was concerned that he would interfere with traffic and cause a disturbance at the church, what with all the security and all. But he was fine with spending a gazillion dollars and hauling half the American navy to Asia so he could visit their largest mosque. For all the benefit to trade that visit was, he could have emailed it in.

  15. joyMc says:

    Re: Posted by: Lala | Friday, January 21, 2011 at 01:09 AM
    Is there a training academy or something? Maybe a head hunter who specializes.

  16. GuessWho says:

    It’s funny how the ‘real americans’ complain about China and then promptly waddle over to Walmart and buy crap. Mission Accomplished, Real America!

  17. Xiaoding says:

    Hey, most Walmart stuff is pretty good. Can’t beat their sythetic oil. Excellent cookware, too. Steak…not so much!

  18. Lala says:

    In a very poor section of Brooklyn , NY they’re begging for a Walmart to be built. It’s a Democrat enclave made up of “real Americans” but the politicians there are obeying their “real American union bosses” and blocking Walmart from opening within the confines of New York City.

  19. Ragspierre says:

    Every day, I am grateful to the millions of people around the world who bring me great stuff.
    The absolute marvel that is the market makes my life…and my children and godchildren…better than at any time in history, while raising the standard of living for everyone involved.
    If only we could make it a free market again in areas like health care and finance.

  20. SacTownMan says:

    Hey LaLa you bring back fond memories of past Astroturfing RWV trolls like Harpo and Bob!!
    These new lingering trolls are simply petty little dipshits with nothing to add to the discussion.
    Kind of like a pesky little poodle humping you leg!!
    Those assistant shift manager positions at Taco Bell leave these asshats way to much time to interact with the adults.
    It has always been a problem with Dan’s site that these losers linger here. Just like Harpo they rush to be the first to respond to a post but have nothing to say, just more verbal diarrhea!!
    Pretty pathetic!!

  21. Ricky says:

    Arguing with the trolls is like arguing with Jared Loughner….

  22. Lala says:

    Harpo, yes Harpo, I couldn’t remember his name. I’ve seen him posting on other blogs, just as moronic as ever. He claimed to be an importer of Chinese goods but didn’t know the first thing about business. When I said to him once “who cares what you think?” he went crazy. Very happy he is gone, got tired of his rehashing of everything Ezra Klein had to say.

  23. memomachine says:

    Meanwhile in Chicago … Trump helps Rahm Emmanuel get $10.6 million in donations.
    Yeah. Impressed? Not so much.