Mark Levin Rachets Up Heat On Continuing Resolution With Call To Action

March 10, 2011

Via ExposeLiberals on Twitter, Mark had Bachman and King on his show tonight discussing how the GOP leadership is behaving: "Listening to Mark Levin with Bachmann/King. Wow is Boehner and Cantor a bunch of pansies."

Mark's also now issued a call to action, as noted on his Facebook page. 

THIS IS A LEVIN SURGE! Call your member of Congress and say, "Vote No… On the Continuing Resolution because it doesn't cut funding for Obamacare!" 202.224.3121

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  1. This is a great example for why it was such a slap in the face to Tea Party conservatives for Bachmann to be denied the chair of the Republican Conference Committee. I hope the Tea Party caucus and Democrats who “get it” can form an effective bloc to contest the one-party system. It’s all just kabuki theater. Conservatives who have not yet done so should re-register as unaffiliated independents. That way when polls cite Republican samples, all it will signify is that the results are skewered far left and so, meaningless. It would go a long way for creating a new party were independents to outnumber both parties combined. The sooner we do it, the sooner we can get out of this RINO rut and not have to fight Jeb Bush in 2016 because the GOP got Obama re-elected in 2012.

  2. gary gulrud says:

    Well WI and MN are open, so I’ve never had to register affiliation.
    That said, Speaker Boehner, in an effort to win the war, is leaving incumbents on the field, defenseless and maimed.
    Might have been wiser to shut it down than be on record as Vichy Chef.

  3. barfo says:

    “Might have been wiser to shut it down than be on record as Vichy Chef.”
    The disgraced Newt Gingrich already tried that one…landslide for Clinton.

  4. Gingrich didn’t have hordes of little barfos rampaging through state capitals demanding higher perks while people fight to save their businesses ands homes…

  5. Ragspierre says:

    “…landslide for Clinton”
    Put up the numbers for that, barfo. My memory is that Clinton eked out his victories…base on lies.

  6. barfo says:

    If you’re too dumb to know how to use Google, maybe you should stay quiet.
    Considering the economic boom America had during Bill Clinton’s second term, not to mention the balanced budgets, it’s a good thing Newt “I asked my wife for a divorce while she was in the hospital fighting cancer” Gingrich gave Clinton the huge win over Bob “Mitt” Dole by shutting down the government…

  7. T says:

    Thanks Dan…many of us who frequent other blog sites posted the information as well…..
    I love Mark Levin…..My favorite laugh of the day is when he yells “get off my phone you big dope”…..
    And yet, he is such a gentleman…

  8. sickofrinos says:

    Thanks Pasadena Phil. The thaught of Jeb in 2016 ruined my day. The truth does hurt. I agree with being unenrolled. Living in Mass. there is no option.

  9. Drago says:

    barfo: “If you’re too dumb to know how to use Google, maybe you should stay quiet”
    now now little barfo!! Calm down!
    You know perfectly well that salvage has demanded (DEMANDED!! LOL!) that all posters present evidence for their assertions, with links from salvage-approved sources.
    Sooooo, if you don’t like folks asking to see your numbers, then perhaps you have a problem with salvages rules……
    oh, wait. I see the problem.
    You see, whenever lefties tell us what the rules are, what they really mean is these are the rules for conservatives only!!
    BTW barfo/moron, since it’s been your habit since day 1 to wildly exaggerate without posting links to actual evidence (very “media matters” of you!), I’ll post if for you!!
    Clinton/Gore: 49.23% of the popular vote
    Dole/Kemp: 40.72% of the popular vote
    Perot/Choate: 8.40% of the popular vote
    So, lets see, 49.23% voted for Clinton, and 49.12% voted for Dole or Perot, and an additional 1.59% voted for others.
    Let the record show that this is what barfo calls a landslide!!
    Using the barfo standard, lets look at 2004!!
    Bush/Cheney: popular vote 51.02%
    Kerry/Dem hero: popular vote 48.05%
    All others: .93
    lefty talking point: Bush has no mandate!!!!

  10. Baraka says:

    Barfo is an marxist.

  11. Drago says:

    barfo: “If you’re too dumb to know how to use Google, maybe you should stay quiet”
    hmmmmm, the only one not using google to link is…….barfo!!
    Barfo rules = barfo dumb!!
    Does anyone else get the mental picture of barfo running in tight circles trying to catch his own tail?