NRO: Standing Athwart History To Yell Spend And Grow Government

April 12, 2011

We've seen what a sham the budget deal is. Here's NRO's pathetic pat on the back for itself and the Boehner Republican's reckless spending and big government. Look at how weak they reveal themselves to be. Victory is no longer winning; it's not being beaten too badly. But Boehner and the House Republicans were beaten very badly, in large part because they aren't leading on anything. They are less than worthless because they're counter-productive to the cause of getting government and government spending under control. Is it any wonder that they are now polling so badly, there's no assurance they can even hold the House in 2012?

John Boehner and congressional Republicans are to be congratulated for their performance in the recent budget negotiations, both for the modest victory they achieved and the potential defeat they escaped.

The same old Republicans incapable of producing significant results for years are still in control, squandering any hope of the party regaining genuine credibility, as they had a chance to do after November, 2010. And their toadies in the Right-side beltway media like NRO and now neo-Republican Rubin at the Post are cheering them on, while trying to stifle any dissent.

The toadies we can ignore; Boehner and company we will have to throw out in 2012. Both are less than useless to the conservative cause.

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  1. malonth says:

    To paraphrase Rand Paul, only in Washington DC can you have a budget which is bigger than last year’s budget be considered to have been cut.

  2. unseen says:

    disagree somewhat. I don’t think we will need to worry about the Speaker if and only if we elect a conservative as POTUS.

  3. memomachine says:

    Did this really surprise anybody?
    NRO is for it.
    Jennifer Rubin is for it.
    Weekly Standard is for it.
    Of course it is a pile of excrement.

  4. Pasadena Phil says:

    I need a dose of this today. The GOP apologists are running wild everywhere else. Nose holders as far as the eye can see in all directions advocating again voting for the LOTE. Republicans are such losers. It’s not about 2012 anymore. We have to start fixing problems right now. The first opportunity is tomorrow when the House oonservatives have an opportunity to vote against the Boehner surrender deal en masse and force the Dems to pass his crap sandwich. Will they? Bachmann admits that she has only garnered 28 “no” votes in her own Tea Party caucus. Might as well drop the pretense Bachmann. There is no effective Tea Party caucus and if there is, you aren’t much of an influence on them.

  5. Drago says:

    Phil: “The GOP apologists are running wild everywhere else.”
    This is demonstrably, and obviously, false. From Rush Limbaugh to Mark Levin to etc etc right on down.
    Phil: “It’s not about 2012 anymore.”
    Unfortunately, it has always been about 2012 for Boehner and company. They wanted this 2011 “stuff” off of their desks as soon as practicable.
    And in their “rush” to avoid a confrontation, they gave away the store out of fear.
    This is pretty much what we’ve come to expect of the Republican leadership in DC. Most of whom are still “fighting the last war” and unable to see, and exploit, the new political reality.
    Until they are, we will continue to have our leadership gingerly slipping their feet out of the flintstone mobile hoping to slow our launch speed from a democrat-induced 150 MPH to a more tepid 135 MPH as we go over the fiscal cliff.
    Greece-like status, here we come.

  6. FloatingRock says:

    I totally agree, Dan. It’s the same old big-government progressive Republican Party, maybe with a few new tea partiers, (we’ll see how they vote).
    Thanks for not toeing the line. This is too important to just let it drop.

  7. FloatingRock says:

    John Thune is saying on Cavuto’s show that he is with Beohner in spite of all the accounting tricks.

  8. FloatingRock says:

    Thune took a bold stand and said this is the best deal we could get in spite of the accounting trickery that the prior guest had just explained.

  9. Dan Riehl says:

    Thune is nothing but an establishment guy. If you’re thinking he’s the image that beat Daschel way back when, fahgit about it. That’s been over for a long time.

  10. Jamie says:

    In all fairness you should also link this:
    It would appear that the article Dan linked may have written before this information came to NRO’s attention.

  11. Kyle says:

    There needs to be a publication for Andrew McCarthy, VDH, and Mark Steyn to jump to. I’ve been reading NRO for nearly a decade, but now they are more and more comprised of recent college graduates trying to tell we who have been in the working world for decades how to think. These star struck D.C. wonders are complete intellectual rookies who think they are really smart because they got good grades in their political science classes. Meahwhile, the house mom, K-Lo runs around begging for spare change. I truly would not mind NRO becoming 1/2 of 1/3 of the influential publication they currently claim to be. You can only name drop W.F. Buckley for so long.

  12. Dan Riehl says:

    Jamie, You’re linking to individuals who post at NRO. I linked specifically to their editorial. That is the defining statement from NRO as a publication, so it’s the one I addressed.

  13. Jamie says:

    Lets give them time to address the new data that has come out about the budget deal. That editorial was quite obviously written before that information came to light so I will give them time to rescind it.
    In the meantime I think that linking to individual writers addressing the issue is fair balance.

  14. Kyle says:

    The guy who posted most last week on NRO was Andrew Stiles. THis recent college grad drove the entire conversation on The Corner late last week and posted titles such as:
    “Cut the Deal Already!”
    “Deal Very Close”
    “Done Deal”
    “Boehner Wins Big”
    The more experienced NRO writers just sat on their hands and let the 20 somethings do all the analysis and updates. Look at the quotes in the article linked to below, “Cut the Deal Already”. All the quotes were from GOP Senators, and a complete out of context quote from Bachmann. This Stiles is one of those “reporters” who editorializes in his reports and has ridiculous analysis in actual editorials such as this excerpt:
    “I am also thoroughly unconvinced by the notion that somehow Republicans “blinked” by cutting a deal rather than shutting the government down. From what I can tell, there are two assumptions behind this line of thinking. One is that Republicans could have won a better deal, could have gotten more of what they wanted, refusing to move an inch off their original $61 billion and allowing the government shut down. How would that work exactly? President Obama would say, “Okay, you guys are serious, here’s another $21 billion”? Really? If that were such a fail-proof strategy, why stop there? Why not demand the full repeal of Obamacare, the immediate enactment of Paul Ryan’s budget and the resignations of Pelosi, Reid, Obama et al?”
    Who hires these guys?

  15. unseen says:

    Regarding the PPP Poll:
    Posted by: Polling Pollingtin | Tuesday, April 12, 2011 at 07:58 PM
    Amazin how thw rinos used PPP polls to push a narrative against conservatives in the 2010 election, the present POTUS race and now the tea party.

  16. Tom says:

    The tea folks and the rest of the extreme fringe far-right will drive the GOP over the cliff and give Obama a cakewalk to re-election. Don’t say I didn’t warn you.

  17. memomachine says:

    If Americans are stupid enough to re-elect Obama then that is what they will get.

  18. gary gulrud says:

    “Bachmann admits that she has only garnered 28 “no” votes in her own Tea Party caucus”
    Let’s drop the pretense, Pasadena is just a misogynist. 80-odd freshmen and her caucus numbers 54? Seems to me it’s the constituents that hold the sword of Damocles over her cohort. Should she call them out in their local markets using her PAC money? What?
    DeMint’s caucus is three. Ron Johnson, WI, won on the back of the TEAs and we’ve yet to hear a word from the cipher, whereas Rubio is getting as much copy as Paulito.
    Senators are sovereign, Representatives are ‘running men’. As jamie’s link to Hayward points out, the constituents are now self-aware. Let this ‘knowledge’ dawn on the frosh consciousness.