Racist Progressives Target Allen West

April 26, 2011

Legincast2 The Shark Tank has the video. According to Jim at Gateway Pundit, the individual cuffed and frog-marched away by authorities is former Air America host, Nicole Sandler. I hope she got the cast off beforehand.

Given that 2008 established the Racism Rule of political criticism, if the candidate is black, it must be a racist attack, I think we can conclude Nicole there could benefit from some serious sensitivity training. Don't you?



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  1. Susie Q says:

    These people are truly losing their minds. The very thought that they aren’t in control of everything anymore is taking them off the deep end. Fine. We are aware that between now and the election in ’12 they are going to show themselves to be exactly what we have been saying they are. Screeching moonbats that project everything they are onto anyone that doesn’t fall into line with them.
    I think they should ratchet up the idiocy. Just go all out. Scream and cry. Tell lies that are easily rebuked. Hell, throw in a little aggressiveness, and let it devolve to violence. That’s where they’re heading anyway. That’s what the jackwipes are calling for.
    Too bad for them that it will not lead where they think. Their idiocy is what led us to win 900 some odd seats in ’10. I’ll be more than happy to see their actions cause a double down on that.

  2. McGehee says:

    “These people are truly losing their minds.”
    I think you’re using the wrong tense there. ;-)

  3. You worry about freakin’ earings, Dearie…I’ll worry about voting Dimmocrats, & Obama, out of office in 2012. ;-D

  4. SDN says:

    “Racist Progressives”? Is there any other kind?

  5. Ragspierre says:

    What an excellent example of the Collective!
    Makes you want to burn every bed in creation…

  6. mike191 says:

    Mr. West asked that questions must be written not verbalized.This requires some time and thought,clearly not one of Mrs. Sandlers’ strengths.

  7. Many liberals are comparing the town hall disruptions yesterday as legitimate discourse similar to the discourse two years ago by conservatives. This couldn’t be further from the truth. First, the conservative reaction to the power grab by Obama was a true grass root uprising that was not pre-planned and circulated through Facebook and Twitter. With the left, follow the tweets and you find core agitators and party officials. Further, think about how many tea party protesters were led away in handcuffs? ZERO. I listened to former Air America host Nicole Sheldon yesterday evening continue to shout and disrupt until she was physically removed from the venue and arrested. There’s a large difference between spontaneous reaction and carefully orchestrated malfeasance.
    Congressman Allen West had the foresight to not allow political operatives to sabotage his town hall meeting. Over 300 questions were written by attendees and independent reviewers selected the actual questions to be asked. None were screened, and Congressional staff will be asked follow-up with people who didn’t have their questioned answered.
    Political operatives from the left failed in their mission. Pastor Bob Cay opened the town hall meeting with the following quote: “politicians worry about the next election, statesmen worry about the next generation”. Congressman Allen West is a statesman and a true American patriot. Go West!

  8. Ragspierre says:

    The “Ballots or Bullets” meme you kept hearing has NOTHING to do with anything real, or topical.
    The Collective thinks it is OUTRAGEOUS that we understand that it is our right to fight tyranny with all means available in the right circumstances. We are supposed to be ashamed of the very thought, see?
    While they can openly talk about destruction, intimidation, riot, and lawlessness…and practice it a la Wish-consin. Or teach it at taxpayer expense as they were caught doing in Missouri.
    Against West, I guess all they can come up with is this lame meme.
    I like West the more I see of him.

  9. pesto says:

    She could use a head cast. barfbag could be a model for HeadCast, Inc..

  10. sloop says:

    my little chunky monkey is not on her internet radio show this morning – wonder if randi rhodes is having trouble raising bail money

  11. pesto says:

    sloop, heavy flow day!

  12. Baraka says:

    The word liberal used to mean one who supports freedom.

  13. Ragspierre says:

    Yeah, Baraka, but we know the Collective perverts everything…including language and ideas.
    Orwell had it all pegged.

  14. Baraka says:

    Orwell was a man of his time.

  15. Ragspierre says:

    A bed burner fer sure…

  16. Baraka says:

    Is that nishner?

  17. sloop says:

    well 17 hours in the hoosegow for miss chunky monkey – 3 hours in solitary – and…………SHE GOT MACED!!

  18. richard40 says:

    You misinterpred the racism rule. It is only racist to criticise black dems. For black repubs it is open season, because of course they are Uncle Toms and traitors to their race. White dems can also never be racist, witness KKK member Robert Byrd, progressive hero. And black people, provided they are also progressives, can also never be racist, no matter what vile racists statements, either anti black or anti white, they may make.