Van der Sloot Allegedly Stabbed 3 Prisoners In Peruvian Prison

April 14, 2011

h/t Pundita in email. AOL News has it up, not sure how credible the magazine might be. It's hitting the wires right now. Hard to imagine this guy serving out any term without someone killing him, if it's true. It's being reported he's now in solitary and is said to be a heavy drug user.

Murder suspect Joran van der Sloot has stabbed at least three other inmates during his incarceration at a Peruvian prison, a magazine reports.
The Peruvian magazine Panorama alleges that van der Sloot stabbed three prisoners, with at least one victim needing emergency medical care. The magazine also reports that the Dutchman is a heavy drug user who has "been put into solitary confinement several times but comes out even more angry," a source told Panorama.

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  1. time to rise up says:

    Man, it sounds like he got hit with a serious dose of Haitian voodoo. He did the crime, nobody can make him pay cuz no one can find Natalie’s body or proof that he killed her; well, hit him with voodoo. The end result? He’ll wind up in jail and keep on doing stuff that will keep him in jail. He’ll pay more than if he’d confessed.

  2. aine says:

    Perhaps if he’d come clean about Miss Holloway’s death in the first place, he might not be rotting in Peru now. Maybe he’d only be doing a couple of years in Aruba’s relatively plush penal system on charges of involuntary manslaughter instead.
    Oh, well. No sympathy for the devil here. Pay-back is a bitch, eh Joran?

  3. SacTownMan says:


  4. memomachine says:

    1. Considering how well connected the family of his last victim is I think I’d rather be in solitary. Even if the family itself didn’t want him hurt I’m sure there are plenty of people who would do it to curry favor.
    2. He also doesn’t come across as the most pleasant person around either. Some people can raise hackles from across a county. He seems that sort.

  5. time to rise up says:

    Yep, payback is a prime bitch.

  6. Dan says:

    Of course he comes out “more angry.” Solitary is a time of soul searching. But he’s infested with the demonic.
    He’s a lost soul if there ever was one.

  7. Bob Montgomery says:

    The communist Van Jones is gone from the Whie House.