A Few Important Points On The Caller’s Direct Message Non-Story

May 24, 2011

As it's hitting Memeorandum, I want to make a couple of relevant points I either haven't yet seen addressed elsewhere, or that involve me personally. I've had my differences with the aide in question, Rebecca Mansour. Not many, but there was a time when I thought we might not speak, again. That goes way back and was nothing, in hindsight, really – if anything, I think I popped off to her in email about something. It happens.

Reasonable adults roll with it in this business. It was maybe a couple years ago. Today, I consider her a friend and have always found her to be trustworthy and discreet, though about as opinionated as me, behind the scenes. She has never pushed anything out of line, or over the top, that was anti-anyone, or anything, to me.

I rather enjoy that opinionated aspect of her – and many others. It's why we're in this game – and the best are undeniably passionate about what we do.

It was a cheap-shot for the leaker and the DC, for pay, or not, to capitalize on that personal betrayal. It was not a professional betrayal. This was not a news story. She wasn't discovered pushing something to the media, or even to a blogger with even a small, but notable, platform. She was engaged in personal, private conversation.

Keep in mind, the media won't even release the full audio of an open mic episode involving Obama. Where is the DC on that story? Nowhere, because Carlson is a part of the same elitist media establishment most on the Right have come to loathe and not trust. Oh, but one aide to one former Governor engaged in private conversation – well, hell, I guess that's news, right? BS.

They were completely private remarks between individuals, not a part of any official political business. It's gossip, strictly speaking, off the cuff in what she had reason to believe was trusted company. I would imagine a great many people could get burned if a friendship, or an alliance shifted, and suddenly everything was fair game because like the purveyor of this BS some once friend had no ethics.

This was not political news – the DC only manufactured that from a personal betrayal. And for that, shame on them. I could see Politico doing it and they'd have a right to, even though I'd still denounce it. But this rag and this alleged reporter are the very same ones that tried to smear me by falsely suggesting I was paid by the RNC to shill for Steele, which was not true. Carlson's rag may be pumping its numbers up with the Beltway set given some of the crap it does – but the larger media world begins where the Beltway stops. In that regard, all Carlson does is repeatedly damage his brand with this weak BS.

May as well tell the whole story around this weak BS from the Daily Caller as regards me. Yeah, I guess I kinda did set them up a bit. But I got pissed when I heard Strong was insinuating my name into a payola story without having contacted me. So, I figured, what the hell. Maybe they have a personal venetta, as I led the fight against their silly RNC strip club story. Hmm.

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  1. unseen says:

    this is nothing more than an effort by the DC to push the Baily book. If the Bailey book wasn’t hitting the book store this story would have never seen the light of day.

  2. Susan says:

    Over the last decade I have learned that Links are vital to blogger’s survival and today am very particular about which sites I follow. I used to daily read about thirty blogs from across the political spectrum, not any more.
    What is lovely about the blog-world is that I can find out what’s going on without ever linking to Agit-bloggers whose survival depends upon promoting agit-propaganda to agitate readers. I don’t need the agitation anymore but I know the agit-bloggers need my hits.
    Lastly; when Politico first come on the scene (long before one Sarah Palin came on the political scene) it was apparent Politico’s intention was to agitate propaganda for Democrat State-run media.
    I doubt Daily Caller will be any different than Politico.

  3. barfo says:

    So that means using hidden cameras is a betrayal?

  4. Ragspierre says:

    Only barfo could come up with something as inapposite and stupid as that.
    Well, maybe the other idiot trolls…

  5. Sharon says:

    So tweets from a Palin aide are now news? I refuse to believe that’s the best smear they can come up with. C’mon lefties, there’s been lots more dirt promised on Palin. Guess we’ll just have to wait for Levi’s book. This is totally scraping the bottom.

  6. Ragspierre says:

    Sharon, those are YEAR OLD tweets, to boot.
    Any story with the word “tweet” in it and older than four times the shelf-live of an Obama promise should be considered too stupid to contemplate.

  7. barfo says:

    “Only barfo could come up with something as inapposite and stupid as that.”
    Is that the best you can come up with today, Rags/Drags?
    Posting under so many aliases wearing you down?
    I found it funny that somebody who “works” for Breitbart is complaining about violations of privacy.
    If you need me to explain to you why it’s funny, just ask, don’t lash out.

  8. Ragspierre says:

    I never post under any other but this nom-de-keyboard, you lying POS.
    If you had ANY analytical skill, you’d know that.
    Why is “works” in scare-quotes, stupid? Breitbart PAYS his people, contra Jaw-Jaw Gab-Whore.
    Who are you even alluding to here, moron? Dan?
    CAN you EVEN read, you cretin? Dan never alluded to “privacy”.
    See if you can find the KEY WORD in what is…you know…on the page, IDIOT.

  9. barfo's pocket constitution says:

    Breitbart tapes people engaged in fraud, waste and abuse in government and at government-funded entities, or who are addressing a group of stakeholders in government policies.
    The DC Caller is retailing an email passed between two private individuals, neither of whom work for the government.
    Totally the same.

  10. Ragspierre says:

    We’re WAITING….

  11. Ragspierre says:

    Just last month the U.S. sent two Air force cargo planes to help Mexico battle back wildfires in the northern part of it’s country, fires that burned 386 square miles. It’s a move that West Texas Congressman Francisco Canseco (R-Fort Stockton) thinks is a hypocritical one by the Obama administration as Texas has requested the same sort of federal aid but has been denied it.
    Did you see those Hispanic names there, Cap-i-tANUS…????
    Obama wrote Texas off a LOOOOONG time ago for 2012. Texas has a LOT of Hispanic Conservatives.

  12. Ragspierre says:

    barfo’s mommy must have called him to dinner.
    We are STILL waiting, barfo.

  13. Ragspierre says:

    Did you run, barf….!?!?!

  14. barfo says:

    Haha, I didn’t ralize you just sat here all day, Rags/Drags.
    How often do you hit refresh? Once a minute?
    Do you really think the standard “Violating someone’s trust is okay if you’re a Republican” defense is really worth a response?
    Or did you want me to respond to your claim that Breitbart pays his bloggers?
    Got a link to back u[ that claim?

  15. dell laptops says:

    A trial would bring forth the truth of Mossad and that an elite US cabal including Cheney are responsible for the destruction of those buildings — and the lives taken!

  16. barfo's mom says:

    I wouldn’t call him to dinner if it was dog food.
    Barfo deserves nothing more than to be pushed out a window and shot in the head.

  17. Elmo says:

    Sssssh … don’t tell anyone, but I’m really on the DNC’s payroll! Oh, and did I also tellya (surprise) … I’m Irish!
    P.S. Daniel … HDT went to the hoosegow, rather than pay his taxes. Might be worth a lil jet cooling time … if ya get my drift Sir?

  18. barfo's pocket constitution says:

    Oh look, a random 9/11 truther who is not only spewing lies, but spewing them totally off topic.