Jamie Radtke’s RS Gathering Speech

August 25, 2011

I've resisted serious comment regarding the unfortunate doings at RedState today and will continue to do so; however, reading the Politico item and having now been told some of what has been said about Jamie Radtke at RS - as, I hope, a decent man and a conservative, I feel compelled to add some perspective.

Erick Erickson confirms again that his publisher asked him to take it easy on George Allen — and goes on to savage Allen's rival, whom he endorsed and then, her campaign told me, abandoned:

If the facts in Politico's initial item are accurate- and no one has contested them, so far as I know, Jamie Radtke was not invited to the gathering, let alone to speak there. She is a Tea Party candidate, therefore I assume something of a citizen legislator trying to fight for conservatism against a Washington political machine. She was not on the agenda and was only given an opportunity to speak at the last minute because a friend, or some friends of George Allen, who also happen to oversee RedState at the managerial level, were not present.

After having been, for the most part, ignored by RedState's presumed greater ability to advocate for a candidate for months, she had one shot, an impromptu speech at a gathering the readers of RedState tell us is supposed to be something grand.

In addition to that, for the first time ever, a GOP Presidential candidate had recently announced his Presidential campaign at the very same venue. There is no reason to suspect Radkte had prepared remarks, no reason to assume she had any preparation. And now, under those circumstances, a bunch of RedState readers led by its editor have decided to pronounce her a rambling drunk. I see nothing funny in that, nor anything the least bit helpful as a reflection of what it means to be a proud conservative. Frankly, it disgusts me. I stopped reading RS last week after some previous issues. After today, I am more than convinced I made the right decision.

A leading conservative blogger and commentator, Erick Erickson, said he shifted his stance in a key Senate race because the company that publishes his RedState.com is “socially connected” to former Virginia Sen. George Allen.

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  1. jeaneeinabottle says:

    Thank you Dan Riehl for writing this. This whole thing is exposing who people really are that’s for sure. After today I lost respect for Eric, through all the Palin bashing I got it but today was pretty low for him, they must be desperate. It appears every time Rove gets on tv now he spills some more of what and who he is involved with. Next he will be telling us where he found Obama. After watching Rove on Greta stutter and spit about Palin being thin skinned, he was pathetic, it wasn’t even the subject really but he couldn’t hold it in any longer. I’m sure he’ll spew more to try and make up for what he said tonight, go for fat boy!

  2. KLSmith says:

    Ditto the thanks to Dan for the info. I guess the powers that be think George Allen is a better match against Tim Kaine. Not real thrilled by Allen myself but, Kaine would be horrible.

  3. Elmo says:

    The race is on … to see how many outlier bantustans the Repub’s can build, between now and Tuesday, November 6, 2012 [you don't need no calendars people, no to do lists, no e-organizers. That is the ONLY date you need know/remember (that is, if we even make it that far?)].
    Disgust? Rage? Words aren’t going to do sh*t. I’ll tell’ya what though, watch your sixes. Do. I mean it. This is not a game. This is not a joke. This is not a drill.

  4. section9 says:

    This saddens me, because RedState was an important voice in getting conservatives mobilized AND an important voice in keeping the Establishment honest.
    One of the problems that the Beltway GOP has with Palin is that she is not owned by anyone in D.C., other than her relationship with McCain, who was her political patron. The sad thing is to watch RedState dance to the tune of an ownership group that doesn’t understand that independence in the editorial room delivers authenticity and more eyeballs on page.
    K Street never understood what Palin gets in her bones. That’s why it’s sad to see Erickson sell out to the Establishment.
    You are dead on with this column, Dan. It needed to be written.

  5. Susan says:

    Enticed by powerful perks and a place at the table, it appears Redstate received official membership to the ‘good old boys’ club.
    Since Redstate chose to be a campaign site for Rick Perry, then the good old boys at Redstate should use what little ethics and integrity they have remaining and change the name of their site.

  6. Jim Durbin says:

    Dan, can you verify that you wrote this piece? As it takes the side of a Tea Party candidate against an establishment Republican, I just wanted to make sure it was actually your words, and not those of a political consultant, using your name as a proxy to attack an opponent.

  7. Elmo says:

    Posted by: Jim Durbin | Thursday, August 25, 2011 at 10:35 AM
    I feel dirty. I need a cigarette.

  8. A Stephens says:

    Look, George Allen may be a decent bloke but, that whole macaca thing, while certainly blown up beyond realistic proportion, was his own damn fault. If as a serious U.S. Senatorial candidate, the guy doesn’t have the good sense and judgement not to stoop to junior-high name calling, he deserves what he gets. It was a stupid and boneheaded thing to do, and revealed the typical insider politician trying to be too smart by half.
    As to Erickson, wow, just wow. It reminds me of the guy who offers the genteel lady a million bucks to sleep with him, she says sure, so he says how bout for a hundred bucks, she asks “what do you think I am?”, he says we’ve already established what you are, we’re talking price now. So evidently, through the Perry/Allen prism we’re beginning to see where the bidding starts with Mr. Erickson.

  9. Garym says:

    To me it sounds like Radtke may have been set up so Erickson can cover his ass on his endorsment of her. He and the “bosses” were conveniently not in attendance while Radtke was “allowed” to speak. No-one has any video of her speech, just anecdotal heresay about her being drunk. I stopped reading RS before the election last year. My suspicians are getting confirmed about RS everday.

  10. Kilowhiskey says:

    Dan – Why are you attempting to destroy Jamie Radtke? What did she do to you?
    Instead of raising this issue and calling so much public attention to her embarrassing speech, you would have done her more help by not creating this furor.
    Bad move, amigo. With friends like you, she doesn’t need any enemies.
    P.S. You’ve started the “circular firing squad” routine, and I hope you stop it, ASAP. We’ve got a country to save, and that requires winning a lot of elections between now and 2012!

  11. Tennwriter says:

    It has been my repeatedly stated opinion online that we, that is Real Conservatives, need to pry the deathgrip the RINOs have on the steering wheel of the GOP as they are heading the Party and the Nation straight for a cliff.
    Now, if this involves some circular firing squads, or perhaps breaking out a crowbar to smash the fingers of some RINOs, well, it was in a good cause.
    The door to the Left is open, and RINOs are welcome to stroll through it, and leave.
    And BTW, while this is a matter of principle, I am mostly looking at it as a matter of strategy and tactics. RINOs LOSE. Conservatives WIN.

  12. astonerii says:

    Just last week? Man you are a glutton for punishment. I wish I had your mental fortitude.

  13. banshee says:

    Thanks, Dan, from a twitterfollower :-)

  14. Colleen O. says:

    Hi Dan,
    I wasn’t at RS, but I have heard Jamie Radtke speak multiple time and she always does a great job. (I am a volunteer on her campaign and I worked with her for the Richmond Tea Party and the Virginia Federation of TP)
    Also, Jamie rarely has a glass of wine and certainly not at campaign functions. She is stays up on political news and is actually one of the best I’ve seen speaking without notes on short notice. (no teleprompter needed)
    When Erick posted his slanderous hit piece, it brought to my mind the conservative blogger that accused Governor Nikki Haley of having an affair. This was just another instance of so called conservative blogger trying to destroy a conservative candidate with lies and “eye witness” accounts. The only thing that has been proven beyond a doubt is that Erick is a flip flopping weenie, posing as a journalist.