My Quick Reaction To Palin’s Speech

September 3, 2011

Not sure if I'll say more later. I won't be surprised if the speech is rated average, or even widely panned in the media as less than expected. As long as I read off their page, it didn't stand-out. However, Palin did a solid speech for the venue. If there's an issue, it's that the venue was hyped by the media.

I have to be careful how I frame this, given some conversations going back a ways before this speech, when it first began to be talked about. In essence, if and when she announces, you'll know it and it won't be at the Tea Party event in Iowa. It wasn't meant negatively toward the venue, but it did demonstrate to me that the Palin camp viewed this speech as less significant than it was being portrayed.

But that's not meant to be a complete pass, or an excuse. One can't be responsible for what the media does, but one does have to be mindful of it. If someone is running for President, it's simply not enough to say, the media did this, or the media did that. You either don't say anything at all, or you deal with it. If one can't manage around the media, one won't manage around Washington very well. That's just a fact.

What Palin did do was use the phrase "my plan," as I texted to a friend at the time. She also laid the groundwork for a genuine conservative campaign plank quite apart from a more establishment Republican like Perry. Based on what I saw today, I'm not prepared to fork up the $100 for charity it's going to cost me if she doesn't run. If anything, I may be feeling a bit more comfortable with the bet.

Finally, Palin needs to lose the notion that she can continue to not control venues for her speeches after this weekend. I cringed with Mr. Iowa Tea Party, or whomever, invoked the Civil War as the North representing Big Government and the South conservatism. Not only is it historically inaccurate, it's Paulian nut job land that ultimately sounds rather ugly and Palin would be wise to avoid the risk of being linked to it in the future, however inadvertantly.

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  1. DANEgerus says:

    Lets face it… Palin is a tease. I bet Barack misses the days when he could call a press conference and announce no news.

  2. AmericanLass says:

    People are getting sick of games. That goes for Sarah or Obama, we have had too much of it from this administration and are just plain fed up with GAMES. She really needs to declare herself one way or the other.

  3. Sharon says:

    Palin has been running for some time now and her supporters know this. The only ones tired of the GAMES are those who do not support her.
    This speech was not about her candidacy, it was about the Tea Party and she spoke about their values. Fire and brimstone will come when the speech is about her.

  4. Kitty says:

    You think Sarah Palin is a tease? What about that George Pataki? I wish he’d tell us if he’s going to run or not!

  5. Kitty says:

    Sarah Palin was great today. Her speech definitely sounded like a campaign speech to me. I, too, noticed how she framed “her plan” and what “she” would do. RUN, SARAH, RUN!

  6. Ricky says:

    She said in her speech “here is what I will do..” not what I would do. Then she laid out her plan. That was a good and sober speech, with real solutions. She has a record that shows if she says it, she will do it.
    For 30 years the oil company held progress in Alaska captive with the contract that was given to them, the political will to get them to honor the contract was just not there. Then along came Sarah Palin, long story short, she solved the problem, got business going, and threw the corrupt Republican bastards in jail!
    While other politicians have a record of saying the right things, she has a record of taking on the huge problems and solve them.
    She is so not endorsing Perry. Code words: “crony capitalists”. She has a huge problem with them, and many are saying Perry is one of dem crony capitalists.
    In the meantime, let the whiners do what they do best. Palin will get in at the right time. If you refuse to vote for someone just because she did not get in the race 14 months before the election, then you were never serious anyway.

  7. hrh says:

    To the teasers list, I would add:
    Rudy Giuliani
    John Bolton
    Teasers all!
    But where are Pataki’s, Giuliani’s, and Bolton’s plans?

  8. rickl says:

    She sure sounded Presidential to me. I believe she said awhile back that if she ran, she would run an unconventional campaign. I don’t recall her exact quote. She is doing things in her own way and in her own time. She doesn’t care about conventional wisdom or “the way it’s always been done”.
    I find it amusing that it’s mainly people who don’t support her that are the ones who complain that she’s a “tease” who is “stringing people along”. I don’t feel that way at all. She’s definitely my first choice as a candidate, and I’ll be disappointed if she doesn’t run. But I also realize that she has her own ideas about campaign strategy, and I’m not privy to them. So I’ll just have to wait and see, along with everybody else.

  9. Sandy says:

    Some things that stood out to me in Palin’s speech. She really went after the many years of crony capitalism that has gone on in Washington. Does she not realize that she accepted the VP slot on Jogn Crony McCain’s campaign. Then she went out in 2010 and endorsed his re-election campaign vary happily and strongly. Was that part of the payback scheme that she railed against today? When she warned to watch what donors supported the GOP candidates campigns, as that is who they will have to pay back. Again, why didn’t she have a problem with those donors who were paying for her and McCain’s campaign that she was very much a part of.

  10. sickofrinos says:

    Rolling my eyes at the hype.

  11. Ricky says:

    Sandy, look at her own record, it backs up her words. She went after crony capitalism in her own state when she had the power.
    Regarding McCain, she was his VP, it was his campaign, she did not have a say so in the matter, as we all know by now. Her only “crime” was saying yes to the call to serve her country.
    Endorsing his re-election was the right thing to do. I was also upset with her about that at the beginning. Looking back now, it was the right thing to do. She was very vocal about her respect for him and his sacrifice during the war on our behalf, many would have had a problem if she had thrown him under the bus because of the aforementioned. Whatever she did regarding McCain, she would have been criticized. So she prayed about it and did what she thought to be the right thing.

  12. Ricky says:

    One thing her detractors would have loved to say, “Sarah threw a prisoner of war and the man who gave her the opportunity of a lifetime under the bus!” Oh man, we would never have heard the end of that!

  13. Kitty says:

    Ronald Reagan didn’t declare his candidacy until November 13, 1979.

  14. jane says:

    Did all the Dems & GOP candidates coordinate the use of “she’s a tease?” I haven’t heard that term used as much as back decades ago when girls fluffed the hs boys but wouldn’t finish the job. Is that where all the posters whining about Palin being a tease are at? Or are they a bunch a toddlers whining because momma won’t tell them yes or no – but says later. Crap people – if you can’t wait until she decides – go throw your support behind a declared candidate but stop the bit*hing.

  15. FeFe says:

    My thoughts on event:
    – I would rather spend my time with this hometown (Tea Party) talent show than on any high production value propaganda.
    – It was a lively show, and Americans trying to do the right thing and practicing capitalism is my idea of heaven.
    My thoughts on location:
    – Anniversary of her GOP VP speech. A true hometown girl. Can you name any anniversary, personal or political, John Kerry would spend in a field in Iowa? Pelosi?
    My thoughts on speech:
    – America is not for sale (get lost you crony capitalists)
    – “Entitlement reform is our duty”
    – America did not leave their Servant’s Heart on Normandy Beach
    – ETHICAL OIL PROSPERITY FOR AMERICA (love you Canada and domestic resources)
    – Govt jobs are just titles and Americans don’t do titled monarchy
    – “Born the Heirs Of Freedom”
    – Can be trusted with America’s cultural inheritance
    My thoughts on crowd:
    – You just know that each one of these attendees has called their congress critter or local political party in the last five years and when pressed for their business name were given the bush off for being working class (9 to 5 indeed)
    – America Workin’ 9 to 5 in Jesus’ name
    – What the MSM will fail to see, but is so plainly obvious, these people are not star struck but sympatico so no need to do anything but show love
    My thoughts on GOP field:
    – She was handed a baby!!!!!!!!!! A true political rally and not a RINO red cent

  16. ltw says:

    “Some things that stood out to me in Palin’s speech…”
    Sandy, given your opinion of Sen. McCain, surely the term “hobbit” stood out in Gov. Palin’s speech, yes?

  17. TheTotalConservative says:

    I think the speech was quite strong. You hit the nail on the head though, Palin has to control the venue. Dan that is what exactly what I thought when the Comedian was on. The speech was only overhyped because Karl Rove and Dick Morris. Palin’s Pac did a nice job trying to downplay it. The speech showed one thing and that is Sarah Palin is alive and Well and has our attention.

  18. section9 says:

    What Palin was careful to do was to lay out a conservative/tea party platform that no one can, other than the Paultards, can flank her on the right.
    This is actually Nixonian, only the Libtards in the media and the GOP Establishment don’t get it. Mittens believes that you must capture the center to capture the GOP nomination. Nothing could be further from the truth.
    To capture the GOP nomination, one must win the Conservatives, and Palin has to establish that he conservative authenticity trumps Governor Perry’s. To do so she has to begin to have the conversation with the Base about Reaganism, authenticity, and why things didn’t change during Bushtardia, and why things won’t change if Perry is returned to Washington as Bush III.
    Palin has to throw down the gauntlet to GOP voters and demand of them if they are really about Reaganism or not; if it’s all about sending Cronytards back in place of Obama’s Cronytards On Steroids, then there is no real change, it’s all just rearranging the deck chairs on the Titanic.
    That’s what Palin will argue to the GOP rank and file primary voters. After the twelve years of Bush and Obama, I think it can be a winning argument.

  19. gary gulrud says:

    Via ‘Rico seems Ace(I’m still banned) thought the speech Candidate boilerplate, unworthy of the hype. But I see by the comments it hit a rather different chord.
    Rick had better crush Mittens by Sept. 22, he’ll need to be undistracted. Bachmann will help him now and hamstring him later.

  20. sickofrinos says:

    When will Palin tell us her plan? Does she have one? O dopey me, of course she has a plan. It must be Top Secret.

  21. sickofrinos says:

    Am growing tired of her manipulative moves. Standard stump speeches. Boring. Where is the Palin that motivated me during her run with juan? Stand up like a man and bitch slap these rubes.

  22. Ragspierre says:

    Rep. Gerry Connolly (D-Va.) said if the 2012 presidential election was held today, President Barack Obama wouldn’t win Virginia, a state he carried in 2008.
    Speaking on local Washington radio station WTOP Friday, Connolly said, “In my opinion, no, today he would not win the state.”
    But, with more than a year before Election Day, Connolly said Obama still has time to regain the momentum he had in the last election.
    Time…??? Yes. He has time. But he will use it to his disadvantage. Hubris is a powerful cement, and it will keep him stuck on stupid.

  23. Ragspierre says:

    “She is not capable of raising anywhere near the amount of money necessary for a serious presidential campaign,” said the strategist, who like several others interviewed spoke on condition of anonymity to avoid damaging professional relationships. “Maybe a couple million. Not $50 million.”
    Whoever said that is a real idiot. Palin could raise that in very short order.

  24. Terry Gain says:

    Time…??? Yes. He has time. But he will use it to his disadvantage. Hubris is a powerful cement, and it will keep him stuck on stupid
    Obama’s finished. His big government socialist credentials are too well established. Business people are not going to be taken in again and invest in his dream. He has fundamentally transformed the economy. It won’t recover while he’s in power.

  25. Ragspierre says:

    Just how disconnected with reality is the Collective? How delusional, really?
    Try this…
    On the jobs front, as Matt Yglesias points out, things are going exactly according to Republican plan, insofar as massive public-sector layoffs every single month are helping to depress overall jobs numbers. These layoffs are of course the direct result of budget cuts—reductions in federal aid to states in various programs that have come under the knife since the spring. The deals Obama has made with the Republicans have therefore contributed to the jobs crisis. The Republicans of course know this and surely have a chuckle about it in private. Obama makes videos bragging about the single biggest budget cut in history.
    The poor idiot who wrote that ‘graph depends on Matt Yglesias for economic savvy…!?!?! That’s just sad.
    Real unemployment…factoring in the people who have left the job market…is more like 11-12%. And it damned sure is not the result of some VRWC. It is pure cause-effect from BIG GOVERNMENT fascist economics and the Collectivist war on choice and modernity.

  26. gary gulrud says:

    “Stand up like a man and bitch slap these rubes.”
    You mean like a girl. I like how all us arm-chair COS wannabes think we can do better than Rove and Rahm. Be patient, watched pot.

  27. D. says:

    I agree with you about the venue. She could use an advance team.
    The speech was amazing and her interaction with the crowd was great.

  28. Pasadena Phil says:

    The most important quote from her speech:
    “Folks, you know that it’s not enough to just change up the uniform,” Palin said. “If we don’t change the team and the game plan we won’t save our country.”
    So far, the GOP front runners, Rombama and Perrybush, only change the uniform but the globalist one-world-without-borders plan remains the same.

  29. Ragspierre says:

    It is always fun when Filly talks nuts like this.
    ‘Course, he has called Palin a “squish” long before now, too.

  30. Ragspierre says:

    Question: is this scenario and more absurd than this: “Perry Used Jet of Donor Who Faces SEC Probe“? You might think it was big news. The headline was featured on a big-time internet news aggregator and linked to a story in The Wall Street Journal. Is there a story here? Rick Perry flew on a private jet of a wealthy Republican donor who hopes that Perry wins: that’s the real tort here. What difference does it make that the donor is “under investigation for possible securities fraud by Texas regulators and the Securities and Exchange Commission”? What bearing does that have on Governor Perry’s trip? No, the real story in this non-story is contained between commas: “Mr. Perry, who has emerged in just weeks as the new front-runner for the Republican presidential nomination, . . .” In brief, it’s Open Season on Perry, and if reporters can’t find anything substantive to pin on him guilt by association will do in a pinch.
    –Roger Kimball
    Perhaps a good question is why the Texas donor is under investigation, and whether we should draw ANY implication from an “investigation” by the Obama DOJ? After all, Gibson Guitar is under active prosecution, while Black Panthers who default are exonerated of all wrong-doing.
    Think, people.

  31. Neo says:

    Palin’s comments on “crony capitalism” took me back to a post I read about 2 years ago on some forgotten site by some forgotten Progressive …
    “Can’t we all agree that it’s about dividing up the spoils ?”
    The answer is “NO!”

  32. m says:

    She will not get the nominee in 2012. I prefer Gov. Rick Perry of Texas as the Republican candidate better than Romney, Bachmann, and Palin.

  33. Dan says:

    This blog post is super juicy. It looks like they are going to start fighting back. It’s about time somebody took on these counter-productive ignoramuses!
    If FreedomWorks gets their way, President Obama is going to get re-elected… Can’t we all just allow the candidates speak and let people decide for themselves!

  34. RefudiateObama2012 says:

    A number of the GOP insiders have said she doesn’t have the retail political skills that are needed. She sure showed her lack of retail politicking skills after her speech, didn’t she.
    She spent more time in the crowd than she did on the stage and it wasn’t just handshaking of people with anonymous faces. She engaged each and everyone who got within range of her which was most everyone who made the effort to meet her. She asked them their names, where they were from, and what they did for a living. Nope, she can’t do retail politicking worth a lick./

  35. For 30 years the oil company held progress in Alaska captive with the contract that was given to them, the political will to get them to honor the contract was just not there. Then along came Sarah Palin, long story short, she solved the problem, got business going, and threw the corrupt Republican bastards in jail!

  36. Ragspierre says:

    Obama is still suffering from the Speech Illusion, the idea that he can come down from the mountain, read from a Teleprompter, cast a magic spell with his words and climb back up the mountain, while we scurry around and do what he proclaimed.
    The days of spinning illusions in a Greek temple in a football stadium are done. The One is dancing on the edge of one term.
    The White House team is flailing — reacting, regrouping, retrenching. It’s repugnant.
    After pushing and shoving and caving to get on TV, the president’s advisers immediately began warning that the long-yearned-for jobs speech wasn’t going to be that awe-inspiring.
    Wow. Dowd turns out to be a racist.
    Bad Luck Barry could do one simple thing that would begin a genuine expansion overnight…

  37. sickofrinos says:

    The dems are going to throw clinton and richardson into the primary. Ofungus is dying a slow death.

  38. Ragspierre says:
    What’s the REAL unemployment rate…???
    Well, a LOT higher than 9.1%. And…
    Obama made it worse.

  39. Elmo says:

    Iron stomach … Dan. I had it live, at open, and was filled with revulsion (just like whenever Chucklehead’s golden glowing aura, fills up the screen). Couldn’t watch more an a single second.
    Ooond no peeps, this ain’ a slam at YOU [for your choice (get over that fookin elmo already … OK)].
    We don’t need another politician. We need a leader. A public servant. Obviously that lets out beeg hat (with however many cattle?). Sarah’s campaign ship h a s sailed. I could care less if she enters. My disappointment in her … profound. Each day she exposes her style (as it were). Her lack of substance.
    F*ck style over substance. Not again. Not now. Not ever again (say it with me …. NEVER AGAIN).

  40. jane says:

    Elmo – I’m curious – if you don’t think Palin is a leader vice a politician, who do you see fitting that role?

  41. Terry says:

    Only a few hundred surly geriatric losers showed up in a soggy field to hear the Arctic Grifter babble. Her brand is tarnished even among the Children of the Corn.
    Undefeated and unelectable.

  42. USA American says:

    “Finally, Palin needs to lose the notion that she can continue to not control venues for her speeches after this weekend. I cringed with Mr. Iowa Tea Party, or whomever, invoked the Civil War as the North representing Big Government and the South conservatism. Not only is it historically inaccurate, it’s Paulian nut job land that ultimately sounds rather ugly and Palin would be wise to avoid the risk of being linked to it in the future, however inadvertantly.”
    Of course you cringed. You can’t have the rubes honestly expressing what Teahdism is all about, can you? Teahadism sounds ugly, because it IS ugly. “Controlling venues” in Teahadi means pre-screening questions so that the speaker / candidate / whomever gets to just repeat, unquestioned, the same meaningless platitudes.
    Just ask Teahdi hero, Steve Chabot|mostpopular|text|FRONTPAGE

  43. gary gulrud says:

    The ugly day I forecast for markets a week ago Friday following Bennie’s nothing happenin’ speech concludes tomorrow. Asia and Europe down big, Dr. Doom gives world recession > 60% chance, Arab Spring now post-Ramadan Salafist Fall.
    Urkel’s nothing talk-down-to-slacker-Amerikkka will lead to an overnight dive in job performance. Yeah, like there’s room for one.
    He will never see 40% approval again and Donk voter turnout Nov. 2012 will be 67% in Blue States.

  44. Ragspierre says:

    Well, I’ve learned something new from these folks: Up until now, I’ve thought that running a strong presidential campaign is a sign that one can probably govern fairly well too. But there appears to be little correlation between the two.
    One wonders if there is concern now in the party’s higher echelons about the White House’s methods. Of course there must be. But what, for example, do seasoned Democratic senators say to one another when they chat in private? What about the party’s big money people? All of them must be dismayed. But which of them can reach Obama? Who can pierce the armor of his inner circle and tell him he needs to start doing business in a different way in a hurry?
    This week has the feel of one that might become retrospectively pivotal. If indeed we are standing there watching as President Perry is sworn in two Januarys from now, and we’re forced to ponder the what ifs, space will be reserved on that list for a week in which the administration made a boneheaded political mistake, presided over a jobs announcement with zero growth, and turned on a key constituency group.
    –The Daily Beast
    Heh, heh, heh…

  45. Ragspierre says:

    After Teamsters union president Jimmy Hoffa, Jr. called for a “war” against Republicans and tea partiers on Monday, one tea party group is calling for the union leader to resign.
    “Calls to violence can never be acceptable in this civil society,” the Rockford, Illinois tea party group said in a statement. “Hoffa’s remarks were made in an introduction to Obama speaking to Auto Workers and Unions in Detroit and this sort of angry, hateful, call to violence should be repudiated by the President with a call from the President to ask Hoffa to resign his very public position of influence.”
    While warming up a Labor Day crowed in Detroit before a speech by President Obama, Hoffa Jr. said unions need to pick a fight with tea partiers and congressional Republicans.
    “President Obama, this is your army,” Hoffa Jr. declared. “We are ready to march. Let’s take these sons of bitches out and take America back to where America we belong.”
    The Rockford tea party called Hoffa’s comments “incendiary and dangerous.”
    “If even one member of the Tea Party is harmed by anyone after Hoffa’s call to violence, then Hoffa should be held accountable by the Justice System and Charged appropriately,” the group said.
    Read more:
    Bad Luck Barry was heard to suck his teeth in repudiation of Hoofa. Collectivists love big talk…

  46. Ragspierre says:

    No one, not even the president’s defenders, expect his coming jobs speech to mean anything. When the president spoke during a recent market swoon, the market dropped another 100 points. Democrats may soon have to confront an uncomfortable truth, and ask whether Obama is a suitable choice at the top of the ticket in 2012. They may then have to ask themselves if there’s any way they can push him off the top of the ticket.
    That these questions have not yet been asked in any serious way shows how weak the Democratic Party is as a political organization. Yet this political weakness is not inevitable, it can be changed through courage and collective action by a few party insiders smart and principled enough to understand the value of a public debate, and by activists who are courageous enough to face the real legacy of the Obama years.
    Obama has ruined the Democratic Party.

  47. David R. Graham says:

    The goal is to break the back of the ecclesial/academic/media/bureaucratic monopoly that killed John F. Kennedy and has been sucking power into the federal system ever since. Sarah Palin is the only religious/moral/political personality of national and international prominence who embodies that goal.

  48. R Current says:

    It’s been a couple or three days since you posted. Get out of the fetal position and man up.
    I want to hear more of your insight.

  49. Navdu?ilo pa me je, nadle?nega dlakocepca, da je slovenska razli?ica na tvoji povezavi vsaj lepo prevedena. Angle?ka za poro?evalca ponuja “Rapporteur” kar je kve?jemu version franglaise.

  50. sickofrinos says:

    Since 1951 Denmark has added 4000 jobs in the private sector. In the public sector its added 683000 jobs. The public sector has only added jobs- no loss of jobs!! 13-1 private to public employees in 1951. Today 2.3 private to public. The trend is untenable and needs to be reversed. Ofungus has went down the wrong road and will be leaving after 1 term.

  51. sickofrinos says:

    To all you union punks out there- Bring it on- Lets get this rodeo going.

  52. Elmo says:

    Well Jane, why should I bore anyone … really? I encourage everyone to spend the large amount of time and energy (nothing’s free). To sort out the dross. Separate duh Wheaties, from the flakes (oh elmo, you’re blowing my mind). I’m not selling anything. I’m not buying anything.
    We are at the precipice. Of disaster. Plain. Simple. Like the world has NEVER seen before. I mean ever.
    I have no patience for disingenuousness. And that’d be what Palin’s now practicing. Well, at least for those open, those willing … to see reality? She has destroyed her own stock. By her own hand/volition. All by herself. Putting personal interest, and political interest. Over national interest.
    Amazing really. The ease, the speed, the lack of compunction (in so doing). To me (omg!), simply is not Presidential. And the longer she takes this journey? The farther afield she will be. It’s a disconnect I cannot abide. Nor ever.
    We fulfill our own destiny. Save this country. Or it dies. Before our very eyes. Which … has nothing to do with mere politics.
    A moment in history, filled with import unimaginable. I believe I can trust Herman Cain (whatever my thoughts on his potential to do the job? Not sure, but then I’ve never met the man). And yes, I can trust Bachmann (and believe she is in fact, THE best candidate … by a country mile). The rest? Trust? You must be joking.
    blah blah blah (yada yada) … (cover of/Billy Joel/a matter of trust)

  53. Ragspierre says:

    A German company has been in talks to take over NHS hospitals, the first tangible evidence that foreign multinationals will be able to run state-owned acute services, a market worth £8bn, the Guardian can reveal.
    On the eve of the last Commons vote on the government’s bill before it heads to the Lords this week, freedom of information requests reveal a series of meetings focused on “potential opportunities in London” between officials from the Department of Health, the NHS, the management consultant McKinsey and one of the largest German private hospital chains, Helios.
    Once EU competition law applies to the health service there would be no barrier to handing over the running of NHS hospitals to non-British firms. Helios has a record of turning around failing hospitals, largely by cutting staff or wage levels. Local politicians have accused it of being motivated more by revenues than by patient care.
    –The Guardian
    Hmmm… So that state-run thingy seems to be collapsing in England.

  54. Ragspierre says:

    Obama’s job approval rating has sunk to a low of 44 percent, a 3-point drop since July. His handling of the economy stands at a low of 37 percent. And only 19 percent believe the country is headed in the right direction, the lowest mark for this president.
    Perhaps most ominously for Obama, a majority of poll takers — 54 percent — think he’s facing a longer-term setback from which he’s unlikely to recover. Back in January, just 39 percent agreed with that assessment.
    Indeed, that 54 percent is virtually identical to George W. Bush’s score on the same question in the Nov. 2005 NBC News/Wall Street Journal poll, which was released just months after Bush’s widely criticized handling of Hurricane Katrina.
    Growing recognition that…
    Obama made it worse.

  55. gary gulrud says:

    So Urkel’s ‘plan’ is being fleshed out, extend unemployement benefits, invest in infrastructure and hand money to Blue States to fund social mandates. New ideas will be carted out over the fall as they occur in the stream of unconsciousness.
    Romney’s record of job creation in MA 1.5%, national average 5.5%. Job creation in private equity career?
    Perry misses first debrief in SC due to fire so Mother B. gets to talk abolishing Carter created Dept. of Education.
    Huntsman’s perma-bull friendly package includes 0% Capital Gains–like homeowners will have any–along with removing all deductions. Hopefully 8% minimum personal tax will include some of the blessed lower 50% of the population.
    Dow down 220 at open.

  56. Ragspierre says:

    What I say now, I say as a proud former union member and the wife, daughter, and sister of union members. So, as a former card-carrying IBEW sister married to a proud former Laborers, IBEW, and later USW member, please hear me out. What I have to say is for the hard working, patriotic, selfless union brothers and sisters in Michigan and throughout our country: Please don’t be taken in by union bosses’ thuggery like Jim Hoffa represented yesterday. Union bosses like this do not have your best interests at heart. What they care about is their own power and re-electing their friend Barack Obama so he will take care of them to the detriment of everyone else.
    To the same degree Americans are concerned about irresponsible, greedy corporate execs who got cushy bonuses from taxpayer-funded bailouts, we should also be concerned about greedy union bosses who are willing to tank our economy just to protect their own power. As union history shows, power and greed corrupt. Just because you claim to represent union members doesn’t mean you are on the side of the angels. The greed of too many of these union bosses has all but destroyed the labor movement in this country, helped chase away our jobs, and is killing the American dream.
    To see where this leads, look at what’s happening to the working class in our industrialized cities. These cities are going to hell in a hand basket thanks to corruption, crony capitalism, and the union bosses’ greed. The union bosses derive their power from your union dues and their promise to deliver your votes to whichever politician they’re in bed with. They get their power from you, and yet their actions ultimately hurt you. They’re chasing American industry offshore by making outrageous, economically illogical demands that they know will never work. And now that they’ve chased jobs out of union states, they’re trying to chase them out of right-to-work states like South Carolina, so eventually the jobs will leave America altogether. But these union bosses will still figure out a way to keep their gig, and so will their politically aligned corporate friends. As long as these big corporations have a good crony capitalist in the White House, they can rely on DC to bail them out until the whole system goes bankrupt, which, I am afraid, is not very far off. When big government, big business, and big union bosses collude together, they get government to maximize their own interests against those of the rest of the country.
    Read the whole thing.

  57. Ragspierre says:

    On this labor day, a story in the British Telegraph sheds new light on the respect for working people held by the thankfully no longer existing German Democratic Republic, or DDR, the Stalinist state in East Germany that fell with the collapse of Communism. In theory, of course, the socialist states, or “really existing socialism,” as the “People’s Democracies” were referred to, expressed the interests of the world’s working class, that was busy building socialism. As we all know, had the late Communist leader Erich Honaker not ordered construction of the Berlin wall, three-quarters of the population would have voted with their feet and fled to West Berlin.
    One of the ways the East German regime maintained its power was with lucrative contracts with Western capitalist firms that obviously welcomed a regime whose work force was forbidden to strike, and that could be guaranteed to produce at the lowest wages possible and with no leverage to use in bargaining with their employer—the East German state. But the news story released today makes the usual arrangement seem benign.
    It appears that the Swedish retail firm Ikea, that thousands of Americans go to in malls throughout our country to purchase cheap and poorly made but sometimes workable furniture, had a very special arrangement with the Stasi, East German’s notorious secret police. Ikea actually used political prisoners as slave labor to make its furniture, in particular, sofas manufactured in one plant that was conveniently situated next to a prison!
    Funny how the Collective…in its various guises…always works in the same ways, and to the same ends.
    Poorer populations, police-state impositions, and much, much more death and misery.

  58. Elmo says:

    See Waggs. See Waggs laugh. See Waggs play. See Waggs have fun. See Waggs.
    (Python/Monty/Spam … 2:14)

  59. Ragspierre says:

    A study by McKinsey suggests that clean energy may produce jobs for highly skilled engineers, but it will not produce many jobs for U.S. manufacturing workers. Gordon Hughes, formerly of the World Bank and now an economist at the University of Edinburgh, surveyed the landscape and concluded: “There are no sound economic arguments to support an assertion that green energy policies will increase the total level of employment in the medium or longer term when we hold macroeconomic conditions constant.”
    All of this is not to say that the government shouldn’t be doing what it can to promote clean energy. It is to say that the government isn’t very good when it tries to directly create private-sector jobs.
    In 2009, Josh Lerner of Harvard Business School published a useful book called “Boulevard of Broken Dreams.” He found that for each instance in which the government has successfully promoted entrepreneurial activity, there is a pile of instances in which it failed.
    Lerner details case after case where public investments produced little or nothing. But he also makes an important distinction between government efforts to set the table for entrepreneurial activity and government efforts to create jobs directly. Setting the table means building an underlying context for innovation: funding academic research, establishing clear laws, improving immigration policies, building infrastructure and keeping capital gains tax rates low.
    –David Brooks “conservative” NYT
    East German central planning won’t work here any better than it did there.

  60. Elmo says:

    Wow … impressive … really.

  61. Ragspierre says:

    A decision made by Gov. Pat Quinn may leave thousands of state workers without a job by the end of the week.
    The cuts are coming in the face of a budget deficit that doesn’t leave enough money to pay the workers, the governor says. Quinn also plans to close a prison, juvenile detention center and homes for the mentally ill.
    If no cuts are made, several agencies will run out of money by spring, Quinn says.
    “We can’t spend money we don’t have,” Quinn said Tuesday.
    Quinn Passes Buck on Raise Cuts for Workers
    The state’s largest government employee union, AFSCME, promises to sue if the layoffs are made, much like they did over blocked pay raises.
    And just like the pay raise situation, Quinn says these layoffs aren’t his fault.

  62. Ragspierre says:

    ( – The percentage of American adults who lack health insurance coverage has not only increased during the presidency of Barack Obama, but it has continued to increase since Obama signed his signature piece of legislation last year mandating that by 2014 every American carry health insurance, according to a Gallup survey released today.
    Obama made it worse.

  63. sickofrinos says:

    That deb wasernameschlitz is a dynamite speaker for the dems. Deranged,delusional and dumb. She looked as bad as don hoffa.

  64. Ricky says:

    Where is Bachmann, Romney, Perry etc. on this? Waiting for Sarah to take the lead again? Heck, Perry even refused to comment on Hoffa.
    Where were they during the Tucson massacre when we were blamed for that violence. Sarah Palin is a fearless leader, never afraid to fight back against the vicious left.

  65. Ricky says:

    This one decided to make some money out of it! More of the “please give me money, Pelosi is out to get me!” Michael Savage has her number!
    Perhaps if the “teaparty leader” stood up for the teapartiers during Tucson (she was silent), they would have been more willing to support her financially now that “her campaign” is under attack, and she would not have to use incidents like this to beg for money.

  66. Tennwriter says:

    I like Bachmann well enough, and on her occasional errors I’m willing (as I am to some degree with Perry) to cut her slack. But I’m kinda amazed at your willingness to declare Palin toast.
    She chose not to use the strategy that many of her detractors wanted her to use, and their response is ‘oh, well, she’s dead now.’
    Still got an awful lot of mojo.
    One might suspect you’re mad just cause she’s better at the game than her opponents. Right now, she’s on track to do the superexcellence of strategy according to Sun Tzu, to win against an enemy with out fighting them.
    And this could be really helpful to her. She beats Bachmann and Perry and Romney without hardly saying much mean….makes it a lot easier for them, and their supporters to get behind her when the time comes.
    Thing is, Elmo. I don’t know if I’m reading the tea leaves right. But you’re really convinced you are.

  67. sickofrinos says:

    Hats off to Dana Loesch, Mike Flynn and Andrew Brietbart for going to the home of media matters and getting the IRS 990 disclosure form. Keep it up. Being a barbaric terroist hostage taking hobbit easily allows me to be a Proud SOB. I think we all need to take over our own state houses. Yes, Throw the bums out.

  68. Elmo says:

    You’re misreading me Tenn (no big). It isn’t about strategy, nope (she can employ whichever she so chooses?). It’s about integrity. If you’re unable to see the measure I’ve put forth?
    Angry? That’s pointless. Support whomsoever, and strongly [it ain’t about my candidate’s dad can whup your candidate’s dad (as it were … in gestalt)].
    In the “grasshopper” strategy … you see light, sparkles, and pretty things. Music lilting on a breeze (we’re saved, halleluyah!). I see someone not worthy of my vote (but if hell freezes over, and she gets the nod. Goes without saying, she has it. But never my trust, or support. Ever).
    We can do better. Sarah isn’t it. She may once have been (in many’s minds). But I’m not willing to “settle”. Sorry. I believe many are projecting, onto her, something that is no longer there.
    I’m not putting forth any future scenarios. Or dissecting strategy (beyond my ken). Let alone reading leaves uh tea (y’all knock yourselves out).
    We can do better. We must. The future demands nothing less. Honestly, this leap into the void is dangerous. And for me, is excruciating to watch (many rushing lemminglike into it). Troubling even … disturbing.
    The White House is ours. Let’s make it home. No squishes. No (creme filled) puffed pastries. No bouffant. No rodeo cowboy wannabe’s. No backstabbers. No clowns.
    titanium … or nothing
    The world IS about to explode. Kaboom! I want the best. And I believe we can have it. In times of peril. In time of war. Great war.
    Tick … tock. Tick tock. Six minutes to midnight?
    Must be a Braille clock? More like two …

  69. Ragspierre says:

    100%, sicko.