The Push For Christie Is About Romney, Not Perry

September 24, 2011

First, a big congratulations are in order for Herman Cain. He kicked azz and took names in the Florida straw poll, in large part because he answered the questions, while not playing the usual political games. The next debate in Las Vegas in October will be critical for Perry. If he doesn't turn things around, people are going to begin talking about the long road home for the Texas Governor.

As for this, I simply want to dispel one myth. While a weakened Perry may be being used as something of a ruse and also something of a door for the robust Governor from NJ, Chris Christie, to walk through, the forces trying to push Christie into the race are driven by concerns over Romney, not Perry. If they didn't believe, as do many conservatives, that Romney isn't going to cut it against Obama, they would be more than happy to sit on their hands and watch Perry implode.

Chris Christie back in spotlight as Perry sags

Forget the YouTube clips, Christie is pure establishment Republican dealing with a balanced budget mandate in NJ and an already over-taxed population. He has no other route to take for New Jersey than the one he has been and he is doing some real good there. However, if he ever steps onto the national stage, it will soon be very clear from his record that he is your typical NE Republican and unable to stir the conservative base.

All the forces pushing him hope for is that Christie could peel off enough soft conservatives to take it to Mitt. Christie may well eventually run for President one day, but he'll do it as an establishment Republican because that's what he is. The backstory behind the push for Christie makes it obvious, but all the proof one needs can be found on the pages of the Weekly Standard and the Washington Post. Those are not publications that give a damn about pushing a genuinely conservative candidate. If they could beat Romney and also knock Perry, or any other conservative out of the race, they would be thrilled. But they would not be backing Perry no matter how well he was performing. Sans Christie, they will eventually fall in line behind Romney, just as their earlier positioning makes abundantly clear.

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  1. sickofrinos says:

    Congrats Mr. Cain. The people of Florida told the top 2 rinos, No Thanks.
    Are you listening christie?

  2. Ragspierre says:

    Will Cain become the target that Perry has been?
    No more than Bachmann was the focus of all the heat after Iowa.
    But time will tell…
    And Cain looked pretty able.

  3. sickofrinos says:

    The best thing about Cain is the lamesteamers will have to expose his posse of racist teabaggers.

  4. Mr. Potato Head says:

    Two words describe Christie’s presidential prospects: fat chance.
    The same Establishment Republicans who pushed for Paul Ryan and Mitch Daniels are now trying to convince Chris Christie to jump in.
    This is not an Establishment Republican presidential election cycle. For example, between Romney and Huntsman you are lucky to get 25% of the GOP electorate. With Ron Paul getting another 10-12%, the rest are allocated across Perry, Bachmann, Cain, Johnson, and Gingrich, all of which have dwindling campaign prospects. I know Herman won Florida and congratulations go out to him, but he doesn’t have national name recognition. This was as much a vote against the supposed front-runners Perry and Romney as a vote for Herman, as deserving as he was.

  5. Who Let The Donks Out says:

    Perry isn’t a Rino, he’s just dumb. He’s got great advisors but can’t stand on his own which is what a debate is all about.
    Romney did almost as well as Perry even though Perry spent a ton of money in Florida and Romney didn’t. Romney wasn’t even officially in the thing, and he still got nearly as many votes as Perry.
    Palin could still jump in, and Perry’s implosion increases the chances she will, but she’s weakened herself by waiting so long. I think if she does get in she’ll mostly just weaken the chances of the not-Romney candidates by splitting the social conservative vote.
    Cain’s bump won’t last long. He’s too prone to gaffes. He’s got a shot at the veep slot depending on who the nominee is, though.
    Finally, as for Christie, Riehl underestimates the appeal of someone who can speak as plainly and forcefully as Christie. But he’s right that people want Christie because he’s not-Romney but also someone with solid appeal to the moderate and independent voters. Social conservatives would find plenty to disagree with but at the end of the day it would come down to a choice between winning with Rino Romney who can’t be trusted to speak plainly about anything; or winning with Christie who not only speaks plainly but somehow manages to get people to accept things they’d really rather not hear; or going with a candidate who makes Tea Party legs tingle but will have a hard time taking it to the goal.
    And if Christie doesn’t get in then it’s pretty much clear sailing for Romney. And social conservatives will complain about it but in the end he’ll get their votes, too, and win the general by a very large margin.

  6. newrouter says:

    “but he doesn’t have national name recognition.”
    for next 24 hours mr. cain will plenty of exposure

  7. apodoca says:

    The RINO’s arej pathetic. Christie? He’s only a YouTube legend because he bought and paid for the fame. Besides that, he’s not got the reform chops. He’s no Conservative hero who can do hard things in easy times. He’s doing them now because he’s got no choice, and that is no big deal. The base is waiting for Palin.

  8. Winghunter says:

    If Christie was stupid enough to run, he’ld be outed fast;
    Chris Christie – A Conservative Myth
    Part 1 – Budget Myths
    Part 2 – Unions and State Employees
    Part 3 – Conservative Appointees
    Part 4 – Political Endorsements
    Part 5 – Cap & Trade and “Green Technology”
    Part 6 – Gov. Christie and Obamacare
    Part 7 – Illegal Aliens, Gun Control and the GZ Mosque
    Part 8 – A Conservative Myth Exposed
    Perry’s Open Borders, US-Mexican Highway and Amnesty already has him heading home.
    AND we will NOT suffer Romney! The Romney Scorecard: RINO
    All three would be able to beat Obama but, none of them are worth a damn.

  9. Mr. Potato Head says:

    “but he doesn’t have national name recognition.”
    for next 24 hours mr. cain will plenty of exposure
    National name recognition takes more than 24 hours, I’m afraid. You delude yourself to think otherwise.

  10. gary gulrud says:

    In other news, the WH kitchen is unable to hire enough food tasters to ensure the safety of the First Family. Jobs are hard to come by in this economy, but prospective Palistinian suicide bombers are a hotter ticket these days.

  11. sickofrinos says:

    The hottest thing going may be the obammaites jumping off the bus.

  12. m says:

    I heard that Gov. Christie might run for President. It is these RINOs wanted him to run because of the disppointing debate between Romney and Perry other night in Flordia. Bill Kristol and Mitch Daniels, also want Christie to run. Mr. Christie does support Obamacare just like Mitt Romney. Romney and Christie will not get the nominee. I am going to stick with Perry. I think Newt Gingrich won the debate. I am disappointed with these people are activists with Republican Party and write the commentary for a conservative magazine, National Review and newspapers, for example like Karl Rove, Bill Kristol, Fred Barnes, Ann Coutler, Laura Ingraham have become a RINOs. They are not conservative anymore. I have stopped reading their columns and have not watch them on Fox News Network. I listened to Rush Limbaugh. The Republican Party need a clean house.

  13. GhostShip says:

    The front-runners are all Establishment Republicans. Romney is a big government Republican and Perry is the just the same.
    Perry with his “You don’t have a heart.” mentality is the same as Bush’s compassionate conservatism. We all know the damage Bush 1 and 2 did to the party and with Perry we’ll be getting Bush 3.
    Ugh! This is why we’re still getting rumors of one person or another that might still get in the race. It’s because everyone running now completely sucks.

  14. Ragspierre says:
    Interesting little poll there.
    With and without Palin and Christie.
    I think Bachmann is about done, from all indications.

  15. Ragspierre says:
    I wonder how many of us BIG GOVERNMENT kills, really. A lot more than you’d think.

  16. sickofrinos says:

    Rags- you voted for?
    Taking inhalers now. And your doctors next week!!

  17. Christie is a liberal on Every. Single. Issue.
    I ask everyone who admires his confrontational style as “Governor Awesome” to imagine that this is the face WE will be seeing talking to US when he is fighting US once our issues of border control, smaller government, ObamaCare, global warming legislation are on the table. As much as people like Coulter like him today, we will all hate him ten time more once he gets into his agenda.
    Let’s kill this virus while we can. We know he is formidable and talented. But we are looking for a formidable and talented candidate who is on OUR side for change.

  18. Tennwriter says:

    I don’t take Christie seriously as a national candidate. And I ‘spect he knows better too. He’s found his natural habitat, and he’s enjoying it, and good for him, but I’d probably vote Constitutionalist in a national election for good reason.
    And Romney might win, but his coattails would be pretty small. And chances are, he’d lose in 2016. Why? Unmotivated base (with some actively against him) vs. Really Motivated Left for the Candidate du jour.
    Romney heightens the chance of a third party split, and the end of the GOP (which might be worth it). Christie? Eh, he ain’t got a chance.

  19. gary gulrud says:

    “The Republican Party need a clean house.”
    m is coming around folks!
    Posted by: Ragspierre | Sunday, September 25, 2011 at 09:40 AM
    Looks like we know where Michele’s support went, from Perry to Cain. And Cain’s support is in lieu of another in turn.

  20. Ragspierre says:

    Romney wins in Mich.
    Not news. Totally expected.
    While not worthLESS, how much value do straw polls have?

  21. Chris Christie-believer in anthropogenic global climate change, a supporter of gun control, and a moderate on Islam and illegal immigration.
    No way in hell I’d vote for him in the primaries. I’d vote for Huntsman before I would him. At least Huntsman, for all his multiple flaws, doesn’t believe in gun control.

  22. sickofrinos says:

    Is there anything on Rubio? Would he pass inspection?

  23. Huey says:

    Now THAT’S the ticket!

  24. gary gulrud says:

    I’m kind of embarrassed for Christie, I mean why not queer George Pataki?

  25. It is NOT too late for Sarah. She could jump in 90 days before election and it would not be too late. I like her strategy of letting the field run itself hard in the first turn while she hangs back. 13 months is a long time. Campaign fatigue will take over and the lazy MSM will be wanting something fresh to kill. Problem is, they’ve already taken their best shots at Palin. There will only be one story at that point: can she win?
    Palin / Cain? Let the Left choke on their own outrage that the Republicans managed the first female president and black vice president. It could only be better if Palin could pick a gay Latino for her running mate, but I don’t think that’s a probability. Heh.

  26. I think Rubio’s the real deal Statesman I’ve been waiting for. At least he sounds like him. One worry is that in his best speech to date, at the Reagan Library, he threw a sop to the tired old meme of “compassionate conservatism.” I felt my heart sink to my knees at that point.

  27. steve says:

    Sometimes the mainstream journalists convey more truth than they realize. Every time the story about Christie getting into the race pops up, you’ll hear about GOP fundraisers and “leaders” being behind the push. Think about whether this ongoing search for the perfect candidate is about nominating the most electable GOP canddiate or about consultants who are frozen out of the Romney campaign and want in on the action. Same type of mentality that led the RNC to implode. Nothing wrong with wanting to earn a buck, but it would be nice if these folks would do something useful.

  28. Shoeshineboy says:

    We don’t need to stir the republican base. All staunch repubs will vote for the republican candidate no matter who it is. We need to stir the independents and a Romney or Christie will do it, not a Perry. If beating Obama is the goal, it will be done with a moderate conservative, not a right winger.

  29. gary gulrud says:

    “We need to stir the independents and a Romney or Christie will”
    Last time McLame was at 42% until he named some woman as his veep.
    Romney has no chance at reaching 42% no matter who he names.

  30. Xiaoding says:

    “We need to stir the independents and a Romney or Christie will do it, ”
    Those must be good drugs.

  31. Ragspierre says:

    There are metrics that show that independents LIKE (and vote for) strong conservatives.
    This is a paradox, since they also SAY they like moderates.
    What matters…as always…is how people ACT, not how they talk.

  32. ThomasD says:

    More important than the WHO is the WHAT.
    All of this horse race of personalities is meant to distract the conversation away from what really mattes – the real issues, and the solutions.
    The establishment is thinks they can box you in on the WHO – be it Romney, Christie, or whoever they manage to maneuver into positions for the nomination.
    What they fear most is that, having gotten their man where they want him, the electorate will still have all those crazy ideas about the fundamental problems within our government, the need to get back to the Constitution, and they will insist on holding his feet to the fire.
    Can’t have that.
    Perry is not my first choice, nor even my second. But he’s also not beltway establishment, we saw that in the way Rove and the Bush camp responded early on.
    This election is ruling class versus country class, and don’t forget that.

  33. Tennwriter says:

    What you said Ragspierre, should be tattoed on every RINO’s most accessible body part. For some of them, the truth of what you said will be so traumautic that they will explode.
    We will miss them, but the ‘RINO Get A Clue Tattoo Program’ has to go forward.

  34. smitty says:

    But, I am so confident that Romney could out-do McCain’s ’08 concession speech work!

  35. Xiaoding says:

    Yeah, but the Gopers and GOP leaners, cannot win the election on their own. Choke on it, GOP!

  36. trista says:

    I’m sick of the ridiculous divide between so called conservatives (who are willing to overlook Perry’s not-so-conservative stance on immigration) and establishment republicans (who keep saying the conservatives will line up like sheep and vote). Seriously, we don’t need someone in this country that looks good on paper. We need someone who gets things done. People may not like Romney’s record, or trust his authenticity, but the man gets things done. He does what he was elected/asked to do. He works through issues with people who don’t think like he does, and he makes progress. The country is completely stalled because Obama lacks this finesse, and unfortunately, Perry lacks the energy to play pinata for more than an hour.

  37. Ragspierre says:

    trista, give us a detailed exposition of how Perry varies from Santorum.

  38. trista says:

    Ragspierre, they have different last names? ;) Honestly, I like Santorum fine. I enjoyed watching him take it to Perry in the debates. He is a little too far right for my preferences on a few issues, but seems like a good solid pick the far right might like. I probably won’t give him any serious thought until he steps up his fund raising numbers. For me, the number one issue this election cycle is the economy. If we don’t elect the right person to restore it, we will be paying for our bad choice for years to come, literally.

  39. sickofrinos says:

    trista- Romney did not get things done in ma. He was awol his last year and a half. He did absolutely nothing in his term as gov. of mass. to strenghthen the republican party. If conservatives vote for mittens- They are not conservative. They are selling out to the establishment morons. A vote for mittens is a vote for more romney care.

  40. trista says:

    sicko, I disagree. Romney got things done fine. He started his term as Governor with a $3 billion deficit. He left office with a $2 million surplus. He cut taxes 19 times, and he developed MassCare, which it’s important to note, the STATE wanted (which is the states’ rights to do so). He worked with a liberal government to get it all done. He does get things done. You just don’t like what he did.
    I already said I’m not interested in voting for someone who looks good on paper (although I think Romney does, purists disagree) to “strengthen the republican party”. I want someone who has the leadership, governing experience, and private sector experience to fix the economy.
    And I vote, so calling me a sell-out establishment moron, is not going to advance your cause, but you can say what you want.

  41. gary gulrud says:

    Romamba has been vetted and lost once already. Amerikkka says no sale, cart the carcass off the stage.
    Zogby has Cain at 28% among likely Repub primary voters, Perry 18, Snake-eyes 17.
    You know who this helps.

  42. sickofrinos says:

    Wages went down during mittens stay over in Ma. He was running for president his whole term. Compassion and compromise from the save the rino party has brought conservatives to the crossroads. I now who is in my crosshairs. And who is in my fox hole.

  43. trista says:

    gary, never mind the fact that Reagan was vetted for office and lost TWICE before winning. It’s what Republicans do.
    sicko, economic growth may have flourished more in MA if the liberals had not overridden Romney’s vetoes to serveral portions of MassCare. And Romney said that if he knew he was going to run for president, he wouldn’t have planted his flag in MA but it Michigan instead, so I doubt he was even thinking about the presidency at that time.
    Who is in your foxhole that is 100% rino free and electable?
    We can stick to our ideological ideals and nominate a candidate that is so far right that he/she doesn’t appeal to moderates and independents, and lose the election, or we can nominate a candidate you would consider a rino that could actually get rid of Obama. If you want to stick to your guns on principal, feel free. I prefer to be practical.

  44. sickofrinos says:

    trista-How do you know it was’nt N.H.? I believe he has been thinking about the presidency for a long, long time.
    My family. My close allies.
    I sure am glad you rinos were absent from the founding of this country.
    It never would have taken shape with your progressive views.
    We are near the point of having to defend our property because of constant compromise buy rinos.
    You people have no backbone and are not willing to sacrafice for the long haul.
    Stand up and fight.

  45. Ragspierre says:
    The Chicago Grifter is having some trouble raising enough money to buy the next election.

  46. sickofrinos says:

    The only difference between rinos and democrats- rinos like bbq and beer.

  47. sickofrinos says:

    The windy city charlatan will not receive the small donations as he did before, which could lead to some chicanery in the streets.
    Never have I seen a mythomaniac like this guy.

  48. trista says:

    Sick, you’re wrong about me. I consider myself a conservative and I like Romney. I’ll let you reconcile that apparent irony with yourself. If your best argument against establishment types is calling them rinos you’ re not going to be very effective. Extremism scares me whether it’s on the left or right. An interesting article out today that Reagan may have been considered too moderate for today’s republican party.

  49. sickofrinos says:

    As I stated earlier-The compassion and compromise of you republicans has hurt your party. If extremism is not your bag, maybe you should put one over your head. We are fighting extremism on the left, because of the failed principals of the republican party. There is no leader of your party, your party is sickening. Your party will not stand up for conservatives. Look at your mittens-he is not a conservative-he is a flip flopping traveling hobo looking for minnions to give him money. No substance with mittens and his line of malarky. Lock and Load trista.

  50. Ragspierre says:

    Are all Google execs BOTH

  51. Mutnodjmet says:

    DARK SHADOWS 2012: Not just a movie…… Palin not running is going to darken my enthusiasm for the GOP primary.