My Affair With Herman Cain

November 29, 2011

Sorry for the unplanned, extended absence. I could post the boring details I've shared with friends, family and colleagues – a planned break, combined with a dental surgery, complicated by the flu and yadda, yadda. But why bother? I could simply claim to have been having an affair with Herman Cain! Regarding that topic, the woman came forward with a claim that I would imagine can either be substantiated, or debunked, by an examination of past facts – travel and dining arrangements, etc…. I'm not going to demean her for no reason and I suspect Herm's goose is cooked fwiw. I guess we'll see.

“Obviously, you’re all aware of this recent firestorm that hit the news yesterday,” Cain began, his voice somber. “First thing I want to do is say to you what I have said publicly: I deny those charges, unequivocally. Secondly, I have known this lady for a number of years. And thirdly, I have been attempting to help her financially because she was out of work and destitute, desperate. So, thinking that she was a friend — and I have helped many friends — I now know that she wasn’t the friend that I thought she was. But it was a just a friendship relationship.”

As for me, I hope to be back at it in a few days. A special thanks to friends and fans who've inquired. It means a lot.

Totally un-related and spotted in Stacy McCain's sidebar, while reading some Cain coverage. James has been out here as long, if not longer than I have. My thoughts and prayers go out to him given such a tragic loss

My wife, Kimberly Webb Joyner, died this morning in her sleep from unknown causes. She was 41. She leaves behind two little girls she loved more than anything, Katie, who turns 3 on New Year’s Eve, and Ellie, who was born June 21.


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