And Now NRO, They Are Making Romney Look Pathetic

January 22, 2012

Via Charlotte Hays writing at NRO's The Corner. Oh, yeah, the Peggy Noonan that's writing these days is reeeally going to save their man Mitt. 

Mitt, call Peggy Noonan and beg her to take a leave of absence from her day job to give you the words. She’s helped your type before! Convince people you can beat Obama by beating Newt. Fight dirty if you need to. Newt will.

Add that to Jen Rubin's sad plea for help and Hugh Hewitt invoking liberals on Mitt's behalf and I think I spy a trend. Last night it was being reported that Romney-connected sources were claiming a pending endorsement from Jeb Bush as things move on to Florida. Jeb promptly and smartly, I would add, declared his neutrality.

Mitt Romney is either a big boy and a capable politician, or he is something less than what it will take to win the GOP nomination. Whatever the case, if he wants to be President of the United States, it would be nice to think he can get there without his supporters with a byline flailing about making him look like such a weakling in need of an intervention and massive assistance.

They are making him look like something of a pathetic figure at this point and I doubt the sympathy vote is a winning strategy. But then, who knows, the GOP establishment behaves so much like liberals today, perhaps one will propose a government program designed to save Romney from his own mis-managed campaign and weak political skills.

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  1. zane says:

    And here we have EBL trying to build traffic for her site off the backs of others. AGAIN.

  2. Ragspierre says:

    Ricky, the S. Florida Cuban population values having a pair. They will like Newtie.

  3. Ricky says:

    I hope so!!
    But what if Rubio endorses Romney?

  4. Ragspierre says:

    It would probably mean more than Haley’s endorsement…

  5. Bill C says:

    I just blogged about this article at NR because of a comment left on this article by Teflon93. NR has been in the tank for Romney at the expense of their standing up for conservatism.
    Also, during the final moments of Fox News’ coverage of the election last night Brit Hume went off on a mini-rant on how Republicans were worried that having Newt as the nominee would cost them the House. It was the last comment of the evening and as they panned out you could see the other panelists seemed a little stunned by the hyperbole. I swear Steve Hayes rolled his eyes.

  6. jann says:

    Well, since Willard doesn’t stand for anything he needs all those people to prop him up. Wasn’t his speech last night the nastiest, if he had any class he would be ashamed of himself! Also, would one of Ann Coulter’s friends tell her to stop already, she won’t sell another book. People are whispering something about menopause and low blood sugar, but mainly paid shill!!! YIKES>!

  7. Luke says:

    I actually got irritated enough by that piece to forgo my habit of lurking, and comment. I kept it civil, and made sure not to violate any of NRO’s guidelines (or even wander close to the border). Yet my comment quickly disappeared into the ether.
    I condemn their self-serving intellectual cowardice.