Mitt’s Confession: Actually, He Doesn’t Care About The Very Poor

February 2, 2012

May as well get this on record, despite how he will now likely spin or pivot out of political conniving, the fact is, Mitt Romney actually doesn't care about the very poor beyond seeing them as some unfortunate class of people deserving of charity.  

“He needs to address it,” DeMint told Roll Call. “Because I know he does care about the poor. But I think he was trying to make a case that they’re taken care of. But, in fact, I would say I’m worried about the poor because many are trapped in dependency, they need a good job; they don’t need to be on social welfare programs.

Naturally, some will say, how dare I say that about a potential GOP nominee, it isn't true. But unfortunately, it is – because we say it about progressives all the time and no one objects. To say differently is simply allowing oneself to be blinded by party politics. Mitt Romney is an elitist and a progressive. Does he care enough about the poor to throw them some scraps, to try and keep them fed and warehoused in their own misery? Yep, he surely does, just as do Democrats and other progressives.

Unfortunately, the ugly truth underneath that view is that, these people are "unfortunate" read losers in Romney's view and there's really not much more we can do but throw them some scraps. Sorry, but Mitt's and his family's long history of progressivism puts him in the same camp as the progressives we fight with everyday and I'm not going to help create some fiction for him only because he's a Republican.

If he genuinely cared about the poor the way conservatives do he would instinctly be thinking in terms of helping them really climb the socio-economic ladder, empowering them in some way that the so called safety net, the very thing he says he'd "fix," only undermines. I'm not saying Mitt Romney doesn't care about the very poor. He said it. And he said it in the very same way progressives, just like Obama, say and show it every day. To suggest otherwise is to do little more than to ignore the truth about Mitt Romney and his progressive politics. He may opt to lie to try and gain the Republican nomination. That doesn't mean I must choose to lie for him because I am a conservative. Those days are over when it comes to the Republican Party after everything I've seen and experienced these last few years.

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  1. Ragspierre says:

    1. he advocates an “automatic” raise in the minimum wage
    2. he advocates a MASSIVE intrusion into contract via a “mortgage adjustment” program that is hard to distinguish from Obama’s.
    Seems pretty Progressive to me.

  2. Really? says:

    Such an immature post!

  3. Zelsdorf Ragshaft III says:

    I saw a video of Romney naming himself as a progressive. His own words. All of his governance has been as a progressive. His current words say he is conservative, but there are no bona fides to so indicate. You have to wonder why Romney wants to replace Obama, when Obama is doing such a good job with the progressive agenda.

  4. Zelsdorf Ragshaft III says:

    Realy?, you call the post immature. Please explain. Is it because you cannot dispute the facts or ????

  5. Steel Turman says:

    instinctively, amigo.
    As to the point you make in that sentence …
    … like affirmative action, perhaps?
    Truth is, some folks are too dumb to ever be a success at anything and will be on some sort of dole in perpetuity.
    Society can and should make them comfortable within limits and forget ‘em.
    Personally, I wouldn’t let ‘em vote, because that is how we got into this mess in the first place.