The Failure And Ignorance Of Jennifer Rubin

February 3, 2012

I can't recall ever having seen a would be serious pundit embarrass themselves more fully than has Jennifer Rubin after she arrived at the Washington Post. Conor Friedersorf may be an exception, but he was never really taken seriously on the Right in the first place.

It appears Rubin actually believes a byline at the Post somehow automatically entitles her to a respect from conservatives she's never earned and has since done everything to undermine. I would imagine even some of her colleagues within the Beltway are sharp enough to see her style of writing as an embarrassment and she'll likely now never have any credibility at all across the broader conservative base. That's what makes it all the more stunning and ridiculous that she would purport to lecture same as to how to proceed, assuming Mitt Romney gains the Republican nomination.

The conservative base has a much worse problem than the rise of the least Tea Party-ish candidate to a commanding position in the Republican presidential primary. If Mitt Romney is the nominee, his fierce nemesis will be accommodated in on(sic) fashion or another; the Romney camp is too professional and focused to hold a grudge. Moreover, while the anti-Romney forces are reluctant to admit it, he’s a more conservative candidate than in 2008 and has already adopted a good deal of their agenda (e.g. ObamaCare repeal, the balanced budget amendment).

Few conservatives believe Romney will repeal Obamacare, a key adviser, Norm Coleman, has said as much. Furthermore, Rubin seems to think that conservative thought and ideals are merely commodities one can pluck up off the political shelf and wear for a particular election, as opposed to the style of thinking and living they represent. In short, Rubin has absolutely no clue what conservatism is, or who conservatives are. Consequently, she can't help but dig herself a bigger hole nearly every time she foolishly attempts to pass herself off as one.

But, I would suggest, the principled rightwing activists have a much bigger problem: Movement conservatives risk becoming the target of mockery, an irrelevant exercise that is more for laughs (at their own expense) than politically significant. Having tied themselves to Newt Gingrich they now can be painted, accurately enough, as cranks.

This primary has never been about Newt Gingrich. Rubin's utter lack of understanding of Republican politics and how conservatives fit into it prevents her from being able to interpret events with any sense of reality, let alone clarity. Certainly she has been misguided and ignorant enough to hurl plenty of insults the way of principled right-wing activists already, though she's hardly qualified to determine, let alone judge, which ones are principled, or serious. The woman functions as an alleged conservative pundit completely without a clue.

Most of us have not "tied" ourselves to Newt Gingrich, we've simply been around enough and know enough real pertinent history to recognize that Gingrich possesses a rare quality Romney just as clearly lacks – that of operating as a reformer. What he's done, or not done, in some last several years to make a living is irrelevant. Because Gingrich understands the movement, having been a part of it, unlike Rubin, he's simply opened a door to say, I am willing to be your standard bearer.

That would allow for Gingrich to let in the Reaganesque ideas and thinking of a number of extremely successful politicians such as Rick Perry, or a Sarah Palin, as well as a host of others, but that doesn't register with Rubin, as she's far too busy pronouncing them clowns, while never having accomplished anything close to what they have in life as both individuals and conservatives. Pettiness just drips from this woman Rubin's work like a pus, making it as unreadable, as it is unsightly.

Frankly, it's too much without worth to bother going through her entire bit of garbage here and I haven't the time, or patience to bother, given her irrelevance, so let's just drop to the ending out of mercy for her, me and readers, if nothing else.

The rightwing base has very serious people and ideas, but currently it isn’t a serious player, even in the GOP. Modern conservatism has been about ideas and temperament, and the right should return to those ideals (humility about government’s role, support for limited, but not wacky government) and habits (discipline, restraint, good cheer) that will restore its reputation.

If the right-wing base isn't a serious player in GOP politics, it will be because it chooses to not be, remaining home in November, as most already expect. And that will be partly because of foolish, would be elitists without any serious record of conservative accomplishment, ignoramuses like Jennifer Rubin that they do, leaving her precious progressive Mitt Romney to die on the vine – as he likely deserves given his many flaws as a politician and lack of authenticity. One would think Rubin would have at least enough sense to pay attention to a Charles Krauthammer, given that she's so incapable of affording so many of her genuinely conservative betters the respect and appreciation they actually deserve.

“This is bad,” conservative columnist and commentator Charles Krauthammer said Wednesday night on Fox News Channel’s “Special Report.” “The real problem here is that he doesn’t have a fluency with conservative ideas. … The moral case for conservative economics is that our policies are going to help everybody, including the poor.”

Unfortunately, I suppose even that's beneath her, perhaps she was simply born knowing all the answers and has never bothered to apply intellect to actually figure something out for herself. From the conservative perspective, Rubin's efforts since joining the post have been as vapid, as they have been vile, leaving her without any credibilty whatsoever and conservatives without the least bit of patience to endure her impertinent tripe.

What Jennifer Rubin is is a complete failure as both a columnist and a conservative and while the liberal elite of the Post may not realize it, or care, as she's such a convenient useful idiot given their own worldview, everyone else is in on the joke. The joke is Jennifer Rubin; it's a sad one for conservatives. But fortunately, it's irrelevance to the actual movement allows us to go forward and simply ignore it, save for when we want a bit of comic relief and feel like poking the silly know-nothing with a stick.

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  1. shane says:

    hi just like you have a brilliant blog and will certaintly be bookmarking this thankyou

  2. StrangernFiction says:

    “Movement conservatives risk becoming the target of mockery”
    Would this be anything like the derision that Eric Holder is inflicting on the pathetic, spineless, non-movement GOP critter “conservatives”?

  3. Aqua says:

    Just tweeted this artice to @JRubinBlogger. Great smackdown of this vile woman (who’s column I used to read).

  4. physics geek says:

    Rubin still writes for the WaPo? I though she was too busy working for the Romney campaign.

  5. ljm says:

    Although Romney’s statement was unhelpful he was talking about the VERY poor which is usually interpreted as those who for whatever reason are unemployable.
    Gingrich’s trampoline solution for the poor who he appears to define as the unemployed would include more progams as he said yesterday.
    His “trampoline,” he said, would consist of unemployment compensation tied to job training programs.
    I see no fluency in his less-than-conservative-idea to say nothing of his failure to address the issue of the VERY poor.

  6. ltw says:

    Wow…she’s giving people like you a smackdown. You’re going to have fun with this one.
    “As a result of the the right’s joy ride with Gingrich, Romney is invigorated and in command of the race; the right-wing media’s facade influence has been punctured; and Santorum’s chances of prevailing are hugely diminished. Romney’s camp, no doubt, is thinking, “Great work, fellas!” But mostly, the Romney team and Republican officeholders have learned that the fickle conservative media’s bark is much worse than their bite — or their influence. Frankly, much of them can be safely ignored.”

  7. HTW says:

    Typical house conservative (see Joe Scarborough) who is not a conservative. I mean, if you didn’t know that she self-identified as “conservative” you’d think a liberal had written that. Hmmm… Quacks like a duck…

  8. CaliKate says:

    The title of Rubin’s latest article that you linked is a dead giveaway that she is not a conservative. How many conservatives call other conservatives “right-wingers?” That’s a term that lefties, liberals, and moderates use in a slightly-pejorative manner against conservatives. The worst epithet of course is “wingnuts” which Rubin has half-used in her tweets when she referred to some conservatives as “nutters.” So clearly she is not a conservative to use this type of language. Maybe she is an Obama Campaign plant for Romney.
    By the way, Romney used the “right-wing” term in December 2007 when conservative WKRO host Gregg Jackson called into a Boston’s Howie Carr show to ask Romney some very tough questions about Romney and same-sex marriage in Massachusetts. Romney responded with an insult (calling Jackson “slightly delusional” and then later called people questioning his record “…folks on the right wing….”

  9. Charles says:

    In our gut we know how to read a person’s honesty, even if we don’t always want to recognize the truth that our gut gives us. Romney shows us he is an abject fraud with every syllable he utters.

  10. Neo says:

    I used to post over at Commentary Magazine site (when they still allowed comments) where Jennifer Rubin wrote before going to the Post, but she has really been an amazing disappointment. It’s obvious that the “Kool-Aid” has been flowing.

  11. Gary Gross says:

    I ask in this post if Jennifer Rubin is this year’s Hugh Hewitt:
    It’s a tough call who’s more foolish-sounding: Ann Coulter, Hugh Hewitt or Jennifer Rubin.

  12. Mr X says:

    rUbin is a Californian lawyer. She is also f*kin ugly. Jeez is there one attractive jewess around? Streisand Midler Rubin . Gawd.

  13. Ragspierre says:

    Rachel Weiss, Elizabeth Taylor, etc.,

  14. shane cook says:

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  15. Marianne says:

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