What Newt Did With The Media Last Night

February 5, 2012

It's easy to miss the nuance underneath a campaign. Look what Newt did with the media last night, as opposed to how he has handled them in debates.

Freedom Works chairman and former Rep. Dick Armey (R-Texas) blasted Newt Gingrich for his continued tough attacks on Mitt Romney saying Gingrich was carrying out a vendetta against the Republican frontrunner.

Along with needing to get Romney out of his head, while painting a positive vision for his campaign – Gingrich scores points when he's lambasting the media, not playing ball with them. His opening remarks last night were good, it's when he took questions that he went wrong.

Newt could have criticized the media for trying to drive wedges and inflame controversy between him and Romney. He could say he hates Romney's negativity but move on from there. Unfortunately, instead of doing that, Newt played ball with the media. They teed it up for him to hit Romney and he took the bait. He played their game, not his.

Instead of seeing them as an adversary, they were teamates last night. He always treats them that way behind the scenes. But by doing it at his presser, Newt lost the game. If he doesn't get a handle on it ASAP, he'll continue to unravel and Santorum will end up the last not Mitt standing for all practical purposes.

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  1. Nashmac says:

    Really? Newt is damned if he does and damned if it doesn’t. If I was Newt I might want to knock the knees right from under those SO CALLED REPUBLICANS.
    Dick Army is no friend of Newts. the sucker tried to sink Newt during and after the ethic charges. False ethic charges. That creep should go crawl back into his hole with Tom Delay the crook. Did Tom serve time in jail yet. Why are these same people allowing Romney to make up lie after lie about Newt and the ethic charges. Why are they not screaming their heads off of how unfair that is? They know damn well all of the ethic charges ,they had a hand in bringing, against Newt was false.

  2. tired of the b/s says:

    Nashmac, you seem to want to support the meme that the charges against Newt were false, although an Ethics committee, made up of one more Republican than Democrats, found him guilty of two of the charges and fined him almost 1/2 million bucks.
    Odd that you would bring up Tom DeLay, was was truely the target of a Democrat witch hunt. Ronnie Earle had to work YEARS to find a grand jury that would hand him a trial after he, and Robin Rather, worked so hard to prosecute DeLay with laws that were not even in effect at the time in the State of Texas. So congraulations I guess are in order because Earle finally found a sympathetic grand jury, and Democrat judge and a jury of people from the most liberal county in Texas to try to put his arch enemy, Tom DeLay, behind bars.
    And of course you ignore that DeLay was Gingrich’s good friend when the K Street Project was being designed by DeLay, Grover Norquist and (tah-dah) Newt Gingrich. But in your book, maybe you think that because the Democrats had played down and dirty with lobbying influence that the Republicans should have done the same thing? Sorry, two wrongs don’t make a right. And where was Gingrich when Ronnie Earle was trying to crucify his good friend, Tom DeLay, who was being raked over the coals by a Democrat operative, Earle, after you think the same thing was done to Gingrich? MIA.

  3. Pasadena Phil says:

    Dan, make sure you read this:
    Must read. I particularly enjoy the indiotment of Fox News as a sell-out of conservative media to the GOP establishment. I’ll tell you this, the GOP has failed utterly in getting my vote. It’ll again be the LO3E for me. The Pasadena Phil Rule (I don’t vote for Democrats or liberals, ESPECIALLY when they run as Republicans) has never been more in play than this year.

  4. Pasadena Phil says:

    If we are still around in 2016, they better not be planning to cram Jeb Bush down our throats. Hopefully, there will be a second party to run against the liberal, entrenched and corrupt one-party establishment.

  5. reliapundit says:

    glad 2 c u r fnly waking up!

  6. Pete says:

    For all practical purposes are are no Not Romney’s standing. The game is over and we no longer care what Newt or Santorum do or say. Instead we are trying to figure out how the GOP could once again give its base the middle finger.

  7. Hope Change says:

    tired of the b/s?
    If you really are, then you will be delighted to have the facts:

  8. Hope Change says:

    Hi Dan —
    Oh dear. I usually see things the same way you do. I thought Newt did a great job. I thought he handled the press well. I actually loved it.
    “NEWT NEVADA AFTER-CAUCUS PRESS CONFERENCE,” – http://conservatives4newt.blogspot.com/2012/02/newt-says-he-will-fight-on-to-rnc.html – Las Vegas – February 4, 2012 – 22:10
    Here it is, original source. Hurray internet.

  9. lui says:

    and yet romneys folks in sc said they were out to “destroy” newt.
    and I am pro-santorum so i dont give a damn if newt & mitt blood let but romney is the one who started all of this damn dirt throwing that the media ran with since iowa.

  10. Bill Quick says:

    If we are still around in 2016, they better not be planning to cram Jeb Bush down our throats.Why not? We’ve already demonstrated – Nixon, Ford, Bush, Dole, Bush, McCain, Romney – that’s we’ll open wide for whatever Gentry GOP Ruling Class RINO next in line crap sandwich they want to shove down our gaping gullets.
    Empty threats, man, empty threats. Now go vote for Mittens Romneycare. Because that will show them.

  11. Bill Quick says:

    Santorum may end up the as last non-Mittens candidate left standing, but he’ll never poll more than fifteen percent. Why? Because he’s a loser.

  12. KLSmith says:

    Everyone that wants to stay home on election day should really show the courage of their convictions by going to cast their vote for Obama. If Romney is just as bad, or worse, and you want to teach the GOP a thing or two – then do it. Go ahead and actually vote for Obama. That will really show them something or other.

  13. gary gulrud says:

    Sowwy, the big news, tho Clark county is having trouble keeping the signal fires plumped with tumble weeds, is turnout cratered.
    Down about 20% in toto, the Mormon turnout was halved.
    Guess evil McVain on the back of ChimpyMcHitlerBurton with the evil Military Complex in his pocket was a bigger ticket than Duffer-in-Chief.
    You’ve lost GOP. Get used to it.

  14. m says:

    It is the liberal news media are making this stuff up and I don’t believe everything what they are saying. I read that Romney lost all of the Independent, Conservatives and Tea Party voters. Gingrich got the Tea Party voters in Florida. Now, Romney will not get the conservatives vote on Super Tuesday and it is going to be turnout low. It because the conservatives are angry at Romney and his campaign has destroy the Republican Party. And, Romney is the nominee? No he is not. Romney is a loser. Romney will not get my vote. The 2012 election is just like 2008 all over again. It is going to be the race for Romney to lose in November if he is the nominee.

  15. Newt is making mistakes but it must be tough under the pressure of taking hits from ALL sides every day.
    But Gingrich is the only one running who would beat Obama… Santorum would get stomped
    They say ‘Senators make lousy presidents’- and that goes 2x for lousy senators

  16. Done That says:

    You & I must have watched different press conferences because Newt did very well in the one I watched especially when you consider the hostile left field questions he was asked.

  17. sickofrinos says:

    Don’t let the fish out of the barrel.

  18. gary gulrud says:

    “Santorum would get stomped”
    I don’t care to know anything about Santorum, but the little I deign to, underwhelms.

  19. ltw says:

    “Newt could have criticized the media for trying to drive wedges and inflame controversy between him and Romney. He could say he hates Romney’s negativity but move on from there.”
    I thought the press conference went ok. However, I do think he continues to need a systematic plan specifically on dealing with the Romney system of repetition of the “erratic” label they are pinning on him, in my eyes, incredibly cynically.
    Byron Yorks piece mentions Rep. Barbara Vucanovich who served with Newt, how here messaging for Romney about Newt is different than what she wrote in her book. Romney’s team is systematically using former colleagues of Newt to say he is “erratic”, regardless of what they have said about Newt in the past.
    Newt’s campaign has to have a systematic counter for that that someone else in his campaign handles. Question is, is there someone else in his campaign who can handle it effectively?

  20. Ragspierre says:

    Newt is “erratic” like a symphony is “erratic” compared to elevator music.
    Which, when you think about it, describes Romney pretty well.

  21. Nashmac says:

    Where did you get Newt was charged almost half million? The fee was $300.000. 200.000 is a big difference in my world. 84 ethic charges were filed against Newt by the democrats. David Bonior, a democrat, brought 73 unfounded ethic charges against Newt. WHY? Because he had a friend in Georgia named Ben Jones, Ben Jones lost his congress seat to Newt Gingrich. He wanted Newt destroyed. Ben Jones was known as Cooter on Dukes of Hazzard. The charges were dropped and the one reminding was about the college course that Newt was teaching. The IRS cleared Newt of that charge. He was not teaching a political class. In fact it is rather funny because Sheriff Joe in Arizona is having the prisoner watch Newts course.
    Tom Delay. Hot tub tom.

  22. Hope Change says:

    Well said, ragspierre!

  23. Hope Change says:

    I mean, Ragspierre!
    Must reiterate: I think Newt did GREAT. “NEWT NEVADA AFTER-CAUCUS PRESS CONFERENCE,” – http://conservatives4newt.blogspot.com/2012/02/newt-says-he-will-fight-on-to-rnc.html – Las Vegas – February 4, 2012 – 22:10
    I’ve watched the Nevada press conference a few more times. I loved it. Newt is brilliant and hilarious.
    (And BTW, the press reps were all pretty young to have their attack questions all memorized, dontcha think? The MSM is a travesty. Hostile and uninformed. This was like watching puppy attack dogs, incompetent but intent on destruction if possible. Pathetic. Execrable. Contemptible.)
    Also, for anyone who still doesn’t know that the “ethics” charges from the 90’s were political, totally bogus and that Newt was cleared 100% in every instance: