An Army of Andrew Breitbarts

March 1, 2012

"She just paints whoever inspires her," twittered Mandy Nagy — aka Liberty Chick — last summer, referring to her mother's expressionistic portrait of Andrew Breitbart (detail above). "This is my war cry for 2012. You need to join me in my war against the institutional left. This is not your mother's Democratic party. Duh!" the social-media provocateur extraordinaire told a CPAC12 audience recently.

By Sissy Willis of sisu

"We've lost our Samuel Adams," twittered Mark Tapscott midmorning. "Thoughtful, passionate, complicated. Actually challenged liberals to be better at arguing for what we believe in" said liberal FoxNews contributor Sally Kohn. Back to blogging!" admonished comrade-in-arms Susie, aka Stoutcat, adding her tears to the torrent of heartbreak, fond memories and renewed resolve that drowned out all else in our twitterstream and on Fox as word emerged, disbelieveing tweet by tweet, of Andrew Breitbart's untimely death at age 43 from natural causes. Susie's hashtag, a play on Glenn Reynolds' Army of Davids, resonates:

An Army of Andrews [#armyofandrews]

Like the conspiratorial "dog whistle" of our statist adversaries' nightmares, Breitbart's passing was a call-to-arms for the freedom fighters to ratchet up our defense of the Shining City …

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  1. Anna says:

    h/t to a tweeter earlier who mentioned that famous scene from the Spartacus movies:
    ‘I am Andrew Breitbart.’

  2. Ragspierre says:

    @jstrevino You wish to honor the man? Very well then: take up his sword, and fight like he did.
    Good counsel, and a fine memorial.

  3. Ricky says:

    Beautiful, Sissy. Y’all have to continue the fight, Andrew would have wanted that.
    And don’t stay away so long again.

  4. gary gulrud says:

    Good post, life affirming.

  5. sindilater says:

    Dan email me your number. lOVE you….

  6. Terry says:

    Considering what a boozehound he was, the Samuel Adams analogy was spot on.

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