And Here’s Where I Pointed At The Netroots Nation And Laughed

March 30, 2012

Thank God Keith Olbermann has his next primo gig all lined up! ha ha ha ha ha ha ha

Olbermann was supposed to be the keynote speaker at this year’s Netroots Nation event. It’s unclear what happens to that appearance now.

Olbermann now has the distinction of being fired from almost every major cable news channel on television – CNN, MSNBC and now Current. He never appeared on Fox News, but he did work for Fox Broadcasting, and was fired from there. As he would say on ESPN, you can’t stop him, you can’t even hope to contain him.

I'm having wayyyy too much fun!!!

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  1. drawandstrike says:

    And replaced by Client #9? This is just………..TOO AWESOME.

  2. Pasadena Phil says:

    This is just the latest example after Air America and Rosie O’Donuts at TON (The Oprah Network) that if you are starting a network from scratch, hiring radical left wing idiots is not a good plan. All of the above specialize in taking over prime time slots and driving away the audience. It’s kind of like Raggie starting his own blog.

  3. PTL says:

    Who hires these people anyway? Listen to him for a few minutes and you know the guy is an idiot and a
    mental midget. Oh, I forgot Obama was elected presiden.

  4. Tim says:

    What about ESPN?

  5. A Stephens says:

    per NY Times,
    “one of the nations most prominent progressive speakers”
    What a joke. The whole freaking lot of them.

  6. Don says:

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  7. Sonho says:

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