Charles Johnson’s Ignorance Over Trayvon Photo Flap Tops Memeorandum

March 25, 2012

lgf blogger Charles Johnson has finally made it fully into the arms of the left with his post attacking me, which gives him enough links and attention to result in this. What's sad is how willing Johnson has been to throw away everything he seemed to once understand about the media and turn on so many once friends to do it. Worse is the race-based ignorance of so many blacks I'm seeing in attacking me, when they should be criticizing the media, instead.

In this post of mine, along with this one on the AP, I pointed out that some media outlets appear to prefer using an image of Trayvon Martin that has been altered in a manner that makes him appear to be much lighter in skin color than he actually was. Said image has been enhanced to make him look so much lighter, even his facial features appear altered at that point.

No where have I said a darker image of Martin would suggest he was somehow guilty of something, or that it might justify his being shot in any manner. As to any actual case, I was very clear right at top.

Among a few interesting items uncovered in trying to examine the facts behind the shooting of Florida teenager Trayvon Martin without drawing any conclusions, was that a widely viewed photograph of Martin appears to have been altered, somewhat

Johnson, the many progressives and now many blacks who have been attacking me over it are being played and they don't even know it. If anything, blacks especially should feel insulted and upset at the media, including the AP – not me. My whole point questions their judgement and worldview, not Trayvon Martin's, or Zimmerman's.

By seeming to prefer using a lighter image of Martin to further fuel the story line that he was a total innocent in the encounter and Zimmerman is guilty before all the facts are clear, my concern is that they feel that making Martin look less black in the eyes of the their readers, somehow makes him look less guilty of something.

Every post I've done on the shooting has been focused on the media's handling of the incident, not what may, or may not have happened on the street in Florida. I have no way of knowing that. But rather than see the potential for racism in the media's judgment (lighter = better, darker = worse), for a now unhinged blogger like Johnson, progressives and many blacks, it seems easier to focus their anger and hate on a white conservative with a blog. Worse, my link to the late Andrew Bretbart makes it a trifecta for them. It's especially sad in Johnson's case, as he once understood what blogging was all about, along with the various games played by the mainstream media.

As for the many blacks attacking me, when it's actually the media, including the AP, who appears to be saying to them, lighter is better, while darker is bad, and they aren't even able to see that, the pre-judgment and ignorance on display is just sad.

As I Tweeted last night in response to so may Tweets like these below, ultimately, if anything, this whole affair only re-affirms my loathing of the race baiters like Jackson, Sharpton, Farrakhan – and now, even Obama.

RT @Trollolololumad: hrd u R a #Breitbart retard who hates black ppl.Fuck off, U cunt.You disgust the world.I suggest suicide by Zimmerman.

RT @supercatrobot: @elitistliterati @KuntaJay LOL Breitbart is dead, isnt he? It's funny b/c he sucked & deserved 2 die young, & he did.

Said leaders, I use the term loosely, seem only interested in fueling outrage and a mob mentality for political gain. It's sad to see so many black Americans still falling for it after so many decades. Their minds haven't been freed, all that's changed is the owners of the plantation. Too many would be black leaders are too happy to lead them down a path through a cotton field of ignorance and hate ending at the ballot box, before just going on and on with no real end in sight.

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  1. It is sad that Chuckles has so fully embraced the 2006 version of Internet progressives. He and Balloon Juice just went stark raving mad a few years ago, and haven’t moved on to new talking points. It’s a waste of time even mentioning LGF, though good for a laugh. But, I see your point in that a few years ago he would have seen the idiocy of the media.
    And Blacks should be upset with the media over the lightening of the photo, not you for exposing it. The Left wants racism: well, changing a photo to make a Black skinned child appear lighter is racism.

  2. Grung_e_Gene says:

    Look pal, playing the LGF is crazy card isn’t cutting it in this case. You found a picture which didn’t show anything wrong but which you felt could go a long way towards demonizing the murdered young man. And that’s really the issue. Trayvon was murdered. Wearing a hoodie is not a crime, walking about is not a crime, Zimmerman had no authority to confront Martin. Martin had no obligation to answer anything Zimmerman said to him.
    Zimmerman murdered Martin, yet all you could do was find photos of the dead young man to post as evidence his murder was his fault.
    It was sick. It was shameless and you got caught.

  3. jummy says:

    i’m trying to discern the “media criticism” angle in your post directly preceding this one in which you went trolling through facebook looking for the “real” trayvon martin and turning up only a picture of another kid who bears as much resemblance to trayvon martin as you do to any other white guy. you defend this post by alleging that you didn’t mean to actually convey anything by it (the infamous, “i’m just sayin’…” defense). so, what are you trying to tell us? that your blogging has no meaning or purpose? that you just randomly type stuff with the expectation that “crowdsourcing” will draw it into a fine thread of meaning? we know that’s not what you mean because you are apparently upset that much of the crowd has drawn the “incorrect” meaning from your post.
    it’s ironic that i was lead here by a post from charles johnson in which he noted the similarity between your post of “…but in fact it is evidenced in this facebook picture that martin is a baggy-pants hiphop thug!” to a similar post at the neo-nazi website, stormfront. johnson banned me from his blog three years ago when i pointed out to him that the racist rhetoric he used to attack arabs was verbatum for what is posted at neo-nazi sites. perhaps he lacks the standing to hurl stones, but you likewise have no standing to take umbrage at the negative reactions to your posting.

  4. Ragspierre says:

    Holy logical disjunctions, Batman!!!
    Riehl posts some pictures (i.e., information) with no comment…yin-yang…
    But this somehow means—
    1. information on Mr. Martin
    2. cast him in some kind of negative light
    3. assuage some
    4. presumptive guilt on Mr. Zimmerman
    And jimmy…obviously in high self-righteous race defense mode…chooses to express himself in overtly racist terms (kid who bears as much resemblance to trayvon martin as you do to any other white guy).
    How interesting.

  5. Keep Digging Dan, someone has to, or else the narrative from the Left, about this incident, will go unanswered as we await official investigations to reveeal more information.
    When I became a blogger in 2002, LGF, was one of my faves, during my early years, and it’s sad to see what happened to it, and Johnson.

  6. jummy says:

    kiril, what if the narrative from the left rests substantially on neutral fact; that is, that zimmerman’s shooting of martin was wholly without justification?

  7. Dwok says:

    Grung, have someone complete that frontal lobotomy for you pal because at least it will give you an excuse for your complete ignorance and lack of reading comprehension.
    Did you not read any of what Mr. Riehl’s purpose was in showing that someone doctored the photo of young Trayvon. I will waste no more words on you.

  8. RepubChica says:

    Dan, mental midgets are always knee jerk and emotionally volatile as the reliable marionettes of the dangerous Democrat Media Complex. They’re so disgusting, they haven’t allowed me one moment of peace to actually feel sorry for the dead kid, Martin. Couldn’t muster sympathy for Giffords, either, after they ruthlessly and so blatantly moved in to capitalize on their deep-seated hatred and intolerance of their political opponents. Never mind the kid was a hardcore Leftist Obama supporter off his meds (aren’t most of them, anyway?) as programmed by the Democrat Media Complex and Left wing education system to become maladjusted dipsh*ts. Do these people realize how many guns have been sold the past few years and what awaits these poor chumps once they stupidly decide to come into a lot of fortified rural and suburban neighborhoods? They don’t. They’d better keep it in the metropolitan areas–their OWS sh*t and piss bucket brigade.
    Any idiot with eyes can see the lightening and touch-up of the photo. Look at the thinning of the heavy brows, too. Pointing out the widespread and preferred use of the ‘lightened’ photo by the Democrat Media Complex is reality, not racism. And what the hell is wrong with Dan investigating or trying to vet Treyvon Martin? Don’t be so freakin’ sensitive, it wouldn’t be happening if the media did not pose such a clear and present danger to our society agitating potential civil unrest and bloodshed. Investigative journalists investigate. They don’t bow down and cower to emotional public outrage of brainwashed PC sentiments in some loud corners. Who the hell do you people actually think you are?
    Dan, you’re definitely hitting all the soft spots and making them apoplectic, proof you’re on the right track to exposing the media and their rabble-rousing zombie cretins, just like Breitbart. Do NOT allow them to intimidate you. Our numbers are far greater. They’re just more loud and obnoxious, as you well know. Peace.

  9. Frumious Bandersnatch says:

    I’m not making a judgement on this one right now. The police seem to think it is self defense. I also didn’t make a judgement, initially, in the Duke Lacrosse case a few years back, although that seemed to have a bit of political stench to it.
    Now, I wonder, Grunge, what your position was, at the time, about the Duke Lacrosse team. I’m a bit concerned on this case, because a lot of people have jumped into it and made some prejudgements that are not worthy of them. Also, having Al “Tawana Bradley” Sharpton take the offense is doing nothing but muddying the issue.
    Oh, and what is your opinion of the bounty put on the “White Hispanic” by the Black Panthers?
    Just asking…

  10. Captain Obvious says:

    And how many black teenagers are killed by other black teenagers in any given month in Chicago?
    Do they warrant a phone call from President Post-Racial? Maybe if one of them were called a “slut” he could muster cellphone minutes. Do they not look sufficiently similar?
    Before the facts of this have gotten out, and they still haven’t yet, blacks heard “George Zimmerman” and thought they had themselves a white man to hate on. If it’s fair to jump on Dan Riehl for commenting on the progressively lighter skin tones of the media file photo associated with this tragedy, it’s just as fair to jump on the black community for wanting to lynch George Zimmerman because they mistakenly thought he was white enough for their rope.
    Let’s be real. Black Americans have suffered from their poor decision in the 2008 election but they don’t have anybody to cry to about it so they suffer in silence until an event like this comes along and they finally get an excuse to start smashing windows. Je$$e and Sharpton along with Ben “Perpetually” Jealous can gin up that anger to raise some money and payoff their mistresses and if a few innocent people get killed in the process it’s a fair price for “raising awareness”.
    By the way, the New Black Panther Party offering a bounty to kidnap or kill someone should have had the FBI at their door that night along the people posting the man’s address on the internet. How many times do police kick down the wrong person’s door? All these incitements to murder should be charged.
    Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to go walk around my neighborhood at night in a ski mask and a hoodie covering my face in 75 degree Florida weather because that’s the fashion right now. Don’t judge me.

  11. Ragspierre says:

    “…blacks heard “George Zimmerman” and thought they had themselves a white man to hate on.”
    “Blacks” heard? Wow, dude. That really is a very bigoted thing to say.

  12. Captain Obvious says:

    A little less bigoted to say than it is to do. Which is what happened. Oh, sorry – he’s a “white” hispanic however that is supposed to justify outrage.

  13. Ragspierre says:

    You could say…truthfully and without bigotry…
    “The race-baiting interests heard ‘George Zimmerman’ and thought they had a racial incident to exploit.”
    See, the race-baiters in the US are not one color or another.
    Are they?

  14. Dan I know just how you feel. I tweeted last week to some well-known black person, who is friends with Meagan McCain that Zimmerman was not White, but rather Latino. What followed was some of the worst crap I have ever seen on Twitter.
    So, I am just going to say it, hopefully you will get it. It reaffirms to me, that Abe Lincoln was nothing more than a big Government Statist that betrayed the very people that founded this Country. I’m sorry, but it is how I feel.
    Here is the reason I say that; in 1994, in Detroit, Michigan, my Cousin, (my Father’s Sister’s youngest son) Michael Landen Hill was murdered by 2 black and 1 Latino cops. There was a massive cover up, the Detroit Police LIED to the local media and NO MEDIA outlet would cover it, much less investigate it! Why? Because it did not fit the narrative that the media loves to pimp out to the brain-dead sheep of America. ….and no, Bill Clinton did not call MY family! So, all this stuff just reeks of hypocrisy to me.
    Truthfully, the stupid kid got what was coming to him. He attacked Zimmerman and finally that guy shot the hoodlum. It’s a tragic thing, but if that kid had been at home, he’d be alive. Period, end of story.
    Thanks Dan and keep doing the work and fighting the fight here.

  15. Anna says:

    Dan – some people (like Jackson, Sharpton, and Farrakhan) and groups (like the Black Panthers and the paper selling media) are deeply invested in keeping the racism stigma firmly attached to their favorite scapegoat, conservatives. And when I say invested, I’m directly referring to money they raise by getting people riled up and angry about whatever can be twisted out of the news cycle for profit.
    The Jacksons and Sharptons shake down their fellow Blacks and pressure corporations for donations to the Jackson and Sharpton charities…although the only people who seem to profit from these donations are Jackson and Sharpton. What have they done to make our communities better? Have they prevented killings, talked kids out of joining gangs, encouraged kids to stay in school and work their way out of poverty? When have they come out to support any white kid who was a victim of a racial crime? Without a racial divide, Jackson and Sharpton would be out of business. For example, many regular folks of all races question why leaders like Jackson and Sharpton don’t get involved with ‘justice’ for innocent kids shot by gangs in places like Chicago. I would posit there is nothing to gain financially from urban crime, whereas those singular stand alone instances (Trayvon, Sean Bell, Tawana Brawley, etc.) generate more press and move people to send money to people like Jackson and Sharpton.
    The media…in this case the print media…is invested in selling papers. And the more papers they sell, well…you don’t need a business degree to figure that part out. What AP and the newspaper did with Trayvon’s picture was wrong; it’s insulting to anyone who is not a racist. Yeah, I get that in some communities lighter is seen as better or more desirable…but come on…lightening Trayvon’s picture? What does that say about editors and the public? I guess if you automatically assume darker is guilty, you’d be okay with a lightened version…and most protective of the new picture too. But if you’re conservative, which I am, you’re insulted because skin color has nothing to do with this tragedy – light, dark, purple, green…it doesn’t matter. Conservatives are concerned with actions and reactions. Why did the media feel it necessary to alter the photo? What happened between Trayvon and George in the final moments of Trayvon’s life? What can the evidence tell us? Dan, you asked the right questions. It’s a shame that some people can’t see this situation the way mature, post-racial, thinking, rational adults should see this situation. There is no reason to alter a photo of Trayvon UNLESS someone wants to make money off this poor child, his family, and the community. Trayvon is already getting more justice than any other kid in the nation right now…the police, the FBI, a Grand Jury, the DOJ, the national media, the President…who else is required to get justice? Many mothers and fathers of kids only dream of getting this type of attention for their dead children. Justice is not delivered by mob, such as the one striking back at you. Justice is delivered by the legal side of society…we have courts, judges, and lawyers for this part of civilized society. No one wants the mob justice the being advocated by groups offering bounties or individuals tweeting home addresses.
    I listed the moneyed problems…those that profit by exploiting tragedy and furthering divide. Sadly, there are more victims than just those few at the center of this storm. Society is also a victim of the Jackson’s, Sharpton’s, and print media. Too many people fail to look beyond divisive lies to see who conservatives truly are. But once they make that leap and begin to look past the false curtain, they realize that we are a lot like them. Faith, family, community, hard work, honest dealings…we are linked by something stronger and deeper than any skin; ideology. And that is the true issue here, Dan. Think about what the conservative voices said – we called it a tragedy, we all know kids the same age as Trayvon, and we all recognize that something went horribly wrong that night. The difference is that we have faith that the police, FBI, and Grand Jury will get to the bottom of this, and we will accept the findings…society at large recognizes this. Those that profit from racial divide will drive a wedge through societies’ ideological consensus, right along racial divides. The dividers will exploit this situation to further sell their racial bilge to people who have been conditioned through media to automatically ‘hate’ or ‘mistrust’ nameless ‘others’ simply because we are different or see this situation a bit differently.
    How sad a world it is when a person has a different point of view and gets attacked for expressing that viewpoint. We need only ask Deneen B., Michelle M., Condi R., Clarence T., or even Bill Cosby what they have experienced for daring to point out the obvious.

  16. CaptainAmeica says:

    “Truthfully, the stupid kid got what was coming to him. He attacked Zimmerman and finally that guy shot the hoodlum. It’s a tragic thing, but if that kid had been at home, he’d be alive. Period, end of story.”
    Thanks, that pretty much sums up the view of most conservatives on this site.
    What a moron.

  17. Ragspierre says:

    “Thanks, that pretty much sums up the view of most conservatives on this site.”
    Cap-it-ANUS is a liar.
    As we all know.
    Mr. Adkins is a poor, hate-twisted guy with some reasons for his hate, but no excuse.

  18. Captain Obvious says:

    Rags – Is this where we differentiate the tens of thousands in the crowd from the speaker they cheered threatening violence and revenge and that they are under attack because of their race?
    The simple fact is that if George Zimmerman was a “black” Hispanic that this story would have been a blip on the radar.
    There is a micro-minority of white, fringe racebaiters who make their living fomenting disunity between all people. They toil in the wilderness and are accepted by none. Unlike talk show hosts on MSNBC, the head of the NAACP, SPLC or the next ex-President of the United States. Just a couple of weeks ago, Sharpton was lamenting language he’s used that was ultimately “unhelpful” (i.e., Tawana Brawley, Freddie’s Fashion Mart, dirty jew diamond merchants, etc.) yet here he is again. Both Sharpton and Jackson being widely accepted former Democratic Candidates for President.
    We now return to our regularly scheduled Republican War On Women once we conclude our Two Minutes Hate on WHITES (hispanics) killing unarmed black teenagers.

  19. Ragspierre says:

    I disagree, Obvious. There is a whole Collective which finds race-baiting very, very useful.
    They argue for the continued use of race as a criteria for preferences, for instance. Legalized, institutional discrimination.
    As with the whole “war on wimmin” BS meme, this is not even anything new. They live and breath “division”.
    What IS new is to have a POTUS jump on board and pour gas on the carefully fanned flames.

  20. Grung_e_Gene says:

    Keep going as you and the Right-Wing are wont to do you continually show that you are comprised of nothing but Bigots and Cowards. Zimmerman murdered Martin. Clear cut. Zimmerman had no authority to chase Martin, which is what he did, shooting down an unarmed young man who had committed no crime.
    But, when it comes to an incident like this Conservative cowards discover nuance. Everything must be parsed any hint of impropriety by Maritn needs to be uncovered like, say Dan Riehl finding a Facebook page of a blakc youngster named Trayvon Martin and assuming it’s the murdered youth.
    But, hey the more you flog this the more electoral votes go to President Obama! Keep it up!

  21. Ragspierre says:

    What a moron.
    What does race have to do with this?

  22. jeannebodine says:

    They are really, really becoming unhinged. I mean more so than their normal unhinged-ness. They realize they are losing and they can’t stop themselves from grasping at every ridiculous straw & screaming & yelling about it, one right after another. It is unfreakingbelievable even for them.

  23. Kyle says:

    Stop being so angry Dan.
    It’s time to start loving (R)Money.

  24. Patrick says:

    It has been very entertaining to watch conservatives twist themselves into knots over these issues the past few months.
    It will be even more entertaining to see the tears of impotent GOP rage come November when the President is re-elected.

  25. Ragspierre says:

    How’d your predictions for 2010 come out, Patty-boi?
    What ‘these issues’?
    Your FAIL with the “war on wimmins”?
    Your current “race war” effort over an garden-variety death not remotely connected with race?
    How ’bout that “leader”, getting out in front of Keystone…which he had nothing to do with? How about the catalog of lies everyone knows are lies that he STILL insists on telling.
    Yeah. I’m all “raging”, moron.

  26. OP says:

    Breaking News!
    Andrew Brietbart now transforming into worm food, yet all the coke and booze in his system repels most ground dwelling maggot types!
    No wonder it was a closed casket.

  27. Ragspierre says:
    Breitbart loved people.
    We have all the maggots here we need, above ground and posting hate.

  28. OP says:

    Brietbart loved whiskey and cocaine and the smell of his own fart vapors. That was about it.
    Wonder what the last thing that went through his mind as he clutched his chest in pain and went splat on the sidewalk?
    Sonnie Johnson? Is that Allen West’s long lost sista? I know there’s always a few self loathing token black conservatives that try and convince themselves that the wingnuts really dont hate niggers. Nice try though.
    Loved the little teabagger rally yesterday in DC. Hundreds of impotent ugly old white men braved the weather. Oh my, what a crushing horde of idiocy!

  29. Ragspierre says:

    Oh, wonderful.
    Let’s just leave that “love” and “tolerance” message hanging as an exemplar of the Collectivist “mind”.

  30. Dwok says:

    Grung, I’m glad you live in a parallel universe where crimes are investigated and solved in the blink of an eye. Did you happen to see the story of the eyewitness that was taped over three weeks ago but didn’t get released until Friday night. The incident occurred in his yard, he saw the incident from his window, he stated that Martin was pummeling Zimmerman.
    Clear Cut huh? Good luck with things in your universe.

  31. OP says:

    Zimmerman killed an unarmed kid. That’s what a jury will hear.
    That’s why Zimmerman is a dead man walking. I hope he’s hiding out, scared shitless. His ugly face is all over the TV and internet. Good.
    Do all you wingnuts carry guns because you have small unused dicks and you never put it to use with a real live woman? Paying for pussy doesn’t count either.

  32. Ragspierre says:

    O’pee is a recognized expert on “small unused dicks you never put it to use with a real live woman.
    And being part of a lynch mob.
    Post some more, O’Pee. These are going in the scrap book for election cycle education about the Collective and its morons.

  33. Dwok says:

    OP, I’m a “wingnut” that carries. Please post a picture of yourself so I know not to save your ass by chance I see it getting kicked up and down a street in the future.

  34. Grung_e_Gene says:

    So you carry, huh? Is that to make up for the fact you have no dick?
    Crimes are often solved in the blink of an eye as you put it.
    Here’s the problem. Zimmerman had no authority to confront let only chase Martin. So, after stalking Martin who then probably Stood His Ground in accordance with the law, the murderer Zimmerman decided to shoot him.
    But, it’s almost as if something else means Martin is guilty before proving himself innocent. In what way do you presume guilt of Martin? What could it be???

  35. Dwok says:

    Typical liberal meme regarding Guns, especially those that carry guns. I highly doubt I’d have to waste a bullet on you…..

  36. Grung_e_Gene says:

    No doubt because I’d drop you first pal. You’d never even clear a level 1 holster. But, it’s not a meme about guns loser but an observation about you a mega-loser with no penis…

  37. Ragspierre says:

    Sounds like projection, Grung.

  38. Dale says:

    Charles Johnson reminds me more of Scott Ritter each passing day.

  39. Koozebane says:

    “Zimmerman had no authority to confront let only chase Martin.”
    Look, you may need authority to walk down a street in your own neighborhood, but we grown ups in the USA are allowed out at night to walk wherever we like, follow whomever we like, and ask questions to whomever we choose.
    Dispatchers discourage callers from following perps for their own safety and to pervent them from being attacked. Disregarding a dispatcher is not a crime. Good thing Zimmerman was armed and fell back on his training to prevent himself from being killed with his own weapon.
    Gun owners are trained to prevent their own weapons from being used against them. Unarmed attackers should remain unarmed until they back off or have the contents of the weapon emptied into their flailing carcasses.
    To put it plainly so even a dim leftist can understand: Attack a person with a gun and you’re going to die.
    Perhaps we’ve stumbled upon a way to control unruly mobs of rioting leftists….simply have a 911 dispatcher order them around.
    “The 911 dispatcher said to stop damaging private property and go home.”

  40. Grung_e_Gene says:

    Koozbane, “Look, you may need authority to walk down a street in your own neighborhood, but we grown ups in the USA are allowed out at night to walk wherever we like, follow whomever we like, and ask questions to whomever we choose.”
    You really have no understanding of the law. So, I can explain it to you come follow me and start questioning me and Blam I’m going to Stand My Ground. and then no more Koozebane…

  41. Ragspierre says:

    See, Grung feels free to use eliminationist language…to flat-out threaten others here…
    because, when Collectivists tell us we should do things, they never mean any of that applies to them.
    He’s an idiot, drooling over his keyboard, and a complete coward (well…nobody’s perfect…but he comes pretty close).
    Be sure to save these posts to show your friends and neighbors.

  42. Grung_e_Gene says:

    You’re damn right I’m saving these posts. You right-wing bigots feel free in threatening me every time I point out Zimmerman was wrong. I’m merely stating I will follow Florida Law when you Rags or any other right-winger comes to confront me. I’m Going To STAND MY GROUND…
    Conservatives, such as you and Dwok, are making we real Americans fear for our safety and we’ll react to your aggressive violent intentions accordingly…

  43. Ragspierre says:

    The “man” is an idiot, and out of his FLUCKING mind.
    But a wonderful exemplar of the Collective.

  44. Ragspierre says:

    “…threatening me every time I point out Zimmerman was wrong”
    Note the significant walk-back.
    Also, note the delusional reference to “threats”.
    I’ve read these threads, and never saw anybody “threaten” this moron. While the converse is certainly true.

  45. Grung_e_Gene says:

    To quote Dwok, “I highly doubt I’d have to waste a bullet on you…..” Posted by: Dwok | Sunday, March 25, 2012 at 08:30 PM
    To quote Koozebane, “Unarmed attackers should remain unarmed until they back off or have the contents of the weapon emptied into their flailing carcasses.
    To put it plainly so even a dim leftist can understand: Attack a person with a gun and you’re going to die.” Posted by: Koozebane | Monday, March 26, 2012 at 05:13 AM
    To quote Rags, “Yeah. I’m all raging moron.” Posted by: Ragspierre | Sunday, March 25, 2012 at 02:43 PM
    Oh no, there’s no walk back, you chicken hawk coward Ragspierre, I’m just going to follow the law when Dwok or you or Koozebane confront me!
    You are a wonderful example of the raging moronic cowardly, evil, bigoted, destructive right-wing reactionaries. Keep it up!

  46. Ragspierre says:

    More clear examples of delusion.
    Not. One. Threat.
    Did Grung ever…EVER…say he thought Zimmerman was “wrong”? Such a measured statement would hardly be very controversial. A lot of us might agree with the idea.
    But was that EVER what Grung said…???
    Why, no.

  47. Koozebane says:

    “To quote Koozebane, “Unarmed attackers should remain unarmed until they back off or have the contents of the weapon emptied into their flailing carcasses.”
    “To put it plainly so even a dim leftist can understand: Attack a person with a gun and you’re going to die.” Posted by: Koozebane | Monday, March 26, 2012 at 05:13 AM”
    So tell me, you incomprehensibly blubbering half-wit….are you planning on violently attacking me unprovoked anytime soon? If so, I’ll make sure the safety is off.
    You’re so stupid you can’t tell a warning from a threat, you hopelessly vacuous cretin.
    If you violently attack someone with a gun for merely questioning your intentions, you deserve to die. You don’t have the right to bodily attack anyone for any imaginable reason. If you do, and your victim is armed, I hope they fill you full of holes, you violent, ass scratching neanderthal.
    And I just walked down my street a few minutes ago. Nobody arrested me for failing to get the 911 dispatcher’s permission, Mr. Legal Eagle.
    I’m not sure why I’m bothering to argue with someone with all the smarts of a sack of dirt.

  48. Koozebane says:

    “You are a wonderful example of the raging moronic cowardly, evil, bigoted, destructive right-wing reactionaries. Keep it up!”
    And you’re the dull epitome of a intellectually vacant baboon who can’t grasp why anyone would want to defend themselves against your violent attack with intent to do physical damage.
    Frankly, if you’re too dim to grasp why publicly displaying a foul temperament coupled with a violent capacity to bodily harm at the slightest inconvenience would put people in fear of their lives, then it really isn’t worth the time to contemplate at any depth your dim bewilderment toward your own demise.
    In other words, if you’re a brainless, violent goon who thinks they have the right to hurt people while suffering zero resistance, your death is of zero significance the the sum of mankind.

  49. Koozebane says:

    ***your death is of zero significance TO the sum of mankind.

  50. Dwok says:

    Grung, you have to climb out of your mothers basement first before you have to be worried about being confronted by a mean old conservative like myself.
    BTW, I never threatened you with physical violence, I just personally believe based on most male progressives, that I don’t have to worry about discharging my weapon if confronted by one.

  51. Dwok says:

    BTW, Grung…Rags is right. You have not simply been stating that Mr. Zimmerman was wrong. You are calling him penis-less murderer without knowing the facts.

  52. SacTownMan says:

    Grung is the perfect poster child for birth control!!
    Congrats on that new Assistant Shift Manager job at Taco Bell
    Hot or mild sauce sir!!

  53. pst314 says:

    Dan Riehl: Is it true that Charles Johnson’s twitter handle is NO-LIMIT-LIZAHD? 🙂