Update: Is This The Same Trayvon Martin?

March 24, 2012

Update: This does not appear to be the same Trayvon Martin.

I came across this Facebook account in the name of Trayvon Martin. I do not know if it is the same Martin who was recently killed in Florida. The banner photo matches, which proves nothing fwiw.

This is one of the few images still posted at that account.

Update: It doesn't appear to be the same Trayvon Martin. But I'm still not sure. It's still linked. h/t a reader. 

Also, people are whacked. We asked questions all the time when I covered crime out here. People need to get over it. I've seen several pics alleged to be Trayvon Martin circulating that didn't look worth asking about. Community sourcing works. It's what blogs did well back when they started. If I had something earth shattering, I'd look to publish it via a Breitbart site, if it were solid.

I don't know who did what that night in Florida and neither do you. I'd like to learn the truth. And I stopped trusting a large part of the media to tell it a long time ago. Period.

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  1. Anna says:

    Oh *fake* shock! Could it be that the media and the agendanista’s (like Sharpton and the Black Panthers) have a divisive social narrative to push? Nothing says quality operation like misleading representation and exploitation of the dead. Where are these same folks on all the racially motivated hate crimes on whites that occurred in Chicago, Atlanta, and recently in Philadelphia? *crickets*
    It’s sad that this kid died…it’s equally sad that society is devolving into vigilante style mob justice. I think EVERYONE should cool down and let the legal process work. Grand jury, FBI, words from BHO, and national dialog…hey, that is more ‘justice’ than the average kid gets when he or she is gunned down by gang members. Accept what the professionals determine, and then let it be. Work to change the law if you don’t like the outcome. Do it civilly, just like everyone else.

  2. Jim says:

    The problem is that Zimmerman pursued martin when he didn’t have a right or reason to. He put himself in the position of having to defend himself. It’s not as if Zimmerman was in his house, car or minding his own business. Castle Doctrine laws usually reflect that. Had Zimmerman waited in his car, he wouldn’t be in trouble and Martin would be alive and this wouldn’t be a media circus. Even if he was getting his ass kicked, Zimmerman made mistakes and it makes all pro RTKBA people look bad.
    That said, I have no idea what protesting in NYC has to do with something that happened in FL. Is Jackson and Sharpton that hard up for a plane ticket? All I have to say about Sharpton is remember Crown Heights, Freddy’s Fashion Mart and Tawana Brawley. Bring those up every time that fake reverend opportunist opens his trap.

  3. Ragspierre says:

    Can we start just calling this a “high-tech lynching”…???

  4. Robert S. Pierre says:

    It looks like he’s hanging out with people that flash gang signs in some of his other pictures.

  5. Are those Gang signs? Even so, The shooter should not have hunted him down. He should have contacted police and wait for them to intervene. My problem is this is an issue of Justice not race. Those who continue to use race and an issue miss the point of Lady Justice being Blind. The scales of justice should be the same from everyone. If the authorities did not prosecute for whatever reason, it is a law enforcement issue.
    Sharpton, Jackson, and Farrakhan want to cause divisions in America. While conservatives want Justice for all. MLK wanted equal justice not special justice. Identity politics has moved us away from equal protection and equal justice to special justice. The constitution is about equal justice based on the facts not the color of ones skin.
    Amazingly, the Mainstream Media continues to call the perpetrator a “White” guy. Is that fair? Isn’t he mixed race. Too me the Media is guilty of causing racial division here as well.
    Even with those who wish to divide America beating their racial drums, many conservatives, including myself, have come out asking for a review of this incident. Something is not right here.

  6. Repack Rider says:

    Just goes to show that when a Black man walks through a white neighborhood, he should pack heat. If Trayvon had been carrying a .357 he would be alive today.
    Zimmerman, maybe not.

  7. Ragspierre says:

    “Just goes to show that when a Black man walks through a white neighborhood, he should pack heat.”
    Winner of the stupid, racist comment thus far.

  8. TJTaygee says:

    @Ragspierre – the comment doesn’t overcome the blog. the blog out-wins the comment for most racist.

  9. Ragspierre says:

    Explain, TJ.
    Why and how is noting an apparently very selective use of images “racist”?

  10. steelhoof says:

    What is being said here is a persons skin color DOES determine how you feel about innocence or guilt. Dark skin means danger / evil and therefore guilty.
    Let me ask you. How many serial killers are dark skinned blacks?
    America’s Famous Serial Killers! http://bit.ly/GNOuBz

  11. Ragspierre says:

    That sounds sort of…I dunno…like a bigoted statement.
    I consider it likely I would be friends with Justice Thomas. He’s pretty “dark skinned”, and I don’t consider him “dangerous” in the least.

  12. Repack Rider says:

    I’m a 66-y.o. white guy. All my employees are Black as are a number of my lifelong friends from high school. I am often the only white guy in a fairly large crowd, and if I am approached by several large young black men in hoodies, I don’t cross the street to avoid them because they are probably friends of mine. I hang out in a poor part of town that is rife with drugs and crime because that’s where my employees live. I haven’t touched a firearm since I mustered out of the US Army (E-5, Honorable Discharge) 44 years ago, and nobody messes with me.
    Perhaps one of you will explain why Trayvon should not have been armed, since it is now clear that his life was in danger in the “nice” part of town.

  13. Patty says:

    Hey Anna! Vigilante-style mob justice would mean mobs going to find George Zimmerman, yanking his racist ass out of his home, and shooting him in the street. The police in Sanford were doing NOTHING. The only action they took was testing the dead body for drugs or alcohol. Didn’t test the shooter, didn’t gather evidence, didn’t even use the dead teen’s own cell to find his family in order to tell them he had been killed. All your so-called “vigilantes” are doing is holding rallies to insist the police and prosecutors in their community do the right thing and hold the killer accountable for stalking someone who had committed no crime and ended up dead because, by most accounts, he just “stood his ground” instead of letting the shooter continue chasing him. He tried to run, and Zimmerman the shooter caught him. What would YOU have done? Fight back? Or run and potentially be shot running away? Watch out, everyone. Your racism is showing.

  14. Ragspierre says:

    Sure, Repack.
    He was a minor, for one thing.
    You are “reasoning from results”, which is a cardinal error in logic.
    The “nice” part of town was interracial, and was the focus of crime.
    Race has very little to do with the events, but your post assumes race is a major…maybe THE major…factor.
    But, as a general rule, I think we should all be trained and free to carry firearms.
    You will remember that the Democrat Jim Crow South really HATED black armed people, I hope.

  15. Ragspierre says:

    ‘K Patty, you beat Repack for the most stupid, most racist, and most hate-filled post!
    You are aware there are INVESTIGATIONS on-going.

  16. Lorraine says:

    The Trayvon you’ve linked lives in Kentucky. It’s not him. I believe this one — http://www.facebook.com/people/Trayvon-Slimm-Martin/1353307542 — who lives in FL is him.

  17. Not the same Trayvon.
    Myers Middle School and Waters Ave Money Gang — Savannah, GA.

  18. Kettley says:

    The neighborhood where this happened is 50% white. It’s not a “white neighborhood.”

  19. A_Nonny_Mouse says:

    A lot of people seem to WANT this killing to be racially motivated.
    A synopsis as I understand it:
    George Zimmerman was a Neighborhood Watch guy. The area had been having problems with break-ins and whatnot. He saw somebody who “didn’t belong” – a guy in a hoodie. He called the police and said he was following the guy. The dispatcher said “you don’t need to do that”. The guy in the hoodie (Trayvon) turned to face GZ who reported to the dispatcher that it was a black guy. Trayvon then turned and ran. GZ reported to the dispatcher that he’d lost sight of the guy and was going back to his truck. The next 911 call was from somebody reporting a guy in red on the ground, with a guy in a hoodie on top of him, beating him. Apparently on that tape, GZ can be heard calling for help. Don’t know if it was that call or another similar call where a gunshot is heard on the tape. The police arrive very shortly after that. They find the guy in the hoodie shot dead; GZ states to them that the hoodie guy came up from behind, hit him, knocked him to the ground and started beating on him, that he called for help but no one came; the guy kept hitting & hitting him, and he finally shot the guy. Police notice he has a cut to the back of his head, grass stains on the back of his shirt; his face has been bloodied. He is known to them, as a N’brhd Watch guy he’s reported other “suspicious characters” in the past. The physical evidence matches the account GZ gave which matches what the dispatcher was told, which matches what other witnesses reported. They do not arrest GZ; it gets written up as lawful self-defense.
    This happened back in February — a month ago. I am not sure why it’s taken THIS LONG to become a “cause” for the race-baiting Reverends (Sharpton & Jackson), but they’re sure doing their level best to turn it into a racial hate-fest.

  20. Sean C. says:

    These links appear to be garbage, with relation to this story. They kinda muddy the waters even more. This story is only important on the national level in that it could have, potentially, furthered an msm agenda of RAAAAACE! and GUN -CONTROL!!! which could have, potentially, helped the President. Likely, it won’t and so it will be swept under the rug come Monday with a fresh outrage from the media.

  21. Selena says:

    That’s not him his Facebook page is under trayvon slimm Martin , rip trayvon justice will soon be served !!

  22. jummy says:

    Some bloggers on the mainstream right were looking to minimize and mitigate this kid’s murder before sharpton et al involved themselves. Like it or not, that says something about those bloggers.
    I don’ t understand what you think the mitigating factors would be. The poor kid was armed with a bag of skittles. It appears from posts like this one that his youngblackmaleness has been selected as the mitigating factor which transforms manslaughter into self defense. I’m afraid it doesn’t .
    I know conservative bloggers are sick and tired of hearing the word “racist” i don’t think there’s a more accurate way to characterize a post like this one. Take away the racism and there’s nothing left. You say you’re “crowdsourcing” answers to open questions. What question could this picture possibly answer?

  23. Ragspierre says:

    “Take away the racism and there’s nothing left. You say you’re “crowdsourcing” answers to open questions. What question could this picture possibly answer?”
    Seems you are the racist here, and your question is answered in your mind by the mere pigment of Mr. Martin’s skin.
    Somehow, knowing more about this young man equates to changing your judgment that he was “murdered”. You can’t have that.

  24. Dan says:

    Please explain what point you are trying to make by posting that photo.

  25. Ragspierre says:

    Dan, it is called “information”. It does not have to be “pointed”.

  26. jummy says:

    Seems you are the racist here, and your question is answered in your mind by the mere pigment of Mr. Martin’s skin.
    Somehow, knowing more about this young man equates to changing your judgment that he was “murdered”. You can’t have that.
    the dreaded “your awareness that my racism is racist is racist” riposte.
    i don’t know more about trayvon martin from this picture. first, it’s not a picture of the shooting victim, but of some other kid from kentucky. second, the only things portrayed in the picture – young, black, male – were already known.
    i do know more about dan rheil now, though.
    Dan, it is called “information”. It does not have to be “pointed”.
    sort of. rather than stand on the clear intent of this post and the commentary which accompanies it, you’d prefer that we imagine that blog posts emerge from pure abstraction, devoid of meaning or purpose.
    you’re quite a weakling.

  27. Ragspierre says:

    Yes, yes, jummy. It takes YOUR kind of courage and strength to weigh others in your balance, and find us all various bad things.
    We all tremble at your approach.
    And, when you see people in terms of their race, and events through a racial filter THAT IN THIS CASE SIMPLY DOES NOT APPLY AT ALL, what do you call that BUT racist?

  28. Jackie says:

    Umm that is not the same Trayvon Martin as this kid is from Savannah Georgia and he is from Florida and this kid is only on middle school.

  29. Ragspierre says:

    Ummm…yah, Jackie. We know. Duh.

  30. jummy says:

    this had to be pointed out to you three and three-quarter hours after the picture of the wrong kid was posted and now you’re all like, “duh!”

  31. Ragspierre says:

    I knew this last night, jummy.
    So, yeah.

  32. TheRickening says:

    Maybe the person who posted it last night could have checked it out a little before publicly making an ass out of themselves. DUH.

  33. Ragspierre says:

    TheRickening, you figure making a mistake = making an ass of yourself?
    ‘Cause, damn…

  34. Kyle says:

    Andrew Breitbart is still dead.

  35. TheRickening says:

    When it was so easily avoided? Yes.

  36. Ragspierre says:

    Hindsight is your forte, I see.
    And Kyle is still an idiot.
    Good to have constants in life.

  37. TheRickening says:

    Hindsight. HA!
    Well, in hindsight, the first clue might have been that the two Trayvon Martins in question DON’T ACTUALLY LOOK ANYTHING ALIKE. In hindsight.

  38. OP says:

    Not the same kid? Gee, whoda thunk some idiot like Riehl or his moronic minions would be able to tell the difference.
    They all look the same right? All those hoodlum black kids.
    He had it coming too, right? It’s his own fault.
    And they say the right wing isn’t racist. Ha. Make me laugh some more, idiots.

  39. Ragspierre says:

    Ever notice that teenagers…especially teenage males…change radically in just a short time sometimes.
    Most of you idiots posting here never really matured sexually.
    We get it.

  40. Adam Schramm says:

    Funny that your post seems to conclude that this Trayvon Martin is NOT the guy from Florida yet this post is still up and being commentedon and conjectured about. Don’t you insinuating, closet-racist clowns have anything better to do?

  41. Dylan says:

    Breitbart is still dead by the way 🙂

  42. James says:

    i’d say the more important question is why it matters at all whether that’s a picture of trayvon or not

  43. John Leitch says:

    Here’s a picture pulled from a someone that is friends with the Trayvon Slimm Martin account:

  44. Sonie says:

    Why do you all need to see a recent picture of Trayvon, he was only 17. Will a picture make a difference in this crime? No! The person that posted the so called accounts of the murder, was the statement Zimmerman (the trigger puller) gave to the police. And the police because they devalue black life, believed him. All the 911 calls do not add up. Those police are idiots. How in the world did Lee become a chief of police? It wasn’t for his ability to interpret the law. Even the creators of the Law state that Zimmerman does not qualify. We are happy to have Jackson and Sharpton help to bring this to justice. We do not care if you all like them or not. We want and will get Justice for Trayvon Martin’s family. Period, now carry on with your racists bickering.

  45. johnfreyan says:

    Clearly, the OP is the clear, unbiased one here instead of the liberal media. Especially with the fake picture originating from Stormfront.org

  46. Rachel says:

    Brietbart Bloggers and StormFront, a racist match made in Hell. Shocker. Not really.

  47. chris says:

    If you click on the “About” section, you will find that the schools this kid is IN MIDDLE SCHOOL.
    Which is in Savannah, Georgia. http://www.greatschools.org/georgia/savannah/341-Myers-Middle-School/
    And which is where most of his Facebook friends are from.
    (Not to mention the fact that although they look vaguely similar, they are obviously not the same person, from the pictures.)

  48. E.R says:

    The sad part of this all is that these men are resorting to trying to demonize the child into some horrible, evil person when: 1. You DON’T know all of the facts or even who Trayvon was as a person and 2. Doing this is irrelevant to the case. Doesn’t add anything to the fact that he was murdered. Only meant to make him look bad and lift Zimmerman up as the ‘true’ victim. Shame, really.

  49. Chris Hagen says:

    The photo of an older Trayvon with gold “grills” is definitely him. Nobody is disputing that, unless there is an identical looking Trayvon with the same grills. The other photo is of a Trayvon Martin from Savannah, GA. People probably made the mistake of thinking this was him because all his Facebook activity stopped around the time of the incident. The dead one goes by Trayvon Slimm martin on Facebook (a photo of him displaying his gold grills is on his feed prior to the incident).
    However, there are plenty of other real pictures of Trayvon Martin, from his MySpace and Twitter (where his ID is @NO_LIMIT_NIGGA) where he looks thuggish, is asked about drugs and swinging on bus drivers, and shows off his tattoos.
    The point is that the media is still showing 4 year old photos of Trayvon from 2008 where he was 13, when in reality he was almost an adult. While posting the same old mugshot of Zimmerman. Whether one of the circulating photos is fake or not, it does not change the manipulation and bias the media is guilty of by showing a photo of a child, not of a late teen with gold grills and tattoos.
    Nobody is implying that this means that Trayvon deserved to die, but people are looking at a picture of a 13 year old and thinking it is inconceivable that he could have attacked Zimmerman to the point he feared for his life. So it is manipulating public opinion on the issue.

  50. DANTE says:

    Who can judge? None of us were there. I was a little suspicious of the original picture of Trayvon being circulated. That did not look like a 17 year old.
    It did seem like Zimmerman was overzealous and foolhardy. But again I was not in his shoes and I don’t know exactly what happened.
    But if I was has getting a savage beating and I thought I was going to have to tap out(die) I would probably shoot the guy beating me. If the guy beating me up was trying to get my gun the likelihood of me shooting him would go up as well.
    These are things I have considered being an armed Floridian. Please don’t attack me, it may not end up well.

  51. Duke says:

    So, Stormfront is not an unbiased source of info? Why I’m shocked!

  52. Betty says:

    To support rappers who portray the act of thug and gangster…riding around listening to that garbage instead of being against it but you want to blame whitey for being fearful when they see a black man in a hoodie in the dark outside their home. Many blacks I see every day don’t care how they act what they say..they have no concern or curtiosy for others no empathy for animals and no self respect. I refuse to take any blame for that as a white person. This is less about Trayvon Martin as a person and more of a white man witch hunt and it has been from day one.

  53. Robinhol says:

    Starting with repeal of Stand Your Ground and Castle Doctrine laws. The next step will be to use the nebvitaile rise in violent crime rates as an excuse to repeal Concealed Carry.I really wonder about the probability of this sequence. It helps that I live in a state where concealed carry (of any sort, but it happens to be shall issue with all other US localities’ licenses being recognized) is quite new, 2004, and where we have to assume we have a duty to retreat and our Castle Doctrine was judicially nullified (the which Missouri uses for upper level court seats is truly horrible). Nonetheless, at least in the culturally Southern SW part of the state we have a strong self-defense culture.I suspect it depends on whether the prosecutors use the absence of these two doctrines abusively, plus there’s a big difference between removing two rights most gun owners will never need and removing something that many gun owners use every day. The latter will be a lot harder, I’m sure.

  54. Eugene says:

    they could not not see what was going on or said they saw 2 men wrestling THATS IT,,THESE NEIGHBORS DID THEIR JOB AND CALLED THE COPS.they have no wdeklonge of why they were shot or who was calling for help.for the record the shooter is latino not white,some of the 911 callers mistaken the shooter for being black,the 911 callers automatically assumed the shooter was the bad guy and NOT someone defending themselves4. the shooter had a broken nose and was bleeding from a head wound caused by this teenager who was shot.SUPPORTING HIS CLAIMS HE WAS ATTACKED.but you people are so quick to jump on a bandwagon because someone told you it was wrong. NONE of you are looking at the evidence you are a ALLLLL going on emotion or political views to push a call to arms against a man who evidence points to defending himself not a cold blooded killer..

  55. Joanne says:

    Where is the decency, the hauinmty, the honor?An unarmed young child, who was minding his own business was killed by his stalker, and if he had the temerity to defend himself and fight for his life, he deserved it?So, black men should stop just be subjected to the fears and suspicions of others, allow ourselves to be stalked and accosted, and if we dare resist, we forfeit our rights and can be killed with extreme prejudice?And seeing that President Obama carefully weighed in, they have to trash the good name of Trayvon Martin more to score a negative on Barack Obama?These people are sick, how do these fuckers sleep at night? I ask again, where is the decency, the hauinmty in all of this?

  56. Kenisha says:

    I’m quite aware of whites knliilg other whites. I’m quite aware of mexicans knliilg other mexicans. However this is not about that, this is about trayvon’s murder being treated as a joke by law enforcement.(1) Because he was black.(2) Because of black on black violence between young black men.Whites are already trying to justify this kid’s murder by using black on black violence as an example. I already knew that was going to be their next step because whites are predictable in that sense. Sadly we just keep giving other races more ammunition to use against us. As for blacks coming together, well it’s a bit sad that it seems to only happen under tragic events minus church. Maybe blacks should spend less time tearing each other down on youtube so that we can make our unity more apparent to others.

  57. Michell says:

    I just find it odd that a man, driving in a car thruogh a gated community while carrying a loaded weapon, felt the need to defend/protect himself from a kid, unarmed and on foot, by taking his life. I find it to be a sack of sh*t that the police think that his reason was enough for them to allow this man to continue to have his freedom. If this boy would have killed this man for following him or making him feel unsafe, he would be in jail with a high bond until they proved him guilty in court. We promote and follow all the nonsense that the media throws our way any other time, this is something that we as a community need to fight for and bang on every politician’s door until we get answers, justice, and change in honor of this young man and his family.

  58. Auth says:

    Reggie – It appears that the ‘Stand Your Ground’ rpuposters don’t see the problem with their law. They seem to claim that Zimmerman isn’t covered by the law … of course, the Sanford police department went the opposite way.

  59. Hallowen says:

    The sanford Police and that rdeurme Zimmerman treated Trayvon Martin like an animal. He wan’t human to them; they don’t have the brain or heart to even think Trayvon was somebody’s son, brother, boy friend, a student, HE WAS A HUMAN BEING. But some white racist, bigots don’t consider blacks, especailly BLACK MALES as humans. It’s disgusting and despicable to be going through this in the 21st century. America’s got A LONG WAYS TO GO. ONE BLACK president does not a post-racial society make.

  60. Rocelyn says:

    Wat people need to do is itrpuce this story and then imagine the colors roles being reversed. ALL hell would break lose if a white boy was in the hood and a black man shot him because he looked like he was up to something . If this story does not scream out to our community what will? We need to unite together and demand that this guy serves time. If you ask me it was a race crime, this boy was picked out because of his color, this man is not a cop nor have any crime was committed!!! As a mother of a son, this makes me mad, angry, depressed and sad. I feel for his family and pray that the gun happy coward that did this serves life behind bars. REAL TALK . Isigned the petition i hope many more do to.

  61. Mohamed says:

    I totally agree with Erica. I don’t care how long you have known this lklier. It doesn’t make him less of a lklier. You are correct, he made a poor decision, and it is a decision that was racially motivated. How obvious can it possibly be? White people can see what an injustice this is that Killer Zimmerman is walking free. We can see exactly what this was, and I can guarantee it makes us just as sick. A child is dead, a family had to bury their son/brother/nephew/cousin/grandson. My heart breaks to pieces for them.There is no way that Zimmerman felt threatened. And the media is not making it so ..the evidence does. He is an evil bastard that shot and killed an innocent child.

  62. Advend says:

    I am incredulous & barrtheoken for the family of this child murdered senselessly! Who are these authorities to NOT act by jailing this perpetrater! He does not have the right to walk free after killing this child. Investigation should be done while this perp’ sits in jail, for fear that he will flee the jurisdiction. He should be brought up on murder charges for shooting in cold blood. What was he protecting? Property? ZIMMERMAN stalked this child against Police orders! How can He claim self defense? He removed himself from the safety of his vechicle, that’s on him. Atty General Wolfson do your JOB! Atty General Bondi do your JOB! Get justice for this child’s Mother that is ALL she has left!

  63. Elisiane says:

    That is exactly my tohhgut. For crying out loud, the killer (which is exactly what he is, a coldblooded killer!) was following an unarmed kid on foot, in a car and then on foot. The child was 100 feet from his residence, and the screams on the 911 calls are most definitely that child screaming for help. I heard 2 gunshots on the 911 calls. I don’t even understand how the number of gunshots can be in question. There wasn’t just 1 gunshot. If a person is feeling threatened and the police say to stop following, THE PERSON STOPS FOLLOWING. They don’t continue on and then shoot. It’s so obvious that this was racially motivated and the police are not doing anything to get a dangerous man off the streets.

  64. jason says:

    Once the POLICE advised him to not ololfw this young man or just wait for the police everything after that is Zimmermans fault!!!!He should be held accountable for taking this young mans life. We will never know if he was shooting in self defense but what we do know is he never should have approached this young man at all. I hate that in times like this we immediately run to the race card but as a black woman with children I shudder to think that just because my son is out walking in a neighborhood that makes him suspicious. What was he doing to be suspicious. Its all so tragic and I really feel for his family and will pray that they receive justice for an unjust act.

  65. Samsun says:

    I am outraged b this hofirric act.. I am so so sorry for the family of this boy .jutice MUST be done this man must pay for what he did tp the fullest prosection of the law. I want to pray for his family and let them know many people are here for them and to support thim at this time of gief..zimmerman must be in custody NOW let us all send cards, gifts and strngth to his family.. we must stand strong on this.. I will not give up. this man murdered in cold blood no reason, no just cause, nothing..pettion the State of Florida for zimmerman’s arrest if that is needed and never let him free

  66. Ripal says:

    HOW MANY TIMES ARE WE GOING TO HAVE TO HEAR THESE STORIES BEFORE WE DO SOMETHING? It makes me SICK to my stomach. White crfioefs etc KILL soooooo many UNARMED blacks and NOTHING happens. NOTHING at all. Had this been a black man all HELL would be break loose. White folks would be rampaging around town screaming Lynch that NEGRO . You better believe they would. I don’t care if that mans records were clean, the point is, HE MURDERED AN UNARMED TEEN. Period. I mean .I just don’t understand. Smh. I’ll pray for his family.

  67. sad says:

    Why does it always take a TRAGEDY for backls to come together? I’m so sick of that .. this just goes to show that backls are still being LYNCHED by whites but in a whole new form. One reason law enforcement are not interested in locking this man up is because they see this happening so much between young black men .. it’s almost as if they’re saying How dare the black community come after us when there are so many young black men who die at the hands of their own kind. Black people WAKE-UP!It shouldn’t have to take a tragedy of this magnitude to truly see how whites feel about us.

  68. Depi says:

    We all know that had this story gone the other way . black neighborhood watch guy kills erunmad white kid = there would be no bail set for the black guy and they’d try to bury him under the jail!!! I’m so sick of race relations in the U.S!! My heart goes out to this child’s family. I pray that justice will be seen here on earth and not just in Heaven as is the case with hundreds of unsolved crimes against blacks prior to and during the civil rights era. God please heal this land!!!

  69. Sigit says:

    The same was #KONY was retweeted & giaend millions in attn thanks to celebs retweeting, PLEASE twitter users tweet this story to your followers and celebs so that this may gain national attn. RACISM has to be stopped & consequences hashed out so that WHITES will know Blacks aren’t tolerating racism deaths the same way Blacks know their place & what would happen if the roles were reversed!! And, of course, sign the petition. God Bless.