Does New Sanford PD Video Show Zimmerman With Broken Nose?

March 29, 2012

The Sanford police department has released an extended video of George Zimmerman on the night of the shooting death of Trayvon Martin. It appears as though his nose may have been bandaged both immediately upon Zimmerman exiting the police cruiser and again at 4:30 in when Zimmerman walks under the camera in an entirely new segment. I've also included screencaps from 4:20 and 4:53 in that may not support the idea that there is tape there. I'm not trying to jump to conclusions, or withold anything. That's why I am not saying I'm 100% certain. 

Finally, there is also a screencap of an officer inspecting the back of Zimmerman's head. Along with that, if the video does show a nose injury, that would jibe completely with what is claimed about his encounter with Trayvon Martin that night before Martin was killed.

While I cannot be 100% certain, it appears to me as though you can see a bandage on Zimmerman's nose. It could be glare from a light. But in watching the sequence repeatedly, it at least does not appear to be that. I've also made several screencaps below the video. You can judge for yourself. It may take more analysis to be 100% certain either way. It's also being reported that Trayvon Martin's email account was hacked.


Below are the screencaps.


Early-shot-1 Early-shot-2



Z-Nose-3These last two do not appear to support what the images above do, which I why I am saying it's inconclusive. The video is not of high quality and even close in shots are often out of focus, unfortunately.


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  1. drawandstrike says:

    I think you can see the officer is looking at a wound on the back of Zimmerman’s head.

  2. ThatIsAll says:

    Not saying this is what happened, but if you want to speculate, since the media isn’t vetting this story for actual facts (go figure /sarc) it’s not out of the realm of possibility or probability that an EMS ambulance or two arrived at the gated complex after the shooting and Zimmerman was attended to by paramedics before being transported to the police station by car. I thought I had heard he declined going to the hospital, so makes sense the police would give some attention to any injuries he had.

  3. Rob Crawford says:

    “it’s not out of the realm of possibility or probability that an EMS ambulance or two arrived at the gated complex after the shooting and Zimmerman was attended to by paramedics before being transported to the police station by car.”
    Er, it says as much in the police reports.
    Folks, the police have made all this information publicly available; why do people act like it’s a state secret or something?

  4. Ragspierre says:

    Rob, several factors are in play.
    CSI-itus is one.
    The howling mob after Zimmerman is another.
    The laying of the ground-work for “it’s all a conspiracy” still another.
    The latter is possible. Not likely. But still possible.
    Note the BSNBC crawl on the right bar of Dan’s site here…”Who are the Zimmermans”…
    Creepy, huh?
    How many black kids will die tonight nationwide without a sentence of print or a nod by the Collectivists?

  5. Don Lovell says:

    Why is everyone trying to put this thing together with crude (at best) information. The police officers know, the EMTs know, if there were injuries. Apparently the PC crowd (police dept PR) has squared off against the true racists that hold legitimate and powerful positions so that the information, that is available, is being delayed. This in turn is acting as a fuel for the craziness we are seeing. New Black Panthers putting a bounty on another citizens head, Spike Lee endangering innocent people, with the frosting on the cake that Holder has done nothing to rein this in. This whole episode is very revealing and heartbreaking if you are an American that has experienced great relations with all kinds of different people. Tomorrow is the day that we should reach out to kindred spirits and regain the sanity it takes to have a great country.

  6. Becca says:

    Well I’m disappointed.
    I was really hoping that jharp was lurking somewhere with nothing but insults and name-calling to back up arguments.
    I guess I have to go find some other libtard to play with.

  7. Estragon says:

    It’s not unusual for a broken nose not to appear crooked, the nature of it is such it doesn’t always need to be “set” at all. Once the EMTs stopped the bleeding, Zimmerman may not even have realized it was broken until he saw his own doctor later.
    It’s not like media doesn’t have medical people they can call for this stuff. That they are offering this – and the girlfriend’s alleged call, which at least one report said was discounted by police because her timeline doesn’t match up – as some type of “proof” just goes to underline the original determination of no probable cause for arrest.
    The only way this was not a classic, straightforward case of self-defense is if Zimmerman struck the first blow, and there is not a single shred of evidence to indicate that, while all the evidence we do have tends to confirm his version of events.
    The reports, videos, and 911 calls are all online at

  8. zazz says:

    His whole colt is bloodsocked. I can not Imagine how he is supposed to get all that blood out of his coat. It must be Martins. They must have been fighting like foods to get that much.
    The surprising thing is how much Zimmerman able is to walk. It looks like the police atejust leading him around becsuse they knoe he’s injured. But he cant foo them. He keeps with them

  9. ObiJohn says:

    I think what the video conclusively shows is that the police are not very worried about Zimmerman attacking them or otherwise acting in a criminal behavior. I get the feeling they are going through the motions, having three officers escort him because that is policy instead of because they are worried about him. Look at how he walks around the motorcycle differently from the police officer who almost gets ahead of him, but who isn’t worried about him. Do you think they would be this relaxed if they saw Zimmerman as a threat? I guarantee you that the typical homicide-by-shooting suspect would not be treated this cavalierly.
    This makes me wonder if the police know Zimmerman and know him to be a decent person, and/or they have made a judgment from what they’ve seen of Zimmerman and of the scene.
    I agree with the other posters; it’s not unreasonable for Zimmerman to look mostly okay on these low-res videos because of the in situ medical treatment. They would have cleaned him up enough to look ‘normal’ given the lack of resolution of the videos.

  10. mike191 says:

    If this happened under President Bush the clarion calls from the “FOURTH ESTATE” for the Attorney General and Justice Office to investigate this crime would be constant leads on every paper and TV:it is 18hours since this incident happened and no word from the white house….26 HOURS LATTER AND NO ATTEMPT BY THE PRESIDENT TO CALM THIS SITUATION.

  11. ThomasD says:

    If EMS, possibly even the cops, did perform any medical services on Zimmerman they might be protected under HIPPA – meaning they cannot be released, or even their existence disclosed, without the express permission of Zimmerman.
    Given that many people have shown themselves willing to make representations of a factual nature, possibly false representations of a factual nature, it might be in Zimmerman’s best interests to keep his cards covered until he has his libel/slander ducks all in a row.
    As it is right now, any attempts to counter lies with the truth would simply be met with new and improved lies.

  12. VA Teacher says:

    I guess in Al Sharpton-land, the EMTs and all the police are part of the conspiracy and the cover-up…

  13. willem says:

    In cuffs. They brought him to the station in hand cuffs. They brought him in cuffed and restrained. He was in a state of arrest; he was apprehended and cuffed, then taken to the station.
    Wasn’t the complaint “Ain’t nobody even arrested him. I want him arrested!”

  14. Ted G says:

    Well, he’s clearly lying about getting his head bashed into the sidewalk.
    What are we pretending we’re gullible 5yo here?

  15. Ragspierre says:

    Believe it or not, being “under arrest” is a close legal question that is fairly often in dispute in a criminal trial.

  16. White Hispanic says:

    Tell you what, I can’t tell if he has any injuries in the video, but I can clearly tell that he isn’t brown enough to be worthy of sympathy. Let the lynch mob commence!

  17. georg felis says:

    My first reaction when NPR made the statement “New surveillance video shows Zimmerman did not have a broken nose at the police station” (paraphrased) was the sarcastic “Wow, they have surveillance cameras that take X-rays now.”

  18. Pettifogger says:

    I don’t know what happened that might. I don’t know whether Zimmerman murdered Martin or whether Martin attacked Zimmerman. But at this point, no matter what happened and no matter the evidence, a large segment of the population would not believe Martin attacked Zimmerman. That allegation undercuts the narrative by which the Spike Lees and Barack Obamas view the world.

  19. Ragspierre says:

    “…the narrative by which the Spike Lees and Barack Obamas view the world.”
    Kick that open a bit more. The “narrative” is how the Collective sees…and projects…the world, rather than taking it on its own real terms.
    In reality, this is a garden variety shooting with NO racial aspects that was investigated as would be the case in virtually any mid-sized American community.
    That. Is. It.
    But the Collective NEEEEEEEEDS to contort these facts into a national story about race and injustice.
    So they did.

  20. Ragspierre says:

    A man who says he saw Trayvon Martin shot dead claims that the Florida teenager and his killer, George Zimmerman, were scuffling on the ground at the time with one on top of the other.
    The first eyewitness account of the 17-year-old’s final moments emerged on Thursday night more than a month after the boy lost his life in an altercation with a neighbourhood watch leader in a gated community in Sanford.
    The anonymous man said he reported to police details of what he saw on the evening of 26 February, which included watching the gunman walking away from the fight apparently uninjured.
    It contradicts an allegation from Zimmerman’s father earlier in the day that the unarmed black teenager broke his son’s nose during the incident and also left him with bloody injuries from slamming the man’s head repeatedly on to a concrete pavement. The eyewitness says he saw no blood and that the entire confrontation took place only on grass.
    “I saw two men on the ground, one on top of the other. I felt they were scuffling and I heard gunshots which to me were more like pops,” he said in an interview broadcast on CNN’s Anderson Cooper 360, his voice disguised to protect his identity.
    –The Guardian

  21. James in LA says:

    Zimmerman’s life changed forever the moment he left his vehicle. Already in violation of neighborhood watch by being armed and in pursuit, he got out and went on a hunt, against both the watch rules and the command from the 9/11 dispatcher. This video was shot 35-40 minutes after the shooting. When you add travel times, how is it possible EMTs “cleaned him up” in so short a time leaving him so pristine, and moving easy in handcuffs? If his nose was broken, he would have bled out. And yet, no blood is visible.
    What began as manslaughter appears to be drifting into premeditation. Why was the chief of police on the scene? Why did the prosecuting attorney drive 50 miles in the middle of the night to be on the scene? Does this have anything to do with Zimmerman’s pop, a retired magistrate who mindlessly accuses Obama and others of “hating?”
    Nothing in this case adds up for Zimmerman.

  22. Ragspierre says:

    “Already in violation of neighborhood watch by being armed and in pursuit, he got out and went on a hunt, against both the watch rules and the command from the 9/11 dispatcher.”
    This sentence makes you a self-identified idiot.
    The rest just reinforces.

  23. Why are you waiting for all the facts before you draw a conclusion? That isn’t how things are done in the era of Hope and Change(TM).

  24. Amurrican says:

    911 dispatchers don’t have authority to command anyone to do anything. Ragspierre is right about the self-identified idiot thing. Somehow liberals in this country have gone from “question authority” to “always obey” in 1 generation (or at least when it suits them – dissent is no longer the highest form of patriotism so long as Obama occupies the White House).

  25. Hope Change says:

    This controversy, being stirred up around this tragic event, has been brought to us by people who are not the friends of unity among all Americans.
    This controversy is designed to direct attention away from what is arguably the most important election of our lifetime.
    No matter how this tragic Zimmerman case resolves, it cannot affect, for good or ill, the fundamental problem of LEFTIST DRIFT AND TOO MUCH GOVERNMENT.
    Meanwhile, I have the impression that commenters here, and Dan, are people who like to live on the edge. Creative, dynamic, risk taker, destructively creative but in the end, creative. You are NOT being served by the direction this country is going.
    Newt is the ONLY candidate who understands what we need for a really great future: innovation and the requirements of an entrepreneurial society.
    Find out for yourself. You owe it to yourself. OUR FUTURE CAN BE DRAMATICALLY BETTER.
    Newt at Marquette University in Milwaukee, March 29, 2012. Listen to the applause for Newt!
    The future can be poverty, stagnation, inflation, depression, increasing dependence and paying as much interest on the current national debt as you would pay to BUY A HOUSE!!!! —
    OR — OR — OR — OR
    We can have a dramatically better future. Check it out. NEWT 2012.

  26. Ragspierre says:
    “It’s been tried in our history and it hasn’t worked,” Obama said. “It didn’t work when we tried it in the decade before the Great Depression”
    Our white Black President is either–
    1. lying to us intentionally, or
    2. a complete historical idiot
    The decade before the Great Depression was the ROARING FLUCKIING TWENTIES…the period of the FASTEST rise in the American standard of living EVER.
    This is the real reason we have this trumped up “race drama” over Poor Trayvon(tm).

  27. Rich says:

    Wait..was Newt involved in this?
    Who knows what specifically happened to cause the escalation to a shooting.
    You would hope in a case like this clear photos would be taken of the scene, the deceased and Zimmerman’s injuries. It’s absurd to have people looking at crappy video to determine anything.
    But once it becomes a national powderkeg, what do we make of the president’s role/abdication?
    I’ve heard people refer to Obama as a peacemaker, a healer. Really?
    What do you think the noting his non-existent son would look like Trayvon was supposed to convey?
    Any number of “fatherly” statements of empathy or concern could have been made without reference to his well known physical attributes. There was no need to personalize it..especially based on looks…especially in an already racially charged situation.
    Instead of stating the obvious and giving the not so subtle subtle nod to presumed racism in the incident, when not necessary…How about stepping forward and telling the country that despite what NBP say, the law applies to all and there will be no allowance for bounties or any other vigilante behavior…including tweeting to incite violence.
    That’s what a peace maker, especially the “first black” (or as NYT might say white black) president would be wise to do. Holder would logically play a role but note how laughable this reasonable approach seems with the current players.
    As it is, his silence is likely to be viewed as tacit approval.
    That’s no peacemaker. That’s Obama…weighing in prematurely..and when it present…or rather, absent.
    To further explore this, imagine if the KKK had publicly declared a bounty/posse on a black person involved in a similar situation. There would be a HUGE clamoring for the president to say something and for DOJ to crack down.

  28. Ragspierre says:

    “The same folks who want to kill workers’ rights in the work place are the same folks who want to kill voters’ votes … and now they are literally supporting legislation that is literally killing our children.”
    –AFL-CIO Executive Vice President Arlene Holt Baker
    Yah. She literally said that.

  29. Grung_e_Gene says:

    Has the bigotry and post hoc justifications for Trayvon Martin’s murder stopped here, yet?
    Hmmmm, nope. Keep it up Right-Wing bigots!

  30. sickofrinos says:

    Let’s talk bounty, you piece of grunge.

  31. Ragspierre says:

    “Has the bigotry…for…Trayvon Martin’s murder stopped here?”
    Asks the bigot who has prejudged the matter as murder, solely on his bigotry.

  32. halley kempt says:

    I think it is massive cover up of a murder that was set up by Zimmerman to provoke Trayvon into attacking him and the kill him and make it appear to be self defense. You simple cannot provoke someone into a fight and while you are getting your butt kicked shoot him and clam self defense. Obviously Zimmerman thougt he could and he amost did except for protests. It got away before with violent actions. Three.
    I believe he broke his own nose and the next day went to have it verified. Broken nose and head repeatedly slammed against concrete, there would be lots of blood on him and Trayvon.
    1st degree premediated murder is the only justice. Doesn’t matter if Trayvon broke his nose or not, Zimmernman stalked him and provoked him in to a fight and then he killed him.

  33. Ragspierre says:

    Another bigoted member of the lynch mob self-identifies.

  34. Irene says:

    According to my CHL class, it’s not assault with a dedlay weapon until you, you know, HAVE the dedlay weapon in view. I can tell you that I am going to punch your lights out and ball up my fist, which is assault, but if I have a knife in my pocket that’s not assault with a dedlay weapon. I didn’t threaten you with a dedlay weapon.Furthermore, watching someone to see what they’re doing, and even walking after them while looking at them is not assault. It most likely does not meet the definition of stalking under the law as it was not protracted, it really becomes stalking when the stalker is told to quit but does not.If Martin threw the first punch after nothing more than words between them, that has nothing to do with SYG, that’s assault & battery. If Martin called after Zimmerman and called him back into an altercation, then there is no SYG argument on Martin’s part.So far, Zimmerman’s side has claimed:1) that he was punched in the face in the initial act of the fight. Not Verified.2) He (Zimmerman) screamed for help. Police reports overhearing him saying that he screamed for help but nobody came after he was cuffed. Audio forensics is doubtful as no sample of Zimmerman screaming for his life has been produced for comparison.3) Zimmerman’s nose was broken. Bleeding from the nose was documented in the police report. Further medical documentation from SFD paramedic notes and treatment received by Zimmerman the next day at the hospital are pending.4) Zimmerman’s head was bashed on the pavement. Injuries consistent with this are documented in the police report and in video.5) Zimmerman and Martin fought for the gun and Zimmerman fired. The condition of the gun, with a fired, unejected round in the chamber and a full magazine supports a struggle for the weapon at the time it was discharged. It is possible that fingerprint evidence can place Martin’s hand on the gun, this either does not exist or has not been produced.Either Zimmerman made up his story after being on the losing end of a fist fight very quickly and has stuck to it, with no contrary evidence yet produced that challenges his version of events, or he’s told the truth all along and it was a legit DGU.More evidence is pending, but for everyone who thinks Trayvon Martin is Emmett Till, the evidence so far suggests it is far more likely that George Zimmerman is Richard Jewell.

  35. Agustin says:

    I will choose to inrgoe statements from Robert Zimmerman, Trayvon’s girl friend and any other lawyer or politician.Once the medical examiners report is complete, and the crime lab has established more detailed fact, then and only then will I come to judgments about this case.Both people involved here screwed up. I lean more fault of stupidity towards Mr. Zimmerman only because he was armed, and could have kept a much father distance or not followed at all. I put myself in both shoes, and things would have been handled so differently. Hind site is 20 20.

  36. Arnold says:

    I first heard about the story on The Today Show yesterday (we live in CA so it took some time for it to reach the aoaitnnl news). I was shocked and horrified to hear the 911 call(s) and to hear Zimmerman say that the person calling for help was himself and not Tray. It made his whole story one big fat lie in my mind. It was an unprovoked attack and that child was senselessly murdered by a man who didn’t have a right mind (I am not saying he was insane, I am saying he lead an indoctrinated life that made him think that a black boy walking alone at night meant that that boy was automatically a criminal.At any rate, there are so many known (and unknown) dangers in life (like the woman in NY who was crushed and nearly killed by a falling shopping cart that 2 youths pushed off a parking structure). There is no way to guard against some things. It is awful, as a parent, the silent worry we constantly carry around.

  37. Sam says:

    This was a local tragedy for me. And it was cmelpotely SICKENING. I heard the 911 call, and Zimmerman was told specifically NOT to follow this boy. There were other callers who were witnesses, and while they were trying to describe what was happening, you could hear the boy in the background begging, and pleading for his life and then the gunshot sound immediately afterwards. This man is sick. He has a record of calling 911 for similar issues in the past. The boy was home watching a game and decided to go to the store to get a drink and some candy not knowing he would never make it back. My heart is extremely broken for his family, and disgusted with the Sanford police for trying to cover it up.

  38. Octacilio says:

    I am so angry that the police and DA are not tkiang this young man’s murder more seriously. I encourage everyone to listen to the 911 call George Zimmerman made before murdering Trayvon. I was truly disgusted with this man after listening to it. I also read on another news story that George Zimmerman,called 911 46 times in the last year to report suspicious activity of people in the neighborhood which were primarily young, black youths. I truly believe George Zimmerman was looking for a fight and waiting for a day he could find an excuse to use his gun. Of course, his excuse of self-defense is an absolute lie.

  39. Nithin says:

    That is just outrageous that the poicle are turning a blind eye! It makes me angry. And it’s pretty darn pathetic that they can’t even get their story straight they had to change their story! Uuugh. I feel very badly for this family, and I hope for their sake (and many, many others!) that they get justice, and these dirty cops who can’t even manage to properly investigate get more than just a slap on the wrist. The guy probably paid them off. =/